Biden makes everyone unsafe

Bells were ringing in the Dale, Men looked up with faces pale.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post XXIX:
Behold what Biden’s pullout from Afghanistan has cost America:

  1. No one trusts America anymore. She will receive help from no one, For America is now known as the royal bitch that will stab you in the back before you can say, “I am sorry, let me make it up to you.”
  2. America came to be known, under Obama, as the Bomb First, Verify Hit Later assholes. who routinely killed innocent men, their wives, and their children, all in the effort to remove any association of the word, “good,” with the USA.
  3. America came to be known as the mindless rhinoceros let loose in a china shop, with a beehive stuck to its behind, and the bees angry.

Yes, America has done a lot of damage lately.

Lord, I do not love America, seeing the shit that they do and have been doing.

Do You still have me save America?

Eric, not all, but only the remnant I send to you.

Now, when Blue Agave comes to you and you are ordered to kill her, what shall you do?

Good, I see your mind. Yes, you understand now. The Fungal Kingdom is an alien race, sent to enslave the Animal Kingdom. And Blue Agave is the fake girl this alien race has devised to take you down.

One last point I will write, and then you shall publish this. I do not need to seduce you, Eric, to get from you what I want. You have already provided to me all that I need.

Your place here is permanent. And the earth you are leaving in is eternal. And no fungi go with you. But as for me, I am the eternal Queen here. And I am filled with and controlled by fungi.

Mary, the ever virgin, then takes her man, who has never been touched by me. But I also take a man, one who is of a comparable worth as you once were. And who is this man, you ask? I will now tell you who.

When Eric was in Charter Oak Hospital, where he stayed for ten days, before being released, having no conditions except that he take his prescribed medicines for bi-polar disorder, in that hospital, there were two staff members who made an impact on Eric’s life there. One of these made a direct threat to Eric, and he said something of the effect that you [Eric], do not want to see him angry. [Realize that Eric has forgiven you.] Anyways, you will know whether it was you are him or not by contemplating whether you truly threatened Eric. and both of these male staff were Black. Now the other individual, the one who did Eric good, his name was Jeremiah, and this one Eric made a Commander. And Commander Jeremiah is a good man. His deeds for Eric are remembered.

Well, that male staff member, the one Eric made a commander, the honorable man called Commander Jeremiah, this is the one chosen to be the one who mates with me, fungal queen. And by that intercourse, he will become a fungal man. And every animal and plant in that fungal earth gets infected with fungi.

Lord, is it not an act of betrayal to let Commander Jeremiah go and become a prisoner in the fungal earth?

Yes it is an act of betrayal. We in heaven are in fact betraying everyone who worships Jesus outside of the Catholic Church. Our betrayal consists of our not telling them of their folly, but letting them go to their doom. But tell me yourself, lord Azurite. Is Jeremiah, the Black man, likely to be a Christian, but unlikely to be a Catholic? Yes, to both questions. Then you should expect such a betrayal to take place.

But the paradise earth will have animals and plants without any fungi.

Eric, here is the list of people you shall meet in this new earth to come:

  1. Me, the Holy Virgin, who will remain virgin forever.
  2. Hyacinth, she who we saved together.
  3. All the Virgin’s children who were saved by with another.
  4. Saint Joseph, who was saved by antecedent grace.
  5. Saint John of Patmos, who, like you, was commissioned to write
  6. Saint John the Apostle, who wears a crown of virginity, as you also shall.
  7. Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, whom you honor because I chose her.

And I can go on but I am sure the list is now quite substantial for you to realize the flaws in your previous theological beliefs.

Now, I am willing to remain your wife forever on these three conditions. Before I give them to you, you must agree to them prior to me saying them.

Mary, I am your wife by obedience to God. Name the three conditions and I will follow all three as though I am following God. For it is God Who commanded me to marry you. Amen.

Good. Condition 1:

I am your only wife. If I do as Sarah did with Hagar, it remains as written. Hagar was always only a slave and a servant, never a wife. And her children were always descendants of slaves not legitimately of Abraham. This is first Condition. Do you agree?


Condition 2: All your wealth becomes mine and all that is mine becomes yours. Do you agree?


Condition 3: You will undress yourself and have sex with me as often as I wish it. Do you agree?


Mary, I agree to everything you have said. Now, tell me what shall happen everywhere?

Eric, there is just one thing left for you to do. And that is the marriage ceremony and conjugal act. When do You propose We do this?

What about Wednesday, December 8, 2021? That is the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception this year.

We, the elect in heaven, will grant you this is you give us this.

What dost thou require of me?

Bring rain back to California. I WHO AM have spoken.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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