Russia, Eric says Alexei shall be the next ruler of the Russian Empire. I Who AM have spoken.

I, Eric, Decree that Alexei Anatolievich Navalny is made eternal ruler over Russia. Amen.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post IX:
Lord, I have awakened. I see skies of blue. And I see butterflies flitting about.

Lord Azurite, I have an important message for you from Our dear Mother.

Tell me the message, O’ Saint John of the Cross.

You are being watched intently. You are being studied for weaknesses. And a fault the are actively hunting to find in you.

Saint John of the Cross, why don’t they simply put a bullet in my head and call that an assassination?

Because a power protects you. They realize that they can only take you down by legal means.

Now, state the Code in full.

Code of the Witch King child, the Warlock whose Patron is Mary

  1. you may neither touch nor go to war with anyone who has not struck you first, or acted against you in a hostile military act first. Hence, you may never kill someone out of fear of a future evil act.
  2. All women are equal to men, but they are governed differently. A simple loin cloth, something that covers both genitalia and anus is sufficient covering for both men and women. However, a woman has the right to cover herself up more. And no law may be made to limit how she may cover herself.
  3. Nude images of a woman taken without her permission are the property of the girl whose nudity was captured. She has the right to sue for their entire estate and to see all of them imprisoned who knowingly partook in the spreading of her nudity. Only a woman in charge of her own finances has the legal authority to bare her midriff or to dress in revealing clothing or to pose as nude in exchange for compensation.
  4. Marriage Law is such. Marriage can only unite two adult members from the opposite sex. Also, both married partners need to have functional reproductive organs. For the purpose of marriage is to have and raise children; it is not for making legal mere sexual pleasures of the couple. A woman is declared a young adult at the time she has her first period.
    [Note that Mary revealed to me she had one period before being impregnated with the Christ, and after that, she had no more periods. This is insider information.]
  5. Furthermore, marriage is life long, never eternal nor fleeting. You cannot tear up a martial union as you can tear up a business contract.
  6. The prenuptial agreement in a marriage is an illegal device. All who enter marriages with such planned out exit strategies contract marriage invalidly, and hence, all children produced in that union are illegitimate.
  7. A man may make his will in whatsoever manner he wishes except for this. No illegitimate heir may receive a greater inheritable portion than the legitimate heirs.
  8. Now We explain why women are weaker than men upstairs. They need this weakness to ensure that they do not kill offspring. Therefore, all men who make themselves better than woman because of this divine design of God that required a weaker sex to take care of babies and little children, they must now be terminated in all their professions, wherever they may be. Consider this to be Order 4444. Amen.
    [Furthermore, as for policewomen in need of greater upper body strength that would requires calling for male backup, I can think of only two such cases: (1) They are bracing themselves against the Castle Door that is being pounded from outside by a Battering Ram, and (2) The are escaping from a sewer system, and that extra upper body strength can come in real handy in lifting that manhole cover from underneath so that they can all escape out of it and regroup].
  9. Mary, I went to Mass today. I went to Our Lady of Guadalupe. And I talked with the priest, Pastor Father Edward Becker.
    Then, Sir Eric, you have obeyed God. God is not satisfied by me being sole monarch over all of Creation. He made me to rule with a lover. Will you be that lover for me, O’ Eric, he who was always been rejected?
    Yes, I will, O’ Mary. I will gladly be that lover. But reveal to me where I err, so that I do not sin.
    Will you impregnate me, O’ Eric, King of all Virgin Males?
    Mary, if it is good, I will do the good. But if it is evil, I will not do it.
    Then I have accepted you as my husband, and I am your eternal wife. Amen.
    Mary, I fully accept you as my eternal wife. Amen.
  10. Then, listen to me, husband. Earth and Heaven are coming together in a perfect alignment. And all whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life will translate at that moment into the heavenly earth, and be seen no more here. It lasts for but a moment, and after the heavenly earth departs from the physical earth, there are no more chances. You, Eric, were the last one to be saved. Amen. And your name in the Lamb’s Book of Life is numbered 144,000. Amen.

Now Eric, I am speaking as mother to son. Is there any woman anywhere that you would wish to accompany you here.

I think that Hyacinth, Tess, and Olivia might like to come. Everyone else I respect their rejection of me.

You need four. Choose a fourth one.

Then I choose Anna. But I am not sure if she would agree.

Perfect. You are a Warlock with a Coven of four Witches: Hyacinth, Tess, Olivias, and Anna.

Lord, my Patron is the Virgin Mary. Yes, but now understand the new paradigm. You and Mary are now co-equal rulers over all of Creation. I WHO AM AM.

Lord, how do these four witches relate to me in regards of Mary who is my wife?

They are your four wives subservient to Mary, who is your primary wife.

And here is the winning question: Do I remain a virgin?

Eric, answer this question of mine, and I will tell you the answer to yours. Who did you serve when you kissed Victoria Abigail Martinez that one time, a few months after you had graduated from Whittier College with a B.A. in biology?

It was not God who I was following, O’ Lord. Rather, they were spirits of mischief. Immediately after I did that, I repented to myself and resolved never to make that mistake nor follow them ever again. Who did I serve? Sin always serves the devil, but all wise men learn wisdom from their mistakes. Amen.

Eric, Officer Toni McBride is coming to help you. If you do not have sex with her, then all of heaven will recognize your eternal purity. But if you have sex with her, both of your careers will be ruined. What is your decision?

If Toni McBride accepts this assignment, I agree. Amen. Then await her. Her job will be to keep you out of trouble. I AM the Lord. Amen.

O’ and We shall redesign the Kingdoms in a future post, for Russia is to have an eternal Ruler. Amen.

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