Eric is tested on being worthy

Eric, are you a man, or are you an animal?

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post X:
Eric, We are now testing you. Amen. Lord Eric, say we station a female officer to remain with you through the next six months. And you are never out of her sight. In the case of entering a bathroom, a second officer will be stationed outside of that window. Could you function okay in this manner?

I could, but the two officers assigned to keep me out of trouble must never do anything to indicate that they are observing me. For I am a Truth Teller. I promise not to volunteer information, but I cannot keep secret any answer anyone asks of me.

Good, lord Azurite. These two police officers will appear as two close friends and they will both be female.

Like those two funny people who kicked me and some other dude out of Wing Stop?

Exactly the same two officers.

That is great, just make sure to program them not to arrest me.

Eric, as long as you comply, they have no power to arrest you.

Good, now, where do they stay? And what hours do the do their duty?

One will stay in your brother David’s room, while the other will take your father’s bed where your father sleeps in your room.

Lord, do we speak of a time after my brother and my father will have died?

Lord Azurite, the COVID vaccinations will have proven to have been gravely mistaken. Every person on the planet to have taken one will be dead. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Aislyn Briana Dunstan, still an 11 year old girl, is not yet eligible to take the vaccine. Aislyn, a direct heir to Mark’s estate, has a direct inheritance line to receive an equal inheritance with Eric of the Dunstan estate. To make this ambiguity clear, Eric will transfer the Master Bedroom, currently occupied by Rosemary Dunstan, who is diametrically opposed to all things Catholic, into Aislyn’s possession for her to receive that room as her first part of her inheritance.

Eric will be fair and just. And he will hire simple but good lawyers to read whatever will has been made and then to decide how everything in Dad’s possession will be divided up. It is my belief that the two heirs, Eric and Aislyn, will choose to keep the house, due to the great tax benefits. And they will simply put up limits and boundaries.

And who Eric and Aislyn are to each other will always be none other than as uncle and niece. Eric will never treat her as though he was her parent. Because he is not. Nor will Eric force her to be in any religion.

Lord Azurite, has it crossed your mind that you could in fact impregnate every woman there?

Such is a deadly question, and it seeks for me to contemplate deadly things.

Then you are not sexually attracted to Aislyn, the 11 year old girl?

Sir, these years for Aislyn are her formative years. These are the years she makes friends. And these are the years she comes to know herself. Now, what ugly monster wants to take that away from her?

I tell you Truthfully, if a boy is doing evil to her, I will see to it that that boy is removed and expelled. I am Eric.

Lord, when I was in prison, I made a bet. If the door that kept me there were to smash open, I would then be in Rambo-Terminator mode, assigned to kill and to destroy.

But if someone else open’s the door, it would be the case that Mary would still command me here.

Mary, I am not going to violate any of these women. Rather, I will retain my state of virginity forever. Amen.

Lord Azurite, if you were to lose your virginity, which among these fine women would you choose to lose it with? Considering this selection:

  1. Female cop 1
  2. Female cop 2
  3. Anna
  4. Tess
  5. Toni McBride
  6. Olivias
  7. Hyacinth
  8. The girl who called you God when you outran her
  9. The girl who said she was real in Sprouts
  10. The high school girl who asked you indecent questions
  11. The girl with green teeth who asked you about your dog.
  12. The woman whose eyes met yours at a recent Mass

Anna, O’ Lord.

Good, this post now comes to its end. And yes, Russia does get divided up as a just retribution for her dividing up other nations. You will meet Anna soon. Amen.

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