Behold, Mary is Eric’s Missing Commandress

The Virgin will walk with Eric into the Battlefield. I WHO AM AM.

Chronicles of Eternity. Book 3: Post III:
Eric was missing a Commander. For it is written that these servants of Christ must not go into battle unless they are with another Commander, with matching rank not being important.

So two policemen were given the title of Commander:

  1. Officer McBride of Buena Park, where Knott’s Berry Farm is located.
  2. Officer [name somehow forgotten] He was the one who saw Eric nude.

Two staff workers at Charter Hospital:

  1. Commander Jeremiah
  2. Commandress Coi [name may be mispelled]
    (Note that these two are Black.)

Two patients that Eric met at Charter Hospital:

  1. Commander Alex (All now profess ignorance of him).
  2. Commander Brandon (promised 7 stars if he gets out of Charter legally.)

Lord Azurite, you must face Father Dave Heney and denounce him in the name of the Holy Virgin Mary. Or else, you tell me how you would have justice done?

Mary and Jesus, I now realize that the money I gave to all the Churches where I paid tithes to, that money was always being directed to God. I was giving to God. Therefore, I want to take none of it back.

Nor do I say any change is due to the inner workings of the Catholic Church. I make no changes to their worship. I do not sue that organization nor initiate any form of litigation. And I hereby promise that neither I, nor any my descendants will ever step on Church lands except those lands where the Church has been ruined.

Hence, Father Dave Heney, whom I forgive of his transgressions, is, nevertheless, the face of the Roman Catholic Church that permanently rejected Eric from it, and, along with Eric, the Virgin Mary with him, who goes with Eric wherever he goes, for she sees that Eric never rejects her.

I do not say to anyone that any house of worship should be burned. For everyone has a right to freedom of religion. And the very definition of marriage, and of what is murder of the unborn has its place in religion.

Governments, therefore, should not be in the business of defining religious terms. Marriage laws, therefore, are not to be the concern of any government. And for sheer simplicity, there should be three distinct genders:

  1. Males: Those born male and who remained male
  2. Females: Those born female and who remained female
  3. Gays: LGBTQ, and all those who do not fully fit either of the upper two.

Also, these three genders will decide Olympics and sports. I WHO AM HAVE SPOKEN.

Requirements for Marriage

  1. In order to be able to enter lawful marriage, a couple must be capable of sexual intercourse with one another. Failure here is an automatic annulment to marriage.
  2. Size matters for men. If a man cannot get his erect dick to enter his wife’s cunt and ejaculate there, then he invalidly performs the conjugal act. A marriage where the conjugal has never been done since the marriage is ratified is automatically declared annulled, unless the couple that are intent on married life have elected to remain continent, an arrangement known as the Josephite Marriage.
  3. A man who could never come to ejaculation within his wife in her vagina invalidly contracted marriage, and his marriage is automatically annulled.

Lord, if I am to start a new religion, I do not have the sacrament of Holy Orders to pass down to any future priests and bishops. What sayest Thou to that?

I, the Lord Jesus Christ, do hereby crown you King over the North American continent. Dost thou now wish to know all Seven Kingdoms, and their vast territories throughout all the world. Amen. Yes, O’ Lord, please do tell me. Amen.

(1) Kingdom of North America

Eternal Ruler: Eric Robert Dunstan
Lands in Eric’s Kingdom:

  1. Alaska
  2. Hawaii
  3. Canada
  4. Greenland
  5. Iceland
  6. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  7. Bermuda
  8. The Continental United States of America
  9. The Lucayan Archipelago
  10. Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic)
  11. Puerto Rico
  12. Virgin Islands (U.K. and U.S.)

