Two Commanders will march against the Enemies of Jesus

For Jesus sent them together, two by two. Amen.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post IV:
Lord, what happened to Mary? Mary is still your Supreme Commandress. It is just that you now see the Truth of many things. Doubt not when people you thought were associated with Mary turn out to be false. Rather, doubt your sources when they are telling you that Mary is false.

For Mary can never be false. I WHO AM AM.

Now as for Tim’s daughters, Anna and Tess, let them go. If they had even the slightest interest in you, they would have come to you.

Furthermore, Anna is My servant, whereas Tess serves the spirit of impurity.

Now, let us get to Father Dave. You,Eric, have nothing against that man. And you have forgiven him. I would forgive him also, except for his ongoing sin. And that sin is that you are to be arrested if you ever again approach or step on that property.

Because he has outlawed the one servant of Mine who was sent to save the Church from stepping onto Church grounds, I have no choice but to completely ransack that Church and leave it as a heap of ruins.

Oh, remember how it was said that Eric had one Seraph? Well that one Seraph was Eric’s guardian angel. Eric, now an immortal being, has no further need for guardian angels. But the entire body of the Seraphim have resoundedly said yes to entering the armies of Eric’s Seraphs. And now We shall revisit the code of the Seraphs, as to whom they shall strike:

But before we do so, let me address this statement to Mark. Mark, I am sorry. As part of my anger at you, I looked at the Netflix movies your members of your family looked at. I swear I will not to this anymore. I swear this to God.

Now, I only saw two movies I wanted to watch: My Idiot Brother-in-Law in Marlene’s account, and some sort of sequel after the sequel that only die hard fans would know about, concerning Twilight, a basic werewolf, vampire romance movie.

Mark, do not even bother to change your password. All I was doing in looking into these movies was to see if your children were viewing porn, and all I saw were G and PG-13 movies. You are clean, Mark. And I guarantee to you, I will not violate this agreement again.

I think David gets more out of your Netflix than I do.

Also, all those nasty things I said, it was all bluff and test. Behold. this is my code:

Code to belong in Eric’s Armies

  1. You may not touch anyone unless they touch you first.
  2. You may never kill, except in pure self defense.
  3. Never do permanent damage, unless this is necessary to keep you and yours safe.
  4. Size matters for men. For men to marry, they need to be able to have sexual intercourse with their wives, and at least one conjugal act must be done.
  5. A woman cannot marry until she has had her first period. Mary told Eric that she had one period before she conceived Jesus. And thereafter, she had no more periods.
  6. To accommodate everyone, three genders will be recognized.
    a. Born female and remained female.
    b. Born male and remained male.
    c. LGBTQ and any person who is not included in the above.
  7. Marriage is defined according to religion. Freedom of religion, hence, requires that the government not force any definition of its own on the people. Nor may they force their employees to comply with their religious beliefs regarding their definition of religion.
  8. Religion does not require more than one member to be called a religion. Hence, every person has the capability of forming their only religion.
  9. Religions must specify their basis. Hence, the phrase, Bible based, is inadequate. Rather, a religious group that wishes to be Bible based must also specify the translation or translations of the Holy Bible that serve as the basis of their religion.
  10. Mary does not depart from any Church unless that Church kicks out the one she dearly loves. Saint Bruno Catholic Church is now under deadly condemnation.

Mary, did you say I am to remain a Catholic. And Mary, I wish to let you know that if Jesus permits it, I am forever your servant. And I will do whatever you say. And if you say I am to go now to Our Lady of Guadalupe, I will gladly go that route.

Eric, I love you, and so do all who are mine. Now, listen to me. I have not much time. And you are almost perfected. You cannot marry. And you cannot have sex. And that Blue Agave who is to come, let her come. She will marry you, for it will be her objective to have children by you. Amen.

How does this work, O’ Mary, Mother of God? Blue Agave will choose to remain yours, even when her assignment is ended.

Is Blue Agave human? No, she is alien. And she is a Witch Queen. But her love for you will be her undoing. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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