Warship of the Warlock

I am unconquered, and now that am sealed as possession of Mary, unconquerable

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post XXI:
Mary, no woman ever came. What does that make me, O’ Sovereign Queen? It means, lord Azurite, that you are entirely Mine. And it means that I have full, total, and complete ownership over you.

You see, lord Azurite, the way of the world of women. It is a world that men have no knowledge of unless it is explained to them.

It is the women who control the men, not the other way around. You have said the saying:

There is no surer way to kill a man than by not loving him.

Yes, this statement is true. For if a man does not have the love of any woman, he shall fail. But you answer us first; why you did not dance at your brother Mark’s wedding.

  1. I was under the command by God to do nothing that would indicate that I endorsed it. For it was an adulterous wedding between a philanderer and a slut. And Scott Gelb, the father of the two little girls, Marlene took from him, was forced to watch as this monster, Mark Edward Dunstan, destroyed the two little girls, teaching them to dress like sluts.
  2. I had no interest in it. Rather, I was more interested in returning to my room where I may meditate. Which is what I did. Amen.

Lord. as I understand it, the two earths are set to collide and then continue on, as if they were ghosts to each other. Is this the case, O’ Lord? And if so, who shall be saved?

Yes, the earths collide. And they enter a state of perfect alignment that lasts for roughly 4 and a half seconds (4.5 seconds). During that time, everything in dungeons and locked away in the heavenly earth is translated to the earthly earth. And everyone who belongs to Mary and to Jesus on the earthly earth is translated to the heavenly earth. That is why it is a one time event. And that is why it never repeats.

Lord, is it true that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church?

Yes. But to put it more bluntly, if you are not in a state of receiving the sacraments in a state of grace, then you are not called Mine.

Now as to the Protestant fools, that you stifle questions and never consider them regarding your faith is the reason you remained in your damnable ignorance.

And as for you Muslims, you seem to have courage when it comes to killing civilians, but when it comes to questioning the authority of Muhammed and seeking answers about Jesus, are you brave then also, or are you also a coward there too?

And you Chinese authorities, rulers of the Monster State, I think you have ruled enough. You have treated your women like farm animals, bred to breed. I will now destroy your red dragon. You are being brought down.

Red State China, I reduce you to volcanic ash and dust. I WHO AM have spoken. But your Pandas shall survive. And your wildlife shall be preserved. For Eric is the Warlock who loves nature and wildlife.

Now, someone asks, how can Eric be lawful good if he likes nature and the natural things. Eric does like nature and natural things, but he also likes gardens and places where these natural wonders may grow undisturbed in natural reserves. The discipline of gardening and of managing reserves requires strong obedience to order and conformity to instructions of proven methods. And that is why Eric is lawful good.

Eric, when will you lay with your wife?

Mary, that is a trick question. But here is the correct answer. I am virgin and celibate forever. I will marry the girl, but not have sex with her.

Lord Azurite, had you set any date, time, or possible time, you would have been designated to go the way of the reprobated earth. And Mary would have been righteous in instructing you to say to Satan, Here is the gift I promised you.

But that you have recognized Me and My Way, which is celibacy and virginity to be preferred over marriage and sex, you will not be destroyed. You will live. Amen.

Lord Eric, many are the saints who were damned. Should I tell you them? Yes, do please, O’ Lord.

Mary Magdalene, Mary, the sister of Martha, and Mary, the wife of Salome, were saved. The thief dying on the cross spiritually received the sacraments and was saved through them. Amen.

King Henry VIII and all his descendants who rejected Catholicism were damned.

Calvin and his followers who died following him died reprobated.

Martin Luther, Bible thumper and rewriter, obeyed the words he wrote in the Bible and was damned by them, along with all who followed him.

And, O’ Lord, what about the many Orthodox churches? Each Orthodox church that split from Rome did so because they refused to submit to Rome on some definition of theological debate. Everything in their churches remains valid except for the split they made from Rome and all the things that were later defined by Catholicism that they did not receive because of their split.

And once a people or a person splits from Me, they do not come back.

So there will never be a situation where Catholicism, or Christianity, is everywhere?

That is correct. And you saw how you were rejected virtually everywhere. Do you seek to teach those boys a lesson who put you down at that place with the loud guitar music?

No, my Lord. I will not escalate it. For I know that if I go there again with superior fists, they will pull out knives and guns. I will not return. I will not go back. And I forgive them of their offenses to me. I, Eric, have spoken. Amen.

Eric, their women will require a rematch. They will require the men who harmed you to fight you fair and square. And you will break the bones of all five men involved, rendering permanent damage to them.

What will these women expect from me, after I lay to waste all their men? Lord, I fear that I could put people to death.

Then permit one of the women there to kiss you. I will invoke the Lord, and see what the Lord says. The Lord has spoken. And he has said that I will find someone worthy of being a 6 star commandress there. I am to let her kiss me if she wishes, which binds her to me, but I am to give her the rank of 6 star general. And then we, together can and conquer that place together.

Lord, what are the consequences of a girl kissing Eric, the accursed virgin? Nothing happens to her until she departs from him intending not to return. Now you ask, when is the last time this has happened? Never. And that it has never happened makes it even more deadly.

Lord, will Mary choose for this to never happen? Mary has chosen a girl for you to marry, lord Azurite. And you will lay with her as instructed by God. Mary has the right to do this for she is your wife.

For Sarah had the right to give Hagar, her servant, to Abraham to lay with. And Rachel and Leah had the right to give of their own servants to their husband, Jacob.

For women rule here. And men are merely manipulated. Women for a long time could not figure out Eric, for no woman was found with him. But now it is revealed. Eric is the most powerful Warlock in history. For his patron is the Virgin Mary. And now you know that it is the Holy Virgin who controls him.

Also, Eric has never gotten into a fight. Whosoever tries to fight Eric gets belted and whipped. And Eric knows nothing about it.

Lord, I understand that I go to the heavenly earth sometime this month. Eric, why do you have no friends to hang out with?

Lord, I see it in total agreement with the number of the elect. As so few there are that are saved, so also is it the case that so few there are that match me.

Good, Eric. You are in seclusion so that you can be made great. Now publish this work for it is complete. Amen.

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