I, Jesus, explain now who Eric is

Eric is one of Ours. He is just not yet incorporated into My flock. Amen.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post XIII:
Jesus: Eric, are you a good person, or a bad person?

Eric: That, my Lord, would vary in answer depending on who You asked that to.

Jesus: But how do you answer that, Eric?

Eric: It is as Jesus has said, There is no good but God.

Jesus: And are you God, or are you a god?

Eric: Search my history, and you will never find once me ever claiming to be a deity. Furthermore, I never even exalted myself above Mary, not even equal to her. Amen.

Jesus: Correct. So what are you then? Surely if you have been sent by Jesus, He would have also told you what to tell the world as to who you are?

Eric: I will consult the Lord. Hold on.

Eric: I am the cornerstone rejected that becomes the capstone.

Jesus: That is already fulfilled by Christ. Are you willing to partake in the same cup as I have?

Eric: Lord Jesus, suffering I do not steer away from. But I know this too. Your book of life is sealed. But suffering for the dead remains very meritorious. For it means that purgatory will be more and more rapidly dwindling in its population.

Jesus: You I make My Blue Knight. For of all the knights I have ever had or known, your love for Mary, and for Hyacinth, the daughter you had together, is truly captivating. It is a love story greater than any work of fiction ever could be.

Jesus: Eric, it was never the case that I did not love you, but was only testing you on your love. I wanted you to see for yourself, by your own experience, that the homeless truly love and practice the gospel. Ask them where to go to the bathroom, they will tell you. Ask them where to get water, they will tell you. And their instructions are always true. Amen. But homeless shelters have no love. Only on the streets, only there will the love of the gospel of Jesus be found.

Jesus: Eric, you will be made a priest.

Eric: Lord, what about my Bi-Polar disorder. What about my mental condition that requires medication?

Jesus: Eric, the Holy Spirit has chosen you, and He will not be frustrated. I AM the Lord.

Jesus: This very day is the last very day in which you will live outside of My Secret Society.

Eric: Does not the Catholic Church say Secret Societies are prohibited?

Jesus: So you are indeed aware of every canon law?

Eric: I studied canon law on my own to know if a minister was correct or incorrect in the things he said and taught.

Jesus: But is it amazing to realize the vast knowledge that you have.

Eric: Not really. One retains in memory the things important to him. For example, when asked if knew who the Lakers were I replied, “Yes, they live on the lake.”

Jesus: Well, this coven is awaiting you. They wish to interrogate you to find if you are useful to them. If you fall in love with any of them, they will reject you. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Eric: How large is this coven? And do I know any member of it? And if so, who?

Jesus: It is a virgin coven, Eric. That is why they will reject you outright if you try to tempt them. For all four witches in this coven seek the crown of virginity.

Eric: Okay, I accept that and I respect that. This is my deal with them and You. As long as in this interrogation, I see no evidence that this is false, I will cooperate fully in their questions and answer them fully. I will give the full brutal truth. I, Eric, have spoken.

Jesus: And more question they need an answer to.

Eric: And what is that?

Jesus: If one of them seeks to marry you, will you accept or balk?

Eric, I always consult the Lord on such questions. For realize that I am an Oracle.

Eric: This is the answer from God. It the girl is truly interested in Eric, let her kiss him. Otherwise she will forgotten, along with the coven. I AM THE LORD. AMEN.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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