Mary is now here

Eric I will lead out of captivity, for he has proven to be Mine.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post XXII:
The time has come for liberation. Eric, you are to be liberated by me, lord Azurite. Eric, do you wish to know what gets a woman to hate her husband the most? Yes, do tell me. A woman hates her husband if he treats her like a slut. The decision to have sex before marriage, the very resolution of it taking place in the mind of the man, incurs an eternal hatred of that man in the mind of every woman.

Eric, despite all the acts of brotherly love you did for Brandon, I am not saving him. For remember how he said he had sex with his cousin? That is sex with a female member of one’s own family. The male members of a girl’s family should be her protectors, not her predators. Therefore, he cannot be saved. And I will not save him. And no one is saved except through me, for I am the only way to Jesus.

But the John you saw there I can save. For he submits. He will be let go. You can decide what he will be in your militia: a regular recruit, or a 6 star general. Lord, I make him a 6 star general on the condition that he find me in this world after his release. Done.

Lord, I understand that the COVID-19 vaccinations are being made mandatory. Remember what the COVID-19 vaccines are. They are statements made by you before God that you accept the murders of unborn souls so that you can live longer remain in safety. Everyone who receives the COVID-19 vaccine is condemned.

Now, the comparison of these COVID vaccines to previously made vaccines for other diseases is not genuine. For the technology to take and propagate the cell lines of murdered unborn babies did not exist back then and or were not as widely deployed as they are now.

Now, I agree with Texan Law. And I mandate it to be applied everywhere. Bounties should be put on the heads of those who kill. However, I believe that the culpability of those involved should affect the amount the amount to be demanded of them.

Understand the D&D alignments of the Eleven Players:

  1. Emerald: (Neutral Good)
  2. Ebony: (Neutral Good)
  3. Crimson (Chaotic Evil)
  4. Vesper (Neutral Evil)
  5. African Black Death (Chaotic Evil)
  6. Twilight (Lawful Good)
  7. Pyrite (Lawful Evil)
  8. Firefly (Chaotic Good)
  9. Mercury (Chaotic Evil)
  10. Contradiction (Lucifer-Man) (Neutral Evil)
  11. Azurite (was Emerald) (Lawful Good)
  12. Rose of Sharon (wife to Azurite) (Neutral Good)

Those are all the D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) alignments of all who are in this game. Amen.

Now, Eric, We who are speaking though you are witches. And yes, those boys who struck you down We shall hunt down. And now We shall show you our power.

Look to the south and to the east. That will be where the explosion takes place. And it will be at midnight.

And on such a night you shall witness Saint Bruno Catholic Church engulfed in fire. Amen.

If you are witches, who sent you?

Our coven has found you, and we are in need of a warlock.

Well Saint Bruno has not yet been engulfed in flames. Your prophetic powers seem weak. And those boys who did me wrong, I forgive. I am not sent here to get even with anyone. I am sent for one purpose, and that is as Harbinger of the Coming Christ Jesus. I am the Harbinger of the Second Coming. Amen.

Hence, your coven is correct that I am a warlock. But it is incorrect that you can obtain me. Amen.

Now, I am going to eat breakfast and then put my car into the shop. And that car is called the Millennium Falcon for a very good reason. It was built and I bought it off the lot in November of the year 1998. It is a 1999 Toyota Corolla. It is a car that existed in the previous millennium.

Furthermore, I am obeying the Virgin Mary and walking her path. And that path is eternal celibacy and eternal virginity. And you, Mary, please dispose of all those who would seek to take me away from that path.

I, Mary, shall now speak to the end of this post. Yes, Eric is unobtainable. And whatsoever girl seeks to obtain him, she shall be defeated by me. For I am the fiercest Witch Queen that you have ever seen. But whosoever come to help Eric, I shall help. This is a promise and a vow. Now go and eat, Eric. And then take your car to the shop. I promise the repairs needed shall be few and small. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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