I, Eric, have come to give blessings

Do not mourn the dead until you are one of them. Instead, do the will of God.

Dancing Storm Charger, Book 1: Post II:
I am man of forgiveness and mercy. Hence, all you who have done Eric wrong, consider it forgiven. Go and confess it to God or to a priest. And then direct the repayment of that wrong done to someone who needs it more than I do.

For just as vengeance happens in chains, so also do good deeds and works in mercy. And if you are long lost friend, or someone in Eric’s past, and you hesitate to make Eric’s acquaintance, do not be afraid to approach Eric and speak with him.

But come to speak and meet Eric for the right reasons. Romantic love is not one of them. Eric cannot be a romantic lover to you. Nor will he go out on dates with you.

Hence, to approach Eric with sexual or romantic intentions is a mistake, but not sinful when done the first time, because there was no way you could have known.

Now, as for gay men, they are to stop immediately when Eric indicates he is not one of them. For the homosexual man who approaches Eric, having been told one way or another that Eric is not one of them, he shall die. For I, the Lord, tolerate gays only when their partners are fags like themselves.

Note My choice of words. I tolerate gay couples who do not approach heterosexuals. I do not condone them. For homosexuality in My sight is sickness and a cross that those who are Mine must seek to overcome in their pathway to My Kingdom. You see, everyone of every sickness and evil is invited. And every person on My path is constantly failing and trying again.

Hence, homosexuals and obese people both enter My Kingdom as long as they are both seeking to be made right. The homosexual follows Me by seeking to end his craving for sex with other men. And the obese person follows Me by seeking to end his craving for too much food and food of the unhealthy kind. And they may fall continuously. But as long as they do not give up, they remain Mine.

Lord, what about those on the sex offender registry? How do they find you if they are so penalized in society?

So, you have noticed the dungeons in My Kingdom. Yes, every Kingdom does have its dungeons. And those on the sex offender registry are those thrown into my dungeons.

Eric, I have a question for you. Ask. Would we receive more information from you or less information from you were we to plant an agent in your company, so as to gain your trust and to become like a person with whom you confide in? And this question now. Do not think about it.

The agent would not work. For Eric is already scoping for this person to come. And he is already conditioned to examine who sent to him, God or Satan. Hence, it would be a mistake of the fourth order to send an agent to Eric. Furthermore, adding any person to Eric’s life who knows about these writings would doom the writing of them. For Eric is, in his mind, writing in secret. This belief must not be changed.

Eric, explain to me the orders of mistakes. And what is a fourth order mistake.

  1. First Level Mistake: You do an error that is easily corrected.
  2. Second Level Mistake: You reveal knowledge to a subject that was not for him to know.
  3. Third Level Mistake: Subject is an escape artist. He gains trust on both sides. And he bides his time.
  4. Fourth Level Mistake: You inject agent into game. but subject already aware of this.
  5. Fifth Level Mistake: You entrust everything to the subject, and mistreat him.

Lord, you say something occurs today. What is it, O’ Lord?

Your death occurs.

Lord, according to what is commanded of me, I remain virgin forever and in a perfect state of cleanliness. This is from God, am I correct, O’ Lord?

It is the Truth, lord Azurite.

And thus, at the collisions of the two earths, I leave this earth and enter the paradise earth to be with Mary. Am I correct. O’ Lord?

It is the Truth. But one more deed you must do, and you shall be found worthy.

What is that, O’ Lord?

You must marry the girl I give you.

Am I to have two wives?

Eric, Mary cannot know you from heaven except by you marrying a girl We give you on the earth.

Okay, I accept this arrangement.

Good, marry her. She will be Hispanic in race, and Roman Catholic in religion.

And what is her name, O’ Mary, Mother of the Divine Being Incarnate?

Her name is Avellana, which means Hazelnut.