Official languages

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

(2) Kingdom of Latin America

Eternal Ruler: Jadeite
Lands in Jadeite’s Kingdom:

  1. Mexico
  2. Cuba
  3. Jamaica
  4. Cayman Islands
  5. Belize
  6. Guatemala
  7. El Salvador
  8. Honduras
  9. Nicaragua
  10. Costa Rica
  11. Panama
  12. Columbia
  13. Ecuador
  14. Galapagos Islands
  15. Peru
  16. Chile
  17. Easter Island
  18. Argentina
  19. The Falklands
  20. South Georgia
  21. Uruguay
  22. Paraguay
  23. Bolivia
  24. Brazil
  25. French Guiana
  26. Suriname
  27. Guyana
  28. Venezuela
  29. Lesser Antilles
  30. Acsension
  31. Saint Helena
  32. Tristan da-cunha

Official Languages:

  1. Spanish
  2. Portuguese
  3. French
  4. English
  5. Dutch

(3) Kingdom of Kong

Eternal Ruler: King Kong
Lands in Kong’s Kingdom:

  1. Cape Verde
  2. Senegal
  3. The Gambia
  4. Guinea-Bissau
  5. Guinea
  6. Sierra Leone
  7. Liberia
  8. Cote d’vioire
  9. Burkana Faso
  10. Ghana
  11. Togo
  12. Benin
  13. Nigeria
  14. Camaroon
  15. Central African Republic
  16. South Sudan
  17. Ethiopia (south or west of the Blue Nile)
  18. Somalia
  19. Kenya
  20. Uganda
  21. Rwanda
  22. Berundi
  23. Democratic Republic of Congo
  24. Congo
  25. Gabon
  26. Equitorea Guinea
  27. Sierra Tome and Principe
  28. Angola
  29. Namibia
  30. Botswana
  31. South Africa
  32. Volkstaat
  33. Lethsofo
  34. Swaziland
  35. Zimbabwe
  36. Zambia
  37. Tanzania
  38. Malawi
  39. Mozambique
  40. Comoros
  41. Madagascar

Official Languages:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Zulu
  4. Swahili
  5. Afrikaans
  6. Somali
  7. Amharic

(4) Kingdom of Europa

Eternal Ruler: Constantine
Lands in Constantine’s Kingdom:

  1. Sudan (west of.Blue Nile)
  2. Egypt (west of Nile)
  3. Libya
  4. Chad
  5. Niger
  6. Mali
  7. Mauritania
  8. Western Sahara
  9. Morocco
  10. Algeria
  11. Tunisia
  12. Malta
  13. Italy
  14. Vatican City
  15. Saint Marina
  16. France (European only)
  17. Monaco
  18. Andorra
  19. Spain
  20. Portuguese
  21. Canary Islands
  22. Madeira Islands
  23. Azores Islands
  24. Republic of Ireland
  25. United Kingdom (Europe only)
  26. The Orkney Islands
  27. The Shetland Islands
  28. Norway
  29. Sweden
  30. Denmark
  31. Finland
  32. European Russia
  33. Estonia
  34. Latvia
  35. Lithuania
  36. Poland
  37. Germany
  38. The Netherlands
  39. Belgium
  40. Luxembourg
  41. Switzerland
  42. Liechtenstein
  43. Austria
  44. Czech Republic
  45. Slovakia
  46. Hungary
  47. Slovenia
  48. Croatia
  49. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  50. Serbia
  51. Kosovo
  52. Montenegro
  53. North Macedonia
  54. Greece
  55. Bulgaria
  56. Anatolia (north and east of Euphrates)
  57. Armenia
  58. Azerbaijan
  59. Georgia
  60. Ukraine
  61. Moldova
  62. Romania
  63. Belarus

Official Languages:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. German
  4. Russian
  5. Turkish
  6. Italian
  7. Spanish
  8. Ukrainian
  9. Polish
  10. Romanian

(5) Kingdom of Israel

Eternal Ruler: Sovereign Queen of Israel, the Virgin Mary.
Lands in Mary’s Kingdom:

