Dusk on the Last Mortal Day

This is the last day to be illumined by a star. I AM the Lord.

Dancing Storm Charger, Book1: Post IV:
Lord, I am most grateful. Gratefulness is what We expect among those going to heaven.

Lord, please explain again how this all works.

With pleasure. Observe the nine levels of existence:

(7) God Zone – Only Creator, No Creatures, dwell here. I AM WHO AM.
(6) Region of Rulership – Here are those who are given Kingdoms to rule.
(5) The Ecstasy Realm – Here dwell those who produced worthy fruit.
(4) Higher Mental – Here one sees the Beatific Vision.
(3) Mental – lowest level of heaven – where living saints dwell.
(2) Astral – Realm of dreams <This gets Destroyed>
(1) Physical – What science can measure. <This gets Destroyed>
(-1) Realm of the Accursed, Limbo of the Infants.
(-2) The damned who knew not the Way.
(-3) The damned who rejected the Way.

Lord Eric, now let Us discuss exactly who and what you are.

Up until the Age of Mary began on Sunday, July 23, 2017, you were a very powerful wizard. But since that time began, known by you as the Age of Mary, you become the complete possession of Mary and Mary made you her warlock.

Is Mary limited to just having you, Eric, as her warlock? It is true that she cannot marry again, for you are immortal and your marriage to Mary is confirmed. Hence, Mary cannot make new warlocks, unless they are female.

Lord, there can be female Warlocks? Lord Azurite, Dungeons & Dragons permits it. If D&D permits it, why cannot the real world permit it also?

This this is how it shall work, O’ Mary. When a woman hears her calling to serve you, Mary, as your female warlock, she will accept the position and make her oath to you. Then she will think up a name to call herself. And then, when she meets me, whenever that is, and this is unnecessary for her status as warlock, she will greet me with fist to fist hand shake and I will say, “Warlock,” and she will say her name. And that is all she does regarding me.

And if there are any name clashes, we resolve them as the canonized saints resolve them in the Catholic Church. And so we have John the Apostle, John of Patmos, John of the Cross, John the Baptist, four Johns who are clarified by extra words.

Now, O’ Lord, will you repeat the rulerships over the world, please? Are there really only seven Kingdoms set up who rule everything?

Lord Eric, what you were shown earlier is fantasy. Now I shall show you the true rulerships established upon the earth. Amen. But what about the oceans? Are they still there, or do they get removed? Lord Azurite, the only thing that gets removed is the fungi and the blackness of the sky.

Lord Eric, you are ruler of the Kingdom of North America. And here is its true definition:

(1) Kingdom of North America, ruled by lord Eric, the Azurite King. And his lands are defined as such:

  1. Alaska and all her islands
  2. Canada and all her islands
  3. Contiguous United States of America and all her islands
  4. Bermuda and all her islands
  5. The Virgin Islands (both the U.K. and the U.S.)
  6. Puerto Rico and all her islands
  7. Hispaniola and all her islands
  8. The Lucayan Archipelago
  9. Saint Pierre and Miquelon

And the official languages on these lands are as follows:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

And the Kingdom You define for me is the only one You define for me, am I correct, O’ Lord?

That is correct. And now I see you have a new question.

Yes, O’ Lord. I have been given contradictory commands. One is that I remain celibate and unmarried forever, and by doing that I am immortal husband to Mary, and the other is that I marry the girl You give me, but do not have sex with her. Either way, I remain a virgin. But the former I remain celibate, and the latter, I enter a Josephite marriage to a girl You give to me. Which is the Truth, O’ Lord?

I WHO AM AM TRUTH. That you marry at all is from the evil one. The devil commands you to do this or that. Do not listen to him.

Lord, is it from You or from Satan that I will no longer be here in this world come October of this year?

I WHO AM HAVE SAID THAT PROPHECY. You and all who belong to Mary are being taken from this earth on that day, which, though unknown, is known to be before October of this year. Amen.

Lord, what do I do now?

Enjoy yourself, Eric. But do not commit sin.

Am I ranked in the army of Jesus? And if so, what is my rank?

Eric, you ranked with Me as the royal scribe. And you are one of those who I always have ready to write My Word. And this position is eternal, both on earth and in heaven. Amen.

