Jesus gives Eric his eternal position

Eric, I make you Supreme Lieutenant Commander under Mary, the Virgin Mother of God.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book3: Post V:
Behold, I AM WHO AM. I WHO AM have decided Eric’s fate. Eric’s heart has always been with the Virgin Mary. And no other girl has lasted.

Lord, my car is no longer cursed. You are correct. But I have cursed the one who took from it. He will find it shrivel in the sight of their own eyes.

Mary, what is your judgement:

  1. Do I try to reenenter Saint Bruno Catholic Church?
  2. Do I go instead to Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, which not much farther, jut to the west?
  3. Or do I start my own religion?

Lord Azurite, never do number three, that is, to start your own religion. Martin Luther decided to to that, but noting in the Holy Bible did he find to justify that.

As for reentering the Catholic Church of Saint Bruno, the pastor has requested that you leave twice. He has struck the rock twice.

So you now have a choice: You can go to Father Edward Becker’s church in La Habra, which is Our Lady of Guadalupe, and he will sponsor you into the priesthood. Remember that Whittier and La Habra are right next to each other. And Whittier is of the Los Angeles Archdiocese while La Habra is of the Orange Archdiocese. That is taking the green pill.

Or you can take the red pill. The red pill gives you an exciting life and great pleasures, and to do all that you want to do here forever. Amen.

Lord, once a priest, always a priest. I choose the green pill. Amen.

Then you, My son, Eric, I designate as eternal ruler over North America.

Eric, let us now revisit the betrayal of My mother and Hyacinth to you. You remember this, yes or no?

I remember that I was to marry someone they chose for me, have children by her, and then help all the elect get called up to heaven, but myself left behind. And then Mary said that I was to tell Satan when I meet him that I am the gift she has chosen to give to him. Amen.

And what about Hyacinth? What did she do? She abandoned me and went with Mary and all the elect to heaven. And it was then that I made a choice.

Tell us, lord Azurite, this choice.

I decided that if heaven is going to abandon me, it will abandon me while I am in my house or while I am fully armed and walking about.

And why do you think heaven will abandon you, Eric? What did you do?

My name was not found written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Amen.

You mean, Eric, that you are rejected from all eternity?


I have forgiven you of your sins. But you are correct. What is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life is eternal. And your name is not there. Amen.

Then what happens to me? You belong to this earth. And when it vanishes, so do you.

But there is a way you can make your soul eligible for Me.

What is that, O’ Lord?

Marry Anna, the daughter of Tim.

Lord, I agree to marry Anna. She is someone I like. It is just that I have no means of contacting her. And she has already given me sufficient body language to tell me she is not interested in me.

So, you notice her body language is one of rejection? Yes, it is quite obvious. I think that approaching her again can be called sexual harassment. Hence, I do believe that I will choose not to go to her from now on, rather than to expose myself to unnecessary criminal risk.

And that goes with all women.

Lord Azurite, do you want to marry?

Rather, I was hoping to receive the crown of virginity. But since I perish with this world, I am afraid that that crown will vanish with me and it.

Eric, you are the one pillar holding up the heavens and earth. You are a Titan. And your name is Atlas. I AM pleased with thee. All the Titans are now being freed. They are being freed by taking form in the wombs of women. These are the Modern Nephilim. (Genesis 6:1-4). Nephilim are fully human creatures, but who eventually become immortal. They are not gods. Nor do they reach, much less exceed, the rank of Mary in heaven.

Lord Azurite, Mary chose you to go to heaven. But she has made it clear that she will only accept you there if you marry Anna.

Then, O’ Mary, my Commandress, provide me with a fellow commander to go with me to that Church. For it is written in the code that no commander may go forth in battle alone.

Lord Azurite, who said anything about going to that Church? That Church is rejected. It is a horror and a disgrace.

Our Lady says you shall go to Our Lady of Guadalupe from now on. I AM the Holy Virgin Mary. Do not you understand that we in heaven bring those We wish to marry to one another to one another? All we needed was your consent. And we have that now.

Your enemies in this world were always mirrors of yourself and deceptions from Satan. Now, go with your father.

And I pay no tithes? That is correct. This post has now comes to an end. I, Mary, have spoken. I Am well pleased with you, Eric. Amen.

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