Eric has married the Virgin Mary

The Virgin Eric and her virgin spouse, Eric, glide across the glass lake.

Dancing Storm Charger, Book 1: Post VIII:
I am Mary, the Holy Virgin Mother of Christ. I have seen Eric and I have judged him holy. No longer shall he walk the paths of men. For he shall no longer be in this world. I am taking him away tonight. And he will be seen no more here.

As for Father Dave Heney, pastor at the Church Eric attended as his domicile, he has been forgiven and Eric has also been forgiven. And Eric is now permitted to return to worship at that Church.

But you shall never see Eric again at that Church. I am the holy Virgin Mary. For the Church that rejects my lover for loving me never again sees either me nor my lover. Hence, Saint Bruno is now accursed. And she will remain accursed forever.

I once asked myself what would it take to make me utterly reject a Catholic Church. And I was at a loss to answer that. But now I know the answer. Rejecting my lover for loving me is the answer.

Tim, a man Eric has met at Saint Bruno, may go in peace. But as for the rest of his family, including his two elder daughters, Tess and Anna, they have nothing to do with Eric, and Eric never knew them.

It seems that my Dad is being told to do the insane things he is doing in his Alzheimer’s. That is correct. Demons are giving him his instructions.

Lord, can any of my family besides myself be saved?

The door is shut, lord Azurite. You were the last to enter. You entered on the basis of your acceptance of Mary as your wife. Amen.

Mary, am I at sin or am I okay with you?

This is my will for you. Understand the distinction between marriage on earth between a man and a woman, and the marriage between us, which is between two eternal souls still embodied.

For you are the Rapture of the Saints. You are the only one I am rapturing up. And you will be raptured up in the sight of every human being on the planet. Amen.

I found you worthy, Eric. No one else did I find worthy. Hence, you are coming to me tonight. But the rest of the elect, these will all be left behind. Amen.

And hence, only you will be with me in the eighth heaven, which is the Queen’s Gardens.

This post now comes to its end. Publish it, my son, my virgin lover. And watch and remain alert, for tonight is your last night on the planet. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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