Am the Storm Dancer

I dance through storms and hurl through hurricanes.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post XV:
Eric: Let all the world come forth and rejoice. For I Am the angel of your retribution. And God will command me to carry out His retribution against thee. Amen.

Eric: Now, about all those scenarios where someone has been unjust to me, let them be rest assured that I have forgiven them. But do not think that Christ Jesus, your Judge, has forgiven them. If you were baptized and are a Catholic and you confessed such sins to a priest, and the confession was meritorious, then your transgressions are forgiven. But anything short of that, and you are going to hell, boy!

Eric: Lord, why has no one here been my friend?

Jesus: It is, lord Azurite, due to the fact that you are above their league.

Eric: Lord, I am myself permanently celibate and virgin, am I correct?

Jesus: Yes, if you stay on the pathway that leads to everlasting Life.

Eric: Tell me this truth: Am I to be visited by female witches, female cops, and/or Hyacinth? Or was this fantasy?

Jesus: The female cops shall come. Everything else is just fantasy.

Eric: And I suppose these female cops will be armed with guns?

Jesus: Does this bother you?

Eric: I am not bothered by cops having guns in my house. All I am concerned about is to have my things or myself become victims of friendly fire.

Jesus: In that case, the police officers who shall stay long periods of time with you in your house will leave their firearms in their car guarded by police there.

Eric: I am wondering, O’ Lord, why am I to be so scrutinized?

Jesus: You are talking directly with God. That makes you more valuable than the Ark of the Covenant. Also, that this gift of prophecy that you have can be taken away from you by sex with a woman is why only trained policewomen will be permitted to be with you. For they have been trained on analyzing men and their response to women. And they will not forgive themselves if they partake in your destruction.

Eric: Lord, I now have work to do. I think I must publish this and see to doing this work. Amen.

Jesus: Yes, see to it. And realize that the treasures awaiting you for the salvation of Hyacinth are beyond imagination. Now, go, Eric. And do your allotted work. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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