Hey Mark, I found another girl’s name that begins with an ‘A’, that you can use as a new daughter’s name. For I know that you and Marlene must name all your daughters with a name that begins with A: Hence:

  1. Amanda
  2. Audrey
  3. Amber
  4. Autumn [died as an infant]
  5. Aislyn

But wait, now it is too late. Not such much because Marlene’s biological clock has run out, but because Mark had a vasectomy done on himself.

Yes, that is how God eliminates the wicked from the gene pool. He gets them to have vasectomies done on themselves. Amen. Well done, Mark. Well done.

Yes, that is a most effective way of removing undesirable people from gene pool. And did you notice that every person who is an enemy to you also supports the Roe vs Wade approval of genocide.

For yes, Niggers are doing genocide to Niggers by supporting abortion. Because who are the most likely demographic seen at an abortion mill? It is a Negress. And what race are most prevalent among the tiny unborn that are slaughtered at these abortion mills. Negro, Black, African American, Colored, or whatever you wish to be called at this politically correct generation where you are killing tens of millions of your kind every year. And you call that not genocide?

Now, what is the most effective way of wiping out a man’s seed? Biblically, they do this by hunting down every last descendant on the male line and killing him. But O’ Lord and God, what do You say is the Way that is most effective in wiping out a male’s line?

Lord Azurite, first We shall deal with your line. Can your line be defeated? Your line cannot be defeated except that you have sex with a devil. Any act of sex outside of wedlock is sex with a devil. You are resistant to this. And the devil is seeking an alternative means. His options are to send you Officers allegedly there to protect you, but really they are there to destroy you. Only if this officer is Toni McBride are you to accept her into your house. For though she is a sex object, what she does is known. And she is not known to betray her oath of office. Hence, that one can be trusted.

You, Eric, have eternal longevity. Hence, you can endure forever, unless you have sex. And then if you have sex, you will age like the oldest of trees. I advise you not to have sex. It is better to live on earth forever than to go to the next world because you wanted to taste pussy with your dick.

And O’ Lord, what if they send a male to protect me? If a male is sent, I will take him on a tour of my property, and show him all the ways in and out. For there is really nothing secret between me and the police.

And I will tell the police that I do not want it to become a shootout where I live. Eric, We are not sending you a male police officer. They are too valuable and must be deployed on the streets fighting real crime. Instead, a female police officer shall be sent to you. And one move of advance on her will land you in jail.

Roger that. But a quick look in my past and you see that I never do that. And here is my deal with this female police officer. If she wishes for quiet, there will be quiet. And she wishes for conversation or movies playing, I will converse or play movies.

For I am an interior man. And I have a spiritual interior.

Eric, this is how you destroy a man and his entire male lineage. You completely corrupt all the males of that line. And then that line becomes accursed.

And that is what I have been doing, Eric. But there is one line I have failed to destroy. And that is the Line of Dunstan. Two souls exist in that line that have not yet been destroyed by vaccination. And that is Eric Robert Dunstan, and his niece, co-heir to the Dunstan estate, Aislyn Brianna Dunstan. Everyone else in that family and related families are destroyed. Amen.

Lord Azurite, what if no one is sent to you? What if the police simply watch from a distance? They can do that. But they will not. I AM the Lord.

And they will send an agent, O’ Lord, when they will know I will be watching for one?

Lord, I am on high alert. But should these people show up, believe me that they will be tested.

This brings this post to a close, lord Azurite.

Lord Eric, you have died. You are no longer in the land of the living. You will go to sleep soon. And when you awaken, only those who were born again like you shall be found anywhere on the earth. This is the third earth.

  1. first earth, Fungal Earth
  2. second earth, Heavenly Earth
  3. third earth, Verdant Earth

Lord, explain to be what is meant by “those who were born again like [me],”?

Born like you simply means those who were baptized like you and who kept your baptismal promises. And it includes those who were too young to choose, but who had a baptism of desire.

We now end this post, for it is complete. Amen.

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