Lord Azurite Defined

I am the one you see here riding the White Horse. My coming has occurred. See Revelation 6:2

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post XXIII:
Do you wish to know the real reason Tim gave me the bottle of water? He saw I have no disrespect for his women. And I have none. If I feign any interest at all, it is mere bluff and test. But because Tim passed the test, I will no longer feign any interest in them.

Globally, this is the case worldwide. Eric will no longer feign interest in any woman. But does Eric have any real interest in any woman, whomsoever?

No. Eric is simply a ship sent to destroy and to kill. He reboots when put down. He resurrects when he is killed. Now, let us discuss our targets for termination.

First of all, there is a restaurant called Buffalo Wild Wings. And Eric entered into that store and, after eating and paying, he took a picture of someone there on his iPhone. Eric seemed to have crossed an invisible line and broken an unwritten taboo. For now he is unwelcome to visit there anymore.

Next We shall discuss Panera Bread. I am not sure what is their problem. But it appears I am no longer welcome there.

Now let us discuss PetCity. I got into a heated argument with the supervisor over the choice of wording on something no longer in stock. I have since found out that I was wrong on this issue, and intend to formally apologize for my words. whether she accepts or rejects my apology is up to her.

Wingstop, which is where Gamestop used to be. This is not a real store. And the customers there do not exist. And the staff are not real. So it makes sense that I am kicked out of there. Also, I believe that there are now hidden police officers who will arrest me right there on the spot if I appear there ever again. I had called the place Weathertop. But its new name shall be Central Prison Guard Post.

And last, but not least, is See’s Candies. A former employee of theirs, one who was very large and who had eaten every candy in the shop over a hundred times, gave me a free sample of her favorite candy. I reviewed her candy and she liked it very much. And I gave her my name, Eric Robert Dunstan, and I told her that she may use my review in all her products royalty free, even with my name on them. If I find my review on See’s Candies, with or without my name on it, I will proceed to sue See’s Candy, for the review belongs to the lady they fired, not to See’s Candies. Amen.

Also, cock sucking anus fucking Father Dave of Saint Bruno Catholic Church is busy counting the contributions to his “Church.” But it really is not his Church, because he has cast out Eric and Mary from it. And thus, Jesus left also. And he is devising new ways of fleecing the already well fleeced sheep.

And he now says. “I got it! I will simply charge a tax to enter the Church. Why didn’t I think of this before?” And so he goes and stations tax collectors at the various doors he will permit to be opened. And all other doors will be shut. And he will set the tax to enter the Church at a low $1 and see how that goes.

And after one week had passed, Father Dave went to see the money. And he found only one $1 bill there, and that was from Father Abebe who needed to enter the Church to dispose of old and stale eucharists.

Asked how they dispose of old and stale eucharists, and the answer is invariably, “We just flush them down the toilet.” You see, nothing is really sacred in the Catholic Church.

Lord, is this True? And if so, is it really Your will that I attend Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church tomorrow? And Mary, what do you say? And what do you say about Hyacinth?

Lord Eric, We, the Lord of Hosts, present before thee two paths:

  1. You may continue your worship of God via Catholicism in Our Lady of Guadalupe. And Father Edward Becker will recognize your calling to be a priest. And you will be made a priest serving the Orange Diocese as a diocesan priest. As for Mary and Hyacinth, these will remain your mystical family. I AM the Lord. Amen.
  2. Or you may reject Catholicism entirely. In this route where you abandon Me, I eventually abandon you. Any girl you find on that road will prove untrustworthy. And even Mary and Hyacinth would reject you in the end were you to pursue this path.

Then I choose the path of attending Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church.

Good, this post now comes to its end. My last Words to you on this post are these. No woman who comes to you sexually, romantically, or seeking a relationship shall be from Me. They will all be from hell. Nor can you be defeated in hand to hand conflict. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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