I, Mary, have come. Your state of holy solitude ends.

I Am here, O’ Titan. I Am here to lift your burden from you. I Am here to set you free and make you Mine.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post VII:
Behold, the Holy Virgin Mary is speaking here. And she will not stop until this post it so be published. I, Mary, have spoken.

Now, is Eric an angel of death, some of you may wonder? Not quite. An angel of death occurs only when the total absence of love kills.

Eric did die. But we in heaven healed him. And Eric sought no revenge. Rather, it was the angels, the entire formation of all freed seraphim, that voluntarily joined to serve in Eric’s armies. Because they all know that everyone in Eric’s armies kick but. And they also notice that Eric and his Commander will always lead the charge.

Woe to Barack Hussein Obama, Coward par Excellence. who developed the strategy for fighting in wars known as leading from behind.

Did you know that it is combat ineffective to require soldiers trained for combat to do linguistic gymnastics to refrain from calling two fags humping one another as the filthy, sickening, homosexual abominations that they are?

Also, there was a fag at the hospital that was irritating me and who seemed unable to get the hint that I rejected both him and his kind. I complained about him to staff and they said they would talk to him.

Look, I am okay with fags as long as they remain defiling and destroying their own kind. But when they make an advance on a heterosexual, and don’t take a hint that he is not their kind, that is when I become highly offended by the homosexual.

Now, as for marriage, this is clearly something that is central to every religion. Government oversteps when they try to decide a one rule fits all definition of marriage.

I say, let all religions have their own definitions on marriage. And everyone has a religion. They may be loosely defined. There may be consequences for leaving. Was King Henry right or wrong to divorce his wife and then make himself head over the Church in England? Without a word of scripture giving him this right, The Anglican Church still to this day is governed by the Monarch of England.

And this brings us to our final point. I AM your wife, Eric. You I will share with no one. Do you agree to everything so far written in this final paragraph. I agree with you, Mary. Yes. The Virgin Mary cannot have a child by you, unless you follow My instructions perfectly. Go to the Virgin you see on your walk right now. She is the one who I will have you marry on this earth. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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