Time for War

The Fleet is here. Sunset has come.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post XXVI:
Behold, the time is nigh. All you Republicans set to choose the new Californian Governor in the recall election, I say, vote for Kevin Faulconer. He will return sanity to an insane world. For now is the time to think sanely and to make decisions according to soundly decided thought. And make sure that Gaven Newsome is sent a message that his kind are not welcome here anymore. Amen.

Were Meghan Markle and Prince Harry justified in leaving the Royal family? Let me ask the Lord, for you know I am an Oracle of the Lord. God says that they, Meghan and Harry, are to know that the are justified. And furthermore, they must become Catholic if they wish to be saved.

And, O’ Lord, what must the homosexual do to be saved? A homosexual is suffering, either willingly or unwillingly, to attraction to the same gender. In order to be saved, he must be on the path of seeking to be correctly oriented, which is the straight alignment, also called heterosexuality. It does not matter the failures and falls he has on his path to God. All that matters is that he stay on that path.

Therefore, homosexual marriages are illegal. For the homosexual who enters a gay marriage says by that act that he is unwilling to be made straight.

All public bathrooms are now to come in three kinds:

  1. For those born male and still male
  2. For those born female and still female
  3. For everyone else

And all Olympics, and kids sporting events, and all activities are to be structured similarly.

Furthermore, there now needs to be defined in government law two distinct definitions of marriage:

  1. Traditional Marriage: This can only be between a true male and a true female, and the two must be permitted to marry according to all other applicable law.
  2. Nontraditional Marriage: Unions of virtually anyone to anyone. And these marriages are typically not inviable. Children born to these unions typically occur by heterosexual relations between one of the members of the union and someone outside the union, making the offspring illegitimate, or in street language: bastards.

Now, what do You rule regarding the vaccinations on COVID-19? I WHO AM AM now speaking. Everyone who receives such a vaccination will die. I WHO AM have spoken.

Will there be sex and reproduction of the human race in the age that is to come?

Lord Eric, sex will not be yours, For you are called to the priesthood. And your calling is now resoundingly clear, for you went to the Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe. And you went to the Misa, the Spanish spelling for Mass, for you find that the Spanish Mass is more beautiful.

I Am making your two brothers unsuccessful. They will find themselves defeated at every turn. The Virgin Mary will lay with you, Eric, but not by sex, but by Spirit. This is something she received from the Holy Spirit, and that she is granted to teach it to the one who is chosen to be her husband.

Many will rebuke Eric for these writings. All who do so are damned. For it is written that he who blasphemes the Holy Spirit will never receive forgiveness, neither in this world nor in the world to come. Hence, all those who came to Eric in the adult or parent role to correct Eric are damned.

I, the Virgin Mary, will lay with you first. And then you will lay with the multitudes, all who belong to Mary and who pass Eric’s tests.

Eric, what are the tests that you had to pass?

  1. Test of Obedience. Everyone is in a chain of command. Jesus is at top, at rank of Creator. Mary is next in chain of command, as highest possible Creature. Failure to obey those two is a fundamental failure to obey
  2. Text of sexual cleanliness. You may have come from a past of passive impurity or of committing daily abominable or adulterous sins. All that must be washed away. And you must learn to defeat all past impurities via these two sacraments: confession and communion. Both are necessary. Confession is like water that cleans the open wound. And communion is the food you need to eat in order to correctly heal. All are called to cleanliness, no matter how low you think you have sunk.
  3. Attendance to your call to ministry. If you are called to married life, attend to that calling faithfully. Be a good husband to your wife and a good father to your children. If you are not called to marriage, know that there are other ministries to which you can be called to serve in and to make a difference in people’s lives. Remember that only you can know your real calling. No one can make this decision for you.
  4. Resist temptation that constantly calls you to leave your station. Married people are constantly being called to dabble in adultery. They must resist this at the door. People who are unmarried, though they may be attracted to one another, who seems suitable to them, they must resist and hold firm that there shall be no sex before marriage. And marriage is life long.
  5. You must not go from girl to girl defiling them. I permit the defiling of one girl, providing that you remain with her. But for those who go from girl to girl, defiling them, these are to be cast alive into the lake of fire.

Lord, what is your ruling on sex with minors? A woman who has had her first period is eligible for sex. But her readiness for motherhood may require many more years of formation. It is, therefore, a matter for the woman to decide when she is ready to marry, and not her male relatives.

What are your rules on incest, O’ Lord? When genes are of a perfect state, where it is impossible to produce freaks, it shall be permitted for incest, but only according to these rules.

  1. You may never reproduce with your own offspring.
  2. You may never hide your offspring from society or deny them necessary medical care.
  3. You may never photograph anyone’s nudity without their permission.
  4. You may never blackmail someone by threatening to reveal their nudity.

Now, it is a fact that a woman has the right to her own body. But when God puts another human being into your womb because you had sex with your lover, does God say even then that you have the right to kill what He put there?

No, indeed that is false. That human being God has put into your womb has just as much a right to your body as you do. And you had better bear that child to term.

When you give birth, is the milk that comes from your breasts your milk, or does it belong to the baby who you gave birth to? If it belongs to the baby you gave birth to, how much more did your body belong to your baby when she was inside it depending on you?

Let these things dwell in the minds of women. And let women finally agree that the unborn baby has just as much a right to her mother’s body as her mother does. Amen.

Mary, do I conclude the post here? When we conclude this post, the father of those two girls, Anna and Tess, the one called Tim, will realize he has no way to find you.

Mary, as far as Tim is concerned, I know Tim and I acknowledge him as a brother. But as for his daughters, I never knew them.

Eric, go to where you need to go. Get the part you need. And then come back. Amen. And this concludes this post. Amen.

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