Eric is Angel Commander on Earth

Eric is now authorized to kill, through his army of Seraphim.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post II:
So, O’ Lord. what does Thou say unto me today?

Lord Azurite, you know the code. Repeat the code for all to see and observe.

Code for the Armies under Mary, Queen Mother of all living human souls, and Eighth Star Supreme Commandress

  1. Abide correctly in the chain of command. For all Seven Star generals, also known as Seven Star Commanders and Commandresses, the Virgin Mary is the only created being above them in the chain of command. All who are worthy of serving in these armies obey superiors and respect subordinates. Failure to abide by these rules is rejection from these Armies.
  2. Women are equal to men. The difference in upper body strength has to do with the mammalian role that women typically fulfill. Women need to be weak upstairs so that they do not inadvertently kill their offspring. But a massively muscular man, if he is put in charge of his own baby, how does he not inadvertently injure her even doing the simplest task of changing diapers?
  3. All Mankind, both those who have legal sexual partners and those who do not, need only only cover their genitalia and their anus to be found fully clothed on my earth. However. women also have the right to extra modesty. Joan of Arc was just one sort of woman who was deliberately deprived of her modesty. I. the Lord Jesus, give thee this test. Clothe Eric and provide him with a set of wheels. And note that Eric has C and M2 on his license. M2 meant something back when he got it. Now it ain’t worth shit. Whoever clothes Eric the correct way and grants him true freedom to choose his fate, he will not fail to be rewarded and Eric will bloom this very day.
    a. Clothe the naked. Do this by covering genitalia and anus of the naked.
    b. For women, permit them also to wear a one piece sheet of snow white linen robe that fully covers their entire body, at their choice,
    c. Police officers failed to show up to arrest me. This indicates they had no case against me and did not want to be put to shame before all the high school kids there.
  4. Do not touch anyone unless they touch you first. Remember Aladdin and the Cave of Wonders, where because the monkey touched the forbidden treasure, that whole team became trapped there. I found that that live actor version, made in 2019, to be great. That the main female character did not expose her midriff made me respect her. And Will Smith as Genie was the absolute best choice for this role.
    What I do not get is the insistence among some viewers that this fictional character must have this race or that skin. I liked that film and I give it the “Must Watch Again,” rating.
    a. Mary answers you thusly. Marriage, if valid. needs to be protected, for it is the highest good possible in this world.
    b. But too much of a good thing can overwhelm the system.
    c. Basic moral of story: Either always tell the Truth, or profess ignorance. Amen.
  5. Hello. This is the fifth item I am commanded to write. It is for 7 star generals.
    a. Lord Eric, do not seek a woman [or a man, for commandresses].
    b. Flirt with no one.
    c. Execute no one, unless the one to be executed has been judged and found worthy of death in a court of law.
    d. Kill no one in retaliation. Render no one with permanent damage.
    e. Cease doing damage one suspect is defeated.

This is the code of Eric’s Armies. The first four items must be obeyed by all commanders and by all Centurions who lead a Centurion. These are effectively known as the six star generals, or the Commanders and Commandresses, who can be appointed by any seven star general. All Commanders and Supreme Commanders have the right to appoint and to cast out any of their subordinates. But the reason to cast out must include some form of Awol, Betrayal, Sedition, or Drunkenness.

I am Eric, Creature, not Creator. And I decree this. Prison time must now be declared as the cruel and unusual punishment that are imprisoned. It is unlawful in the sight of God to lock people people up forever and then to throw away the key. Therefore, all prisons must now be emptied. And all prisoners must now be set free. And neither the state, the federal, nor the local law enforcers may any further be allowed to do anything to any person that is cruel or unusual in any way. Amen. Read the book, Picking Cotton, That book is written by a Black man and a White man who, bu a false memory, testified against him and he suffered decades behind bars. Together they are going around the country preaching against the usage of eye witness testimony alone to convict any person.

Just look at Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. He is a model Supreme Court Justice. And imagine the devastation that would befall America had they chosen, without evidence, to reject his nomination because an idiot had a false story against him?

And understand that Pope Francis was correct on the death penalty. Eric now has words regarding this understanding.

Yes, the pope is correct. Whoever dies from now on leaves my Kingdom and goes to ether heaven, where Mary rules, or hell, where Satan rules. Lord, do people reproduce here? Or are they celibate? Or are they like the Ents in the Lord of the Rings? Ancient peoples full of wisdom to be rendered extinct?

Eric, you and your wife will continue to have children together until I come again.

And are there any real enemies against me in this world, O’ Lord?

Damn right there are, Eric. For you betrayed my trust in you.

Sir, explain this violation, please?

I revealed details of my coven to you. Remember me, the half vampire?

I am sorry. I denied having this knowledge you gave to me, concerning those things that I did so that I would be released without delay.

Then, you believe? Yes, but you have no case. I do believe you have a group of friends with whom you play some heavy shit with. But I think that playing is really all that you do..

We wish to invite you to our coven.

I accept the invitation.

Good. I Who Am have arranged for this meeting to take place. This meeting now comes to its end. Go and buy some Blue Agave. And then do as you are instructed. Blue Agave is sold in bottles of syrup or as sweetener, costing roughly $2.99 at Trader Joe’s. And there is exactly no difference between them as to price or taste. Only difference I notice is slight difference in hydration, giving one slightly more water.

And O’ Lord, what of the witch, Blue Agave? She is your bride, lord Azurite. We will consider the various females one by one. starting with Toni McBride.

Your task now, Eric, is to reach out to this officer of the LAPD. which serves where you live. Amen. Now go, Eric, as I have commanded thee. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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