You see, Eric, everyone has their gifts that they utilize for My Church. You, Eric, have been writing for My Church. It does not matter that the calling for you write did not come from an authority within the Church, but rather, a calling from heaven. That you answered the call and wrote, fearlessly, whatever it was I commanded you to write makes Me accept you as My permanent scribe.

But there are many ways My faithful serve My Church. Now, I permit one last question. And then this post is ended.

Lord, what must I do to gain eternal life?

The woman who is coming to your house to protect you, treat her as you treat your sister. And realize that she is taking a pay cut to watch you. Amen.

Lord, I am sorry. I did not know I needed to be watched. Eric, you will be a prime suspect of committing witchcraft against the United States of America, as it is destroyed precisely as you prophesied.

The woman coming to watch you shall be doing you a favor by witnessing on your behalf that no witchcraft is occurring at your house. Amen. For she will be a true witch, and she will acknowledge that whatever is magical about you, it involves nothing from the dark realms below. For witchcraft is defined a magic that comes from the darkness below.

Lord, then what? I continue to attend Our Lady of Guadalupe, right? If you wish to remain my husband, Eric, you will continue to observe all Church law and retain your state of grace. Amen. You are Roman Catholic. Remain Roman Catholic. And remain fully practicing my faith. Amen.

Eric, everyone shall hate you but those who are Mine. Remain Mine. This is My test of you, Eric. What drinks remain in your house? Some peach juice and some punch, and some milk. Mix peach with the punch in your cup and tell me how it tastes. Amen.

Lord, it tastes great. And both drinks sell quite cheap at Target. You see how the combination of the two great tastes in one makes it taste better? Yes. And that was the gist of your review to the very large woman at See’s Candies who had tasted each bit of candy there hundreds of times. And you reviewed her favorite candy as well as chocolate with almonds. And you showed her that her favorite candy, even though it was good, it remained one taste. But the chocolate with almonds, because it had two tastes, it tasted better, on account of those good tastes.

And you gave her the rights to your review, as well as your full name. And you gave her royalty free permission to use your and and that review in all her products. And this was given to her, not to See’s Candies. A trip back to that store, to complete the review, you found her to have been fired, and the store gave you no means to contact her. Anyways, if that review is found anywhere in See’s Candies advertisements, they can be sued major league if they refuse to remove it.

Eric, a person needs interaction with other people to survive. No one can go it alone forever. And what do you propose I do about it, You Who Are that You Are?

Or Are you the One Who IS that He IS? Lord Azurite, you are pretty funny. No, there is no need in the interior man to have outer consolation. You are an interior man. You have your consolation interiorly. Those who have an interior life are those who live in the Mental Plane, which perseveres.

But those who belong to this earth, they are going about their lives on the physical plane and in the astral plane. And when those to planes are destroyed, they sink.

Lord Azurite, I am now able to define for you another Kingdom. Allow me:

(2) Kingdom of Russia. ruled eternally by Emperor Alexei Navalny and Empress Yulia Navalnaya. And their very large land Kingdom is defined as such:

  1. Russia (The Russian Federation)
  2. Belarus
  3. Kazakhstan
  4. Kyrgyzstan
  5. Tajikistan
  6. Mongolia
  7. North Korea

And the official languages of this vast Kingdom shall be:

  1. Russian
  2. Korean

Lord, so Russia conquers North Korea? Yes, why wouldn’t they. It is an easy land grab for them, and the whole world will celebrate the conquest.

Now We have third nation to define. China.

(3) Kingdom of China, ruled by Neprehite. And his Kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. China
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Taiwan

And his official languages include:

  1. Mandarin

And now We have a fourth Kingdom to defind:

(4) Kingdom of Oriental Seas, ruled by Queen Nacre. And her eternal Kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. South Korea
  2. Japan
  3. Philippines
  4. Palau
  5. North Mariana Islands
  6. Hawaii
  7. Singapore
  8. Malaysia
  9. Brunei

And her official languages include:

  1. Japanese
  2. Koran
  3. Tagalog (filipino)
  4. Chinese
  5. Malay
  6. English

And now We have a fifth Kingdom to define:

(5) Kingdom of the Ocean Pacific, ruled by Paunamu. And his eternal lands include the following:

