I am the Virgin White Knight

I am but one Knight in Your Army, Lord Jesus. Will Your Seraphim follow me into battle?

Dancing Storm Charger, Book 1: Post III:
The Seraphim have heard your call, undying saint who has married My mother. They are following you, every one of them.

Lord, I am commanded to bring rain upon California. How do I do this? Tell it to your Seraphim armies. They know how to carry it out.

Seraphim, highest choir of angels, who have come to serve in the armies that follow me, I need rain to fall all over California. And I need the high mountains to be packed with snow, so that the drought shall end. I ask you to do this, O’ noble Seraphim. And you remember the vow I made decades ago that I would never give a negative judgement on an angel of God.

Dance, lord Azurite. Dance and by dancing I will make it happen. Play Frogger crossing streets. Dance wherever you go. Note that your feet are cured. Amen.

Where should I go to dance? For remember how I was kicked out of Saint Bruno Catholic Church for dancing before the Virgin Mary?

Yes, I see. We the Seraphim will now light that entire Church with fire of a wounded heart of Mary. No water shall put out that fire. And it will burn and set everything aglow. The stain glass windows will melt at the heat. Every rose shall wilt. Every green leaf shall go brown and every green blade of grass will go yellow. And then they will burn.

Mary, where do you command me to dance before you? You truly have no clue, do you? Lord, DollarStore, Inc. has become silent again. I am wondering if they are really as they seem to wish to project. Eric, you change subjects like flipping a switch. Lord, I am multi-tasking. I have more than one CPU.

And why don’t you explain why DollarStore, Inc. should try to contact you. Well the business has a lot of customers, each of whom have a website that must be maintained. I am currently the only one who knows how to manage them and to make new ones, and I know how the entire technology works on the DollarStore.com side.

But who do you think is owner of DollarStore, Inc., at this time, Eric? I wouldn’t be surprised if they were arrested and slapped with lawsuits that would make the Madoff lawsuits seem tame.

And why do you say that? I say that because I read the software license agreements that they knowingly violated. And yet you still did the work? They assumed the responsibility of license violations. They specifically absolved me of responsibility for software license violations, and it makes sense. For I was not part of their company. All I was was an independent contractor building software they wanted built. In such arrangements it is typical for the hiring company to pay for licensing.

Eric, have you figured out where you shall dance before me? At my house? I will give you one more chance to answer correctly. And if you fail at third time, I will kiss you in your sleep.

I must dance in my heart, for it is in my heart that I will find you.

Lord Azurite, you will be required to move from your place. For Los Angeles County will require you to either be vaccinated or to receive the COVID tests. And you are required by God not to do that. Hence, you will need to move someways to the east.

This post now comes to its end. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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