I AM the Virgin Mary. Through Eric do I deign to speak.

I, the Holy Virgin, have triumphed. Amen.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post VI:

In the previous post, it was said that I wished for Eric to marry the girl called Anna. This happens to be false. Rather, Eric is now walking with me my path into blessed glorification. The reason why we, Hyacinth and I, were ready to abandon Eric was because he would have become defiled. And nothing defiled ever enters the Kingdom of Heaven.

Eric, I shall now discuss impurity in its true form. The root of all impurity is to choose the fleeting pleasure that that impurity gives to you in exchange for disobedience.

Now, what form of disobedience renders your soul unfit for communion, you ask? Yes, Mary, do please tell me. To disobey God in any of the the Ten Commandments is to render your soul unfit for paradise in heaven.

That was the Law given to Moses. But there is also a greater Law given by Jesus. And it is that we love one another as Christ has loved us. And Jesus says, Love God with all your heart, with all you soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength, and love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Mary. I went through many neighborhoods in my 50 mile trek. And I found that only when I was among the homeless did I encounter people who helped one another. You ask for where the restrooms are, they immediately tell you. You ask for where one can get drinking water, they immediately tell you. It is they who practice the gospel of Jesus. Homeless shelters do not have this. Homeless shelters kicked me out.

Lord, I will not litigate against Your church because I recognize that that money is for God. Nor will I litigate against Father Dave Heney. Rather, I subscribe to the belief that Catholicism is still binding on me. And that means I cannot hit a priest.

Now, I have in fact missed two Sunday Masses, but I have a perfectly justifiable excuse. I was taken away by police on Friday, August 20. 2021, but not arrested nor read rights. At the police station, I was brought to an empty cell and ordered to strip in front of the police man, as routine body identification.

Just for your information, all police men and women carry an invisible camera to document everything they see. This I proved to my mind when a certain policeman I have high regard for spoke quietly to to confirm that the number shown on my iPhone to him that they had received.

This is the same policeman who saw me naked at the office. His name I keep on inexplicitly forgetting and his information keeps on inexplicitly becoming lost. I have no problem with trained staff, doctors, physicians, and police detectives reviewing my nudity.

But my body is not for sex. Anyways, that policeman I say should be made head of the Whittier Police force. I, Eric, have spoken.

Well, I am now truly back on my meds. Actually I am on better meds. Those previous doctor dip shit sticks stuck in a termite mound never bothered to do basic research. I was in their office and out with barely enough time to shake hands. Dr. Giurgius, Dr. Gudapati, Dr. Loren, if only you had kept up with the latest developments in medicine, I would not have to have had this meltdown.

Now. what do I do if Father Dave Heney [and that Heney means handy with boys], requests you to come back to Saint Bruno Catholic Church, what is my response, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, that rejection was last straw that broke camel’s back. Camel can now do nothing for you but die.

Understand, lord Azurite, what you are and what you have become. Lord Azurite was born human. Though Azurite loved much, his love was never returned to him. Bi-Polar disorder was the result of starvation of love.

Eric passed tests of suitability for special role from God. Lasts steps were to give up all things for God. Mary gave a girl to Eric, not lover, but as a daughter. Eric obeyed Mary. The daughter came to be called Hyacinth of the earth. Mary came to be called Hyacinth of heaven.

Final test was test of perfect obedience. Eric passed. Jesus knighted Eric as Sir Eric. So now We are here, lord Azurite.

Lord, Dave Heney kicked me out of the Church. Did that mean Saint Bruno Catholic Church, or the entire body of Churches known as Catholic?

You are kicked out of them all. But that Black family up the road still loves you. Go by them today as you walk your dog. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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