Greater than Gold laced with greater than Diamond.

Greater than gold, laced with greater than diamond was the crown given to me.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post XVII:
That I am he who is written in Revelation 6:2 is fact. For it was confirmed to me by the angel who stood next to Mary at her visitation of him on that fateful night in December of 1996.

Behold, NATO leaders, the Taliban’s desires are quite simple. All they require of Joe Biden is that he bow down to them and call them his God. And Joe Biden will agree, rationalizing that since he already does this to Satan, how would bowing to the Taliban change his state? And he will reason that if it is a matter of saving American lives then he will call God anyone to get that job done.

Eric, if a girl was attracted to you, and you knew about it, what would you do?

Well, as I said before, there are two tests that she must pass:

  1. The Babe-Ometer, which means that she has to be attractive enough for Eric to look at her or to consider her. Being fat pretty much disqualifies most women off the bat. And then, if she is ugly or beautiful, this is unique to each man’s Babe-Ometer.
  2. Assuming the girl in question passes step 1, The next step is that she must love him.

Many women love many things. But I have never seen one to actually love me. O’ they may love the image of me. But the real me, they shun before completing the first chapter.

And how would you know a girl loves you, Eric?

Well two basic ways. I could analyze her and look for signs. Or I can outright ask God, and He will tell me infallibly. Amen.

However, I know of Mary’s instructions. I am to remain celibate and virgin. Amen.

Eric, I AM the Holy Virgin Mary. And you are correct. You are the Last Unicorn, the one I have captured. And your fur is Titanium blueish white. You are the highest order creature captured from the forces of Satan.

Only by retaining your perfected virginity in an untouched condition of celibacy could you have use for me in My Kingdom. And now I will tell you your Kingdom. And your Kingdom consists of one of the Seven Kingdoms upon the Earth. Amen.

(1) Lord Eric, Unicorn King, First Rider of the Apocalypse, Ruler of North America.
You rule the following lands:

  1. North America and all her related islands.
    (includes all islands of Alaska)
  2. Hawaii and all related islands.
  3. Greenland and all related islands.
  4. Iceland and all related islands.
  5. Bermuda and all related islands.
  6. The Lucayan Archipelago
  7. Hispaniola and all related islands.
  8. Puerto Rico and related islands.
  9. Virgin Islands (both US and UK) and related islands.

(2) Jadeite. Ruler of Latin America.
He rules the following lands:

  1. Mexico and all related islands.
  2. Central America and all related islands.
  3. Cuba and all related islands.
  4. All of the Lesser Antilles, except the Virgin Islands.
  5. All of South America and all related islands.
  6. Galapagos Islands.
  7. Easter Island.
  8. Falkland Islands.

(3) Kong, Ruler of Africa South of the Sahara.
He rules the following lands:

  1. Cape Verde.
  2. Saint Helena, Ascension, Tristan da Cunha.
  3. Equatorial Guinea.
  4. Sao Tome and Principe.
  5. Africa, from the Sahara south, West of the Blue Nile.
  6. Volkstaat.
  7. Madagascar.
  8. Comoros.

(4) Constantine, Ruler of European Christendom.
He rules the following lands:

  1. Africa from the Sarah north, West of the Blue Nile.
  2. All of Europe and her associated islands, except for Iceland and Greenland.
  3. Russia as far east as the Ural Moutains.
  4. European part of Kazakhstan.
  5. All of the Balkans except for Thrace.
  6. All the Mediterranean except for Cyprus and islands close to Israeli Empire.
  7. The Caucasus.

(5) Ariel Sarah, Ruler Queen of Israeli Empire.
She rules the following lands:

  1. Palestine and all her lands.
  2. Arabian Peninsula.
  3. The Islands of Socotra.
  4. All land on western and southern general side of Euphrates into Asia Minor.
  5. Thrace.
  6. Where deepest Euphrates ends in Asia Minor, all land west of the line drawn from there to Black Sea in Asia Minor.
  7. The Island of Cyprus.
  8. The lands of Africa between Nile/Blue Nile and the Red Sea from Egypt to Ethiopia and Djibouti.