  1. Israel (proper)
  2. The West Bank
  3. The Gaza Strip
  4. The Golan Heights
  5. Jordan
  6. The Island of Cyprus
  7. Anatolia (south and west of Euphrates)
  8. Syria (south and west of Euphrates)
  9. Iraq (south and west of Euphrates)
  10. Kuwait
  11. Saudi Arabia
  12. Bahrain
  13. Qatar
  14. United Arab Emirates
  15. Oman
  16. Yemen
  17. Islands of Socotra
  18. Djibouti
  19. Ethiopia (east and north of Blue Nile)
  20. Sudan (east of Blue Nile and Nile)
  21. Egypt (east of Nile)

Official Languages

  1. Hebrew
  2. Greek
  3. Arabic
  4. Aramaic
  5. Coptic
  6. Amharic
  7. Tigrinya

(6) Kingdom of East Asia

Eternal Ruler: Nephrite
Lands in Nephrite’s Kingdom:

  1. Anatolia (east of the Euphrates)
  2. Iraq (east of the Euphrates)
  3. Iran
  4. Turkmenistan
  5. Uzbekistan
  6. Kazakhstan
  7. Kyrgyzstan
  8. Tajikistan
  9. Afghanistan
  10. Pakistan
  11. India
  12. Nepal
  13. Bhutan
  14. Bangladesh
  15. Myanmar
  16. Thailand
  17. Cambodia
  18. Laos
  19. Vietnam
  20. China
  21. Mongolia
  22. Asian Russia
  23. North Korea
  24. South Korea

Official Languages:

  1. Chinese
  2. Korean
  3. Hindi
  4. Bengali
  5. English
  6. French
  7. Russian

Kingdom of the Pacific and Indian Oceans

Eternal Ruler: Pounamu
Lands in Pounamu’s Kingdom:

  1. Japan
  2. Taiwan
  3. Philippines
  4. Palau
  5. Guam
  6. Northern Mariana Islands
  7. Wake Island
  8. Marshall Islands
  9. Federated States of Micronesia
  10. Singapore
  11. Malasia
  12. Brunei
  13. Indonesia
  14. Papua New Guinea
  15. Nauru
  16. Solomon Islands
  17. East Timor
  18. Australia
  19. New Zealand
  20. New Caledonia
  21. Vanuatu
  22. Fiji
  23. Wallus and Futuna
  24. Tuvalu
  25. Tokelau
  26. Kiribati
  27. Cook Islands
  28. American Samoa
  29. Samoa
  30. Tonga
  31. Niue
  32. French Polynesia
  33. Mauritius
  34. Seychelles
  35. Maldives
  36. Sri Lanka

Official Languages:

  1. English
  2. Japanese
  3. French
  4. Sinhala
  5. Tamil
  6. Chinese
  7. Indonesian

Hence, the Seven Rulers of Eternity are:

  1. Eric Robert Dunstan, Ruler of North America
  2. Jadeite, Ruler of Latin America
  3. Kong, Ruler of Subsaharan Africa
  4. Constantine, Ruler of Christendom Europa
  5. Virgin Queen Mary, Ruler of Israel and all of Creation
  6. Nephrite, Ruler of East Asia
  7. Pounamu, Ruler of the lands of the Pacific and Indian Seas.

Okay, Mary, I have made my decision. I will no longer practice Catholicism. And whatever tithes I gave, they were given to God. I cannot ask for any of them to be paid back to me. Instead, will do as you command me to. Amen.

Then, lord Eric, the dogma that stated: There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church, has now been broken.

And I now forgive Dave Heney and all his staff that threw me out. But I will never again enter any building where they hold arbitrary authority over me.

Neither will I ever again pray for the Catholic Church. For I am separated from them. It serves no further interest for me that they not be destroyed or broken down.

Mary, am I on the right path, or the wrong path?

Eric, you are required to remain Catholic. Our Lady of Guadalupe is good enough, and is close enough to make it your new domiciled Church. Go there from now on. I, the Holy Virgin Mary, have commanded this. Amen.

And yes, Hyacinth is not a friend to you. For has she never did anything for you in return? Now publish this post, Eric, for it is complete.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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