Your fate decided

Right, Calamity this great is your death. When you see this, prepare to die. Do not fight it.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post XXV:
Behold, Eric’s time here is just about complete. Amen.

Lord, We have judgement on the case of Toni McBride. This is the new Order that all who are to enter my militia must obey. We must stop short of making the kill. Toni McBride’s mistake was completing the kill. She did not violate her position, but rather, she performed it too lethally.

I have imagined all things to completion. It is never a mistake to stop firing on the suspect when the suspect is rendered unable to fire back. Lethal killing is overdoing your position as law enforcer. Rather, lethality should be left to the decisions of the courts.

Also, Pope Francis, like the stopped clock that is right twice a day, may be correct to say capital punishment must no longer be done. He may be right on this due to the changed nature of the hereafter.

We also must never be like the patriotic fools who vow to shoot or to kill terrorists who destroyed this or that monument of humanity. It is an embarrassment to be a member of the same human race to hear human beings vowing to exact revenge on various groups who do things to make people angry. Really, if such terrorists can pull your strings, the real ones you should be angry at are the puppet makers.

Hence, to be an officer in my militia, which include the six star and the seven star commanders, these must act together and in agreement. They cannot advance in battle until they have agreed to an objective. And they are not allowed to go beyond what they agreed to together before the fight. This way, they remain effective and efficient.

Furthermore, if they agree to kill, it must be an agreement that contains conditions. And the killing must only take place if all the conditions are fulfilled. Furthermore, they may not violate law. Hence, if they are not, in reality, law enforcers, then their agreement to kill must include the condition of self-defense. For self-defense is the necessary condition to kill for a civilian.

Furthermore, no target for termination may be terminated if the target is surrendering. Nor may lethal force be used against a target that is prone. Nor may a target be forced to remain prone if there is evidence that his life support if failing. For it is unacceptable to acquire a living suspect and he die while in your custody.

In other words, if you acquire a suspect alive, he must be brought to the station still alive and still in the condition in which he was apprehended. Cop cars designed to punish law breakers is not what law enforcement should be driving. Rather, law enforcers enforce law. They do not make themselves feared by making themselves violators of the laws they enforce.

Now, Eric once sought to be a law enforcer. Eric has since changed his mind. That is why he did not appeal the judgement against him that he cannot bear arms, due to his bi-polar disorder. For Eric has considered this thought. I can indeed protect banks and uphold laws, but for whom am I doing these things for? Who is it that I am serving? And Eric was unable to come up with an answer.

Furthermore, my militia may never be used as a movement for getting revenge. We are not the Avengers. Rather, we forgive and we forget.

And so, would I ever go, with my commander, to Saint Bruno Catholic Church to speak to Father Dave Heney. Let me ask the Lord.

No, Eric. You may never return to that Church. For it has been condemned. The statues of Mary upon it shall be defaced. The trees shall be burned down. The Church itself shall be vandalized. And the stain glass windows will be shot out. It is an accursed Church. They will ask for police protection and they will be told that the police do not do that, and that they need to hire a guard for that, which is very expensive. Then they will complain that it is Eric who is doing that, and the police will assure Father Dave that Eric is indeed being tracked, and one place he is definitely not going to is that Church.

So, no, Eric. You may never return to that Church. Amen.

Lord, I thought of Toni McBride and I think I thought of her adulterously, for I believe she is married. Eric, girls do not mind such. What they mind is that you do not reach out and take her in the flesh. Anyways, you are right, she is married. And McBride is her married name. Hence, Toni will not be the one assigned to protect your home.

But your home really does not need protection from police. It already has the Seraphim Army I have given you. But police officers will come from time to time to check in on you. Will these be plain clothes police officers or those wearing uniforms. That is a good point. I have decided to make you a deal.

Tell me the deal, O’ Lord.

I will put a kinki haired African American who is expert on Slavery in the United States of America as your 777 commander, ready to go when you are, to serve as a plains clothes undercover cop, who comes and goes at will and keeps you up-to-date on all things in that room you call Fuzzy’s Lair, in return for this.

What’s that?

You remain celibate and continent from now on, in a perfect state of virginity and holiness.

I fully agree to my part of the deal, O’ Lord.

Then these five figures will soon all depart immediately from your life:

  1. your mother
  2. your brother Mark
  3. your brother David
  4. your father
  5. Hyacinth

Do you agree to this.

I do.

Expect their departure from your life in eight hours time.

Okay, Eric. The first order of business is to retake Weathertop. I will get all My Black brethren and We shall descend upon that store and We shall demand answers as to why you are not allowed to be there. And if they resist they go down as stores that hate Black people. It is a stigma that no store can survive.

What if the two policewomen appear again? We get their names and their badges and we ruin their careers. It is as simple as that.

Remember, Eric, there is really nothing a White person can do to avoid destruction if a Black group assembles against him.

What if they wish to know who has organized this movement. We will tell them the names of the organizers according to codenames. Remember how you are Warlock. And the dude across the street is Nomad. And I will now tell you my name in advance. I AM called Werewolf.

This is interesting, Werewolf. But I have a suggestion. Let us not get into formation at my house. Me and you can form together there. But let all the members accumulated in a group at Weathertop at a particular time. That way the police cannot intercept the group and prevent it from reaching that goal.

And let there be two signals to be shouted out at the conclusion of the union. One for success and the other for failure. Let this code, once heard, be the code that causes all those gathered to disperse. And let Me and Werewolf never actually enter the shop so that we are not in violation of anything.

Lord, I feel that I have done wrong. It is because of your impurity, Eric. But, this impurity you had was without the full knowledge you have now. Do not repeat it, go to communion tomorrow, and seek to be clean from this point further.

Lord, am I really fit for the priesthood? Am I really to be called? You respect the opinions of Father Edward Becker? Yes, O’ Lord. Then respect him when he calls you to serve. Amen.

As for your house, Werewolf will see to its protection. And a new resident will reside in the Master Bedroom when everyone who had a COVID-19 vaccination is dead. And that will be your niece, Aislyn Brianna Dunstan, an equal heir to you of the Dunstan estate. The lock on her door will be replaced with keys known only to her and a security, and the private bathroom and shower to that room will be fixed. There shall be no dishonor done by Eric to his only surviving kin. I, Eric, have spoken.

Lord, I am ready for this event to take place. Lord, I have odd memories. They are not just memories. They actually happened.

Did I actually dance to tunes at Knott’s Berry Farm? Did I actually play Frogger in real life and get a better score than I ever did in the video game? Was I actually there? Anyways, for the record, The Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Eric, you have entered the Ludicrous Zone. The next zone you shall enter shall be the the Popcorn Zone. For in that zone, it will be like your in a world where the song, Popcorn, gets played over and over again, a song made by Hot Butter. Amen. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

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