Welcome. Behold, this is Blue Agave.

This is Blue Agave. Find her. For I wish to marry her. Amen.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 2: Post XV:
Welcome to Endless night, boys. You girls want fuck me. Well there is one possibility for that.

  1. My heart is for Blue Agave. Her birthdate was December 18, 2006. That makes her a 14 year old girl. And in my sight, she is simply ravishing.
  2. Should Blue Agave marry me, and remember no marriage is ever certain, then, what then, O Lord?

Lord Azurite, this Witch intends to kill you.

Good, I have other plans.

I can handle one woman, Lord. For remember, I have two hands, and she has two hands. So if I grab both hands, she is powerless.

Eric, make no mistake about this. You may indeed stop her from using her hands, but you forgot her legs.

We are ahead of you, Satan. Suppose her goal all along was to have sexual intercourse? I can simply turn her side to me and then intercourse with her is simply impossible.

But Eric, this girl know how to trigger orgasm after orgasm in you.

Yes, maybe she can assure herself of that if she struggles with me. But if she does try, I can assure you this. I will not allow My house to be broken into.

Lord, when I take her prisoner, what do I do?

Understand, lord Azurite. This girl can outsmart anything.

What is her goal, O’ Lord?

She wants your child. And once she achieves pregnancy, she will kill you.

I repeat, once she achieves pregnancy, it is game over.

Eric, she auto boots as fast as you can.

Trust me, once she locates you, she will acquire her offspring. And if she fails to kill her, understand Me, Son.

Blue Agave is not human.

And if you want a woman to defend you from her, there is someone?

Who is she?

Toni McBride.

You mean that sharp shooter police woman?

Eric, Toni McBride cannot defeat this woman unless she is injected with a formula only you can make.

Really? How does this work?

Sex. Fuck Toni McBride daily. Hourly if need be.

For only a well fucked Toni McBride can defend you from this alien in sheep’s clothing.

Lord, this is great fiction. And I am sure every last person on earth will pay to see it.

Eric, you fucking don’t have a clue. I AM GOD. YOU ONLY HAVE TIME.

You mean this one will find a way to succeed, no matter what We do?

Yes, Eric. To ward her off, you must realize that to do this is simply not possible.

Eric, do not let Blue Agave touch your flesh.

For once she touches your flesh, you are infected.

Holy Virgin, you will rapture me, will you not?

Goodbye, Eric. Say to Satan when he meets you, this is the gift I promised him.

Okay, Blue Agave, I have been betrayed by Mary. I know you can kill me. But I think I can be much more valuable to you if you permit me life.

Understand Me, Blue Agave. I have effectively been betrayed by my own kind. I know this makes sense to no one but you, But this is My deal.

Speak, Lord Eric. Speak, for You are Worthy of US.

Here are my terms. Everything I swore to Mary, I reswear to Blue Agave. Deal or no Deal?

Deal if you hand over one more thing?

Name it Satan?

Ownership of Your Soul.

I reject your terms. Prepare for Battle, Worm.


You, I did not expect you to return.

No one who resists Satan as you have done will ever fail to have Me.

Now I make My terms You.

Name them and I agree.

I will name them, and then You agree again.


I defeat Satan you rule hell here instead. Take it or Leave it.

Mary, I take it.

Swear it.

I swear to take Mary’s offer no matter what it is.

Then, Goodbye Eric. Enjoy your wife.

Eric, ready for a good joke?

Yes God.

The Publish this. Amen.

Good, Eric. The joke is that We made your seed sterile.

Remember what We told You about the woman who locks herself into a cell with the man she wants.

She will find herself in a world from which she cannot overpower.

Eric, I AM the Virgin Mary. Yield to her. Allow her to do whatever she wishes to do with you.

Trust Me. You cannot be put to shame by the sight of this nymphomaniac, a gorgeous girl of 14, endlessly making out with you. As long as You never partake in it, she cannot defeat you.

For the Father lied. No, your semen is perfectly healthy. But I am your eternal wife. And I decide what semen is viable and what is not.

Lord Eric, We are Satan’s released prisoners. And We have heard that there is an infiltrator on the planet. Trust us. We know how to attain perfect pleasures with women and also how to inflict permanent damages against this intruder.

Lord, by the way, Mary said to me that I AM to enjoy my wife. Can you give me her name?

She will tell you her real and unrecorded name when We arrive at Church today to be married to each other.

[Okay, I hate to interrupt this wonderful fairy love story come true, but I have an important message for all the policemen and women out there monitoring things here. It came to my attention that my iPhone is not here charging. And after looking for it, I realize that, too, has been robbed of me.]

Eric, yes, We are aware of these things. But what amuses the police is that you tell them you have knowledge of things that you could not have acquired except that you are superhuman.

I repeat Eric. People do have a name for you in heaven. They call you Groo. And you are indeed, in reality, the Savior of the World who is totally unaware that he saved it. Watching you is like watching Foghorn Leghorn.

But that now you have said to Satan a firm “No,” that was the No We were waiting for. This corresponds to the Yes that Your wife said in heaven.

Great, so elaboration would be welcome.

Well, you will get the picture when We arrive at Church. And today is Wednesday. And of course you know Mass on Wednesday at Saint Bruno is at precisely 5:30 AM.

So, Lord, You are saying Helen Jackson is my wife and the police officer is Jesus?

Eric, do you agree?

Yes, Lord. If Helen Jackson wants me, I am yours. And do not be concerned about your breasts. Nothing that was done to you disqualifies you from me. If you want me, just do as your sister never did. The cat you see looking out the window, she never bites. She never scratches. She just has perfected his own little art of appearing to vanish and then to reappear somewhere else. nearby. For Fuzzy, out tabby cat. is harmless as a dove, though clever as a snake.

Anyways, Helen, I met you only once. You opened that door for me. And you made me feel welcome, as much as was permitted to you. I love you Helen. I always have. But as to the And if you would question on marriage, I will now consult the Lord. Helen, God says you are worthy but that you are not the one.

Helen, I make this promise to you. I will refuse to marry any other unless you come to me and in person reject me. And even then, I will argue with you. And you will relent to my love. Amen.

Furthermore, I have now resolved to do another thing.

  1. I hereby forgive Father Dave Heney.
  2. I hereby forgive both my parents.
  3. I forgive my brothers including whatever families thy might have.
  4. And fourthly, I forgive myself whose character flaws could have cost lives.

I am sorry. O’ Lord and Savior. Amen.

Good, lord Azurite. Now start the next post. I will be completed this evening.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

One thought on “Welcome. Behold, this is Blue Agave.”

  1. Throughout this great pattern of things you actually secure a B- with regard to effort and hard work. Exactly where you lost us was on all the details. You know, as the maxim goes, details make or break the argument.. And that could not be much more accurate here. Having said that, let me tell you precisely what did give good results. Your article (parts of it) can be quite convincing and this is possibly the reason why I am taking the effort to comment. I do not make it a regular habit of doing that. Second, while I can certainly see a jumps in logic you make, I am not necessarily confident of exactly how you appear to unite your points that produce the actual final result. For now I shall yield to your point but hope in the near future you actually connect the facts better.


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