The Victory is seen


Dancing Storm Charger, Book 1: Post V:
How is victory measured, O’ Lord? It is measured, lord Azurite, on perfection in obedience to Me. He who is perfectly obedient to Me goes to sacrifice his son, as God instructed Abraham, and then changes course when God redirects. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Rather, God, I am sorry for my failure. I failed the test. I sinned against You and against Your Law.

Failure is the best teacher, lord Azurite. Do not seek to eliminate failure in your training to be Mine. But rather, study it and learn from it. Amen. For by studying how you and how others fail, you are able to go from victory to victory.

Eric, there are two female warlocks who will be seeking you. What do they seek, O’ Lord? They seek training. For they wish to become powerful like you. They wish to start the Order of the Witch King child.

Do they know that if they lay with me I lose all my powers and become just a man? They do, but they expect for you to take care of that yourself. They believe that it is not their concern. Either you will fall or you will triumph. Amen.

Lord, I have noticed in this world that suddenly no one seems to love anyone anymore. Is this the case, O’ Lord? You are correct, Eric. And the reason is due to the descent of the earth. The whole earth is descending into darkness. Soon it will be pitch black, and everyone on the earth will be a devil.

But you and those like you shall be taken away prior to that. Amen. In the meantime, you shall train those I send to you to become as you have become, a Jedi Knight.

If some wish to train to be Jedi, I, the only true Jedi Master on the earth, will gladly train them. But we must always guard against the temptation of the Sith. For the Sith are constantly trying to take away the Jedi from the light and bring them into the darkness of the Sith.

I think I will go walk my dog right now.

Okay, I am back. Now I am going to fill in as a kind Salesman for DollarStore, LLC., for we need to really sell our DollarStores. And when you work for a small business, you learn to wear multiple hats.

Incoming call!

Eric: Hello, my name is Eric, this is DollarStore, LLC. And how can I help you?

Customer: Hello, I am trying to make sense of your advertising. Do you have any guarantee that the DollarStore we buy will produce for us a positive return on investment?

Eric: Absolutely not! But we will definitely take the money you send us, and we will build you a state of the art website, featuring all those bells and whistles.

Customer: Then how do you justify our purchase of a DollarStore? You do have a success story that We can look at, right?

Eric: O’ indeed, we do have a successful store, and it is doing marvelously. But we have as a policy not to reveal who owns that store because we own it and we don’t want that to get out.

Customer: But then that means you are competing with your own customers? I thought I heard previously stated numerous times that you do not compete with your own customers. And here you are doing just that?

Eric: Of course we are. For our basic plan is: Our immediate focus is on making lots of money fast, and then, with this money having been raked in and sent, spent, or disposed of, we will practice the, I did not know we were violating any IP of another company, How did this happen? And we will proclaim, This was never brought to our attention.

Now, understand that DollarStore, LLC.,’s current business model is that it makes and sells online DollarStores, which includes a state of the art website and an inheritable subdomain to the domain name. That part is the all good part. The bad part is that all these stores that have been built and set up for all these customers of DollarStore, LLC., legally cannot exist. For they are using intellectual property without viable software licenses.

And I think I will now complete the store locator which shows all the stores that have been built for customers. Understand that the store locator has all the stores on it that have been sold as part of a map. But newer stores may tend to hide earlier stores. But viewing the javascript will reveal an embedded array showing every store ever built for customers who bought these stores. And that array has 333 websites in it. Here is the official website:

To get an idea of the gravity of the violations that DolllarStore, LLC. has committed, consider that each Glee Store is using as its theme a product made and produced by Magentech whose licensing is $4450 per website, as you can see here and here. Given a hundred DollarStores and we are looking at half a million dollars in unpaid IP fees alone that DollarStore directly owes directly in damages to Magentech. And there are well over 100 glee stores. And this is just examining one of the violations of IP. The other stores commit the same violation, but with a different company and theme: Ultimo.

And just like chicken that lays brown eggs continues to do so, the company had as its policy to pay one time for a single website license and to use that product with all its stores, ignoring all and any licensing restrictions. It was like they were playing football relying on Hail Mary passes all the way.

I brought these matters up to the owners and founders of DollarStore, LLC and they and their people assured me the licenses they have cover everything they are doing.

Now, changing the subject, what if Father Dave Heney calls me and asks me if I am taking my meds, and if so, am welcome back into Saint Bruno Catholic Church?

Eric, Father Dave Heney will never permit your return.

Lord, I seem to be dying under the red sun.

Yes, your kind respond to the color of the sunlight in that manner.

Lord, should I fear kryptonite?

No, the substance you should fear is a woman’s vaginal juices.

Never have sex, lord Eric. Never fall into that trap.

And should I choose blondes, red heads, brunettes, or copper skinned people to associate with?

The fire blonde is the type most matched to you. Wait until you see her, but make no move.

Lord, it is my understanding that all ancient yogurt starters were derived ultimately from a woman’s vaginal juices.

That is correct, lord Azurite. Ancient men had a lot of spare time on their hands as they developed cities. And so they experimented with many things.

Lord, I feel am targeted for termination. What do I do?

Follow the girl We give to you, and lay with her as she wishes it.

Mary, what about the explosion of iron from the drummers that mark our wedding?

We are married, me and you, Eric. As long as you do not commit adultery against me, I remain yours. Amen.

And there is really only one test left for you, Eric. And then you are with me. And that test is that you kiss Anna on the lips. For Anna is the girl I have chosen to love you through. And there is no way to choose someone else.

Maybe I should send an email to Father Heney apologizing, so that I can return to going at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, which is where I sometimes see Anna? Or what do you say? Say I write a letter as I will instruct you now. We shall then publish this paper later. Amen.

Mary, if I marry Anna, do I not violate my marriage to you, O’ Blessed Virgin Mary?

Eric, Anna is the one girl you can marry that will not violate your marriage to me. Now go, Eric, and publish this post. And then wait for my redirection. Amen.

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