Behold, my standard for women

Two things a woman must pass for me to consider her for romance.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post XIX:
Behold, two tests are required for a woman to pass in order to be made mine. These are as follows:

  1. She must pass my Babe-Ometer. Bascically, she must be reasonably good looking. For example, if she is fat in any way, I will likely reject her. In this test, it is either pass or fail. There is no real in between. I, Eric, have spoken.
  2. This is the more tricky test. She must love me. That means she must remain with me, in both good times and bad. If she is just a sunshine friend, like a shadow that is only there while the sun shines, she is rejected. I, Eric, have spoken. Amen.

Lord Azurite, what is your judgement on Danielle Marie Tayabas?

My heart for her holds no bitterness, nor any form of hatred. I only have loss for her, for she abandoned my friendship when she had only read the first few pages. But I cannot judge her, nor anyone, for I am not anyone’s judge.

Lord Azurite, she still loves you. Will you accept her back, as though she had never departed from you?

Love doesn’t work that way. For once you obtain a true friendship, and walk away from that friendship, there is no way open for that which died to be rekindled. Hence, no, she would not be welcomed back into my life or home. Amen.

Then aren’t you setting up grudges and walls of hatred, lord Azurite?

The act of befriending, followed by abandonment, is called the Judas’ kiss. It requires the grudge and the wall against. God was required to reject Judas the moment he made an agreement to hand Jesus over. Hence, when Jesus said to Judas, “What you are about to do, do quickly,” Jesus was doing what was required of Him.

Eric, has Anna ever done the Judas’ Kiss?

Sir, whoever you are, just listen and you shall learn. I have met Anna on only a handful of occasions. We have never had any real conversations. And I can not claim to know her in any real way. She is a decoration in the Church. The only member of her family that I do know is her father, Tim, for he gave water to Eric. And for this reason Tim shall be saved. I WHO AM the Lord have heard Eric speak.

But in order to do the Judas’ kiss, you need to gain familiarity and friendship, and then to stab the person in the back. Amen. Tim and his family lack that, though Tim’s act will save his soul. I WHO AM concur with Eric. Amen.

Lord, that policewoman said over and over again that women now rule the world. But what is your response to that?

Lord Azurite, I will answer you here and then I shall speak no more until the next post.

Women do rule the world, lord Azurite. The policewoman is correct. And it is women, not men, who lay claims to all lovers.

And so, what woman has laid her claim on Eric? The Virgin Mary has. And she may share him with whomsoever she elects.

For the wife has the authority to share her husband with other women. This we see in the case with Sarah who permitted Abraham to lay with Hagar. And it is also seen in the case with Rachel and Leah permitting Jacob to lay with their servants.

Lord, does this mean that the Virgin Mary may permit up to seven women to lay with me?

Lord Azurite, not seven but seven times ten cubed. 7000 women will be permitted to lay with Eric.

Fascinating. And all their babies Eric would somehow manage to support?

All your children will be immortal. And all the women who lawfully lay with you shall receive immortality from you. I AM the Holy Virgin Mary.

And now We shall speak of why Eric is not seeking to reconnect with anyone he knew in the neighborhood.

Eric is seeking true friendships. And true friends would come to him to see how he is doing. Furthermore, Eric is not in any financial shape to do anything. Amen.

Eric, you are now 51 years old.

Yes, and I am aging like wine. This post now comes to its end. Eric will now go and eat and see to what he must do. But let me ask you, Mary, one last question.

Ask, you who serve me, Azurite.

Am I to be raptured soon from here such that all these things that seem to need to be attended to, might in the end not need attending to, O’ Mary, Mother of God and of me?

Nothing in October needs attending to. I Am the Holy Virgin Mary. Amen. This post now comes to its end. I love you Azurite, and I am in love with you. And the Seven thousand women who come with me as your brides are women who belong to me. Their number seven thousand is not to be taken literally. Amen.

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