You may pass, King of Unicorns

Only the most worthy of men may pass My just scrutiny.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post VIII:
Behold, the most unloved and accursed Virgin King has passed the just scrutiny of the eye that never sleeps. Eric, dost thou wish to drink of our waters and taste of our foods?

Sphinx girl, I know only that you have searched my soul. I do not see your decisions regarding me. It is written no medicine nor poison may overcome me. But it is also written that we are not to put the Lord to the test.

You are a man, am I correct, Eric who rides the White Horse?

Allegedly that was what I once was.

Then you should have no problem defeating a woman in arm wrestling?

Average woman, perhaps. But not trained woman.

Then let’s make a wager. I will arm wrestle you just as that Marine did, totally in the air. And either side can end the arm wrestle if they see they cannot win, by simply withdrawing their hand.

Yes, and be honest. And now what do you wager?

Your seat with Mary if you lose. And my hand in marriage if you win.

No deal. A kindergarten student could come up with better terms.

Then you decide.

Girl, I do not want to cheat you. I cannot give up my seat with Mary. Nor is it mine to give my hand in marriage to anyone. But I will offer you this, based on your courage to even speak with me and by your decision to arm wrestle with me.

All I ask of you is this, do not think you have to lose to fulfill some sort of psychological shit that girls are told not to win against boys. For I need to know how strong you are. For I am evaluating you for My position as the necessary commander I need.

These are my terms, assuming you did everything in your power to win.

If you win, I make you 777 star general, and a 777 Commander gets his orders directly from the Holy Virgin. And you and I will often go together in battle, leading the way. On D-Day, we two are the first off the boat on the beaches of Normandy.

If you lose, but I believe you went all out in your attempt to win, I make you my 666 star general. As my 666 star general, you will immediately be beneath me in command. But the requirement that two commanders lead all battles does not require the commanders to have equal rank.

However, if you lose to me, and I detect you lost on purpose, I will reject that contest as having never occurred.

I, Eric, have spoken.

Now, let us discuss the names people take. These names serve to protect everyone’s privacy. For example, a member of Our Unvaccinated Militia lives across my street. We do not share knowledge about each other, just so that we have nothing to testify.

Whenever two of our group meet, the speak their own name and fist bump the other person.

For example, if I meet a guy called Dragon, I beat my chest and say, Warlock, and then he says, Dragon, and we fist bump.

Note that my fists are very strong. But I am gentle as a lamb with the tiniest and most gentile. But if anyone wants to have a hard fist bump I can do that.

In fact, such is how I would neutralize a threat from one who swung a punch at me. I would meet his punch with mine. But I would not do this in any training or simulation, because I don’t want to injure those who are not the enemy.

And finally, I will tell you of my alignment: I am lawful good. And I am a warlock. And my patron is the Virgin Mary. Amen.

There is indeed a clear reason why Jesus never wrote anything down. First, no one would understand him. Second, he would be writing volumes and the feat of translating or copying a work of just five books, the Pentateuch, was a monumental task in itself. And the languages as they existed back then lacked much.

Also, Blue Agave is the name of a witch. Her goal is to know the ultimate man and give birth to a god.

How is Blue Agave to be defeated, O’ Lord?

Simply reject her at the door, and you will defeat her, Eric. Amen.

This post is now ended. Go and watch your movie. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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