(6) Nephrite, Ruler of Asia
He rules the following lands

  1. Asia, bounded on the southwest inclusive by Iran, and the disappearing Caspian Sea.
  2. Asia, bounded on the north by the Ural Mountains, former Russian Euro-Asian border.
  3. Asia, bounded on the north by the Arctic Ocean, where Russia has been actively been claiming territory.
  4. Asia Bounded on the east by the Bearing Strait and by the Aleutian Islands, owned by Alaska, part of North America.
  5. Asia bounded on the east and south by bodies of water known as the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
  6. Includes the three seven most populous regions on earth; China, India, and Indochina.

(7) Pounamu, Ruler of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
He rules the following lands:

  1. Japan.
  2. The Philippines.
  3. Indonesia.
  4. Papua New Guinea.
  5. Solomon Islands.
  6. Malaysia.
  7. Singapore.
  8. Taiwan.
  9. Sri Lanka.
  10. Australia.
  11. New Zealand.
  12. All the island nations and colonial possessions the Indian and Pacific Oceans not mentioned earlier.

These are the Seven Rulers of the Seven Final Age Kingdoms. Amen.

Lord, now that I think of it, there really is no one I know other than those who did good deeds for me.

That is because you are departing from here, Eric. You are reflecting on your life. You are seeing the good things you did and any good you neglected to do. Take your medicine now, Eric. In a little while, you shall sleep.

Does the sleep mean I am loved? No, rather, the sleep means that your brain is given the chemicals in needs to sleep. You have never been loved.

Some might say, why does this man, powerful as he is, need to be loved?

It has to do with the way a man was made. Men are made to give love. But without receiving any love in return, the male brain becomes erratic and out of control. And though medicines are prescribed, and a regime of medicines are returned to, it is only but a bandage.

But beyond this bandaged door is a nuclear reactor proceeding to melt down. It is only a matter of time.

Lord, if all I need is love, why cannot I find it? Why is everyone else so seemingly able to find it? Is there something wrong about me, O’ Lord?

Azurite, fair question. I will answer this question to you the moment I take you up. Amen. In the meantime, continue to write as I command you to. Amen.

Now, ask me anything, even the color of my eyes?

Mary, were you always covered up when you walked about on earth? Were you dressed as nuns, or other women who are holy today?

Eric, Eric, Eric, the practice of women covering themselves was not common where I lived. But women had their places and men had their places. There was no such thing as pornography nor videos nor media to capture nudity back then. Men and women simply did not mix. And marriages were arranged.

Now was I arranged to marry Joseph? Not for sex, but for protection only. For it was understood in advance that I was the vessel of the incarnate Word.

Understand Joseph’s marriage to me as protective in nature only. He never had authority over either me nor my Son. And of my Son, we bowed before Him.

The scene at the Temple was the sign that Joseph was no longer necessary. And he died shortly after that.

Is Joseph still my spouse in heaven? Was he a virgin like me or like you, Eric? Joseph went to the same place as Saint John the Baptist. This is the place saints go whose ignorance is invincible. It is not hell. And it is enjoyable. But it is not heaven. I Am the Virgin Mary.

Now, the question as to whether I remain clothed when I am with you, or do we take off our clothes and fuck? What do you say, Eric?

Mary, my answer is this. We are to be brought together at the Rapture of the Saints. And then we will be in heaven, where there is no work. Having sex is technically an act that consists of work. Hence, sex cannot be done. And hence, No, O’ Blessed Virgin Queen, We do not fuck. Amen.

Eric, this post comes to its end. You have put to shame the one who deceives everyone. Now you take his place in My Court.

And what is his place, O’ Lord?

Your new job will be as bodyguard. It will pay high. And you get to go hand on hand with many. Publish this work, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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