  1. New Zealand
  2. Norfolk Island
  3. New Caledonia
  4. Vanuatu
  5. Solomon Islands
  6. Papua New Guinea
  7. Nauru
  8. Wallis and Fortuna
  9. Fiji
  10. Tonga
  11. Niue
  12. Tokelau
  13. Tuvalu
  14. Samoa
  15. American Samoa
  16. Cook Islands
  17. Tahiti
  18. French Polynesia
  19. Kiribati
  20. Marshall Islands
  21. Federated States of Micronesia

And the primary languages spoken in this vast Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. French

And a sixth Kingdom is now ready to be defined:

(6) Kingdom of Australia, ruled by Dreamtime Witch. And her lands include the following lands:

  1. Entire continent including all associated islands, like Tasmania.

And her official languages include:

  1. English

(7) Kingdom of the East Indies, ruled by Queen Shipwreck, and her lands that make up her Kingdom include:

  1. Indonesia and all her associated islands.

And the official languages of her Kingdom include:

  1. Indonesian

(8) Kingdom of Indochina, ruled by Queen Porcelain, And the lands that make up her Kingdom include the follwing:

  1. Vietnam
  2. Cambodia
  3. Laos
  4. Thailand
  5. Myanmar

And the languages that are official in her Kingdom include:

  1. French
  2. English

(9) Kingdom of India, ruled by Queen Ebony. And her lands of her entire Kingdom include the following:

  1. India
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Bhutan
  4. Nepal

And her official languages include:

  1. English
  2. Hindi
  3. Bengali

(10) Kingdom of Persia, ruled by Queen Esther. And her official lands of her entire Kingdom include:

  1. Pakistan
  2. Afghanistan
  3. Uzbekistan
  4. Turkmenistan
  5. Azerbaijan
  6. Iran
  7. Iraq (east of Israel)
  8. Syria (east of Israel)
  9. Turkey (east of Israel)

And the official languages of her Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Persian
  3. Turkish
  4. Arabic

(11) Kingdom of the Indian Ocean, ruled by Queen Tempest. And her lands of her vast Kingdom include:

  1. Madagascar
  2. Seychelles
  3. Mauritius
  4. Maldives
  5. Sri Lanka

And her list of official languages include:

  1. French
  2. Malagasy
  3. Sinhala
  4. Tamil

And the Twelfth Kingdom to be defined in this post shall be Israel.

(12) Kingdom of Israel, ruled by God. I AM WHO AM. This Kingdom I shall rule directly. And its eternal definitions shall be as I WHO AM say. These are the lands of My eternal Kingdom upon the earth.

  1. Israel, including all her occupied territories.
  2. Gaza Strip, plus, Sinai restored to Israel for breach of trust.
  3. All of Syria on Israeli side of Euphrates under Israeli ownership for their enmity to My people.
  4. All of Iraq on Israeli side of Euphrates to My people Israel, due to their enmity to My people.
  5. All of Turkey on Israeli side of Euphrates, and where that river ends, straight north to the Black Sea, goes to Israel on account of breach of trust with my people.
  6. Follow the Nile from the Mediterranean south to the Blue Nile until it ends in Ethiopia. Take all land east of that border to the Red Sea. This is covenant land God has given to Israel. All who object, let them be slain. Let dogs drink their blood and eat their flesh.
  7. The entires Arabian Peninsula goes to Israel. Wipe out and kill all who object. Spare neither the women nor the children. Nor are you to consider innocent bystanders. Kill them all. Wipe them out.
  8. All of Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait become Israeli possessions.
  9. The islands of Socotra are Israeli possessions.
  10. Let Israel have Cyprus as a gift, welcoming her into the European Community. Amen.

And the official languages in My Kingdom of Israel shall be:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Russian
  4. Arabic
  5. Hebrew
  6. Greek
  7. Aramaic
  8. Turkish

Now, Eric, I have instructions for you. Worry not. Everything is taken care of. And your work here is at its end.

Lord, do I make love to the Virgin Mary? Or is that a misunderstanding? And I wish to be corrected while I am here, before I stand before you there.

Good, this is your last question in this post. No, you do not make love to the Virgin Queen, but you are her lover nevertheless. Amen.

And this gives way to the final question We allow. Does Mary bear a child by you [Eric], and how?

Yes, she shall. How, that is most mysterious.

Lord, will I still be found acceptable for the Kingdom of Heaven after Mary becomes pregnant? Or how do I ensure my salvation?

We permit this one last question. You cannot be lost, Eric, if you never disobey. This post now comes to its end. Publish this, for it is complete. Amen.

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