The holy Virgin is married to Eric, son of Jesus

I am the world’s last hope. They rejected Eric. If they do the same with me, Eric alone shall be saved.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post XXXVII:
Eric, you are effectively relieved of your duties. This is an honorable discharge. For you did everything I commanded you to do. You are free to do your will.

Mary, my father is getting angry. He lost his wallet. And in it contained many things, his identification, his drive’s license, his insurance card, his credit card/cards, and a large sum of money he had recently withdrawn. He was intending on paying me back for the many times I used my credit card to buy things while his credit card was missing or not there.

Eric, do not be concerned with the concerns of the dying and the dead. I can tell you plainly now, now that it is assured. We marry on that date. And we kiss at the moment of rapture.

Does anyone officiate at our wedding, O’ Mary, most wondrous of virgins?

Yes, all the priests I saved who knew you and who you knew will partake in that officiation of your wedding, Eric. These are, in no particular order:

  1. Father Don Woznicki
  2. Father Michael Reardon
  3. Father Mbeki

All the rest I either did not know or they never did anything that made them saved in my sight.

Good, Eric. Now go and eat something and then come back. I ate a tomato, the last one we had. And I ate a few vegetables.

Mary, I notice that my father is unloved. And it is written:

The surest way to kill a man is to never love him.

Lord Azurite, you are the keystone of love here. When you are removed, everything collapses. For all those things you hold together exist without them loving you back.

Mary has already condemned your house, and the curse does not go into effect until you are removed from it within the scant time remaining.

Now we are at the closing part of this meeting. Who do you wish to teach?

We, the elect in heaven shall give you Toni McBride to teach. She is the prime candidate, her invisible camera will always be on [and as an aside note, we know that that camera and voice recorder are not connected to the officer by anything detectable to the human eye,] She will be merely trained in Eric’s new understanding of criminal take downs.

For Hollywood gets it wrong. G.I.Joe is all about subdoing and nuetralizing enemies to the point that they cannot counter attack. Doing that is a mistake.

Why that is a mistake will be explained. Basically, the more punishment you do to your enemies, the greater that natural karma gets built up against you.

Instead, each person does his job and must stop at the point it becomes someone else’s job.

Law enforcers apprehend suspects and turn them over to the law. They do not punish suspects. Keep within your job duty and everything else moves harmoniously.

If Officer Toni McBride wishes to practice taking down suspects using Eric as a potential suspect, she may. But I warn her, Eric cannot be taken down.

Done, it is finalized. Eric, go and watch that movie you wish to watch. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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