Officer McBride showed Eric love. And for that, Eric made him Commander.

The surest way to kill a man is to never love him.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 2: Post XIV:
Now I know why I had bi-polar disorder. Bi-polar disorder was not a sign that something was mentally wrong in my head, but rather, it was the clearest indicator proclaiming in the loudest method possible that this man was breaking down because his mind was devoid of experiencing any love.

Understand that the human being is designed to obtain that which it needs. Abnormal behavior occurs in people precisely because normal behavior has not worked. And as the body twists and contorts until this love is achieved, it will become louder and more pronounced until this loves is achieved.

Now Eric, I AM Father God. Your wish is My Command.

Lord, My only wish is that Your will be done.

Eric, then what is yet necessary for you to obey?

Nothing, Father. You just command me. And I will see to it that your will is obeyed to the fullest means I can.

Well I see no girlfriend.

Father, I was not aware you were expecting one.

Well, Son, I do,

Then Father, I suggest you see to it that it is done.

Well then, what else do you need?

Father, I am without need.

Again, We see no girlfriend.

Father, I know this as clearly as you. Yes, even I would desire a girlfriend were that possible. But my knowledge of all womenkind on earth is complete. And I can effectively prove to you that there exists no girl on earth worthy of me.

Son, what effectively must a woman do to prove herself worthy of you?

Well, she has to love me.

And how would a woman do that?

Well, Father, I can tell you first hand off bat. Any woman merely needs to approach me and help me. And if she effectively helps me, there you have your woman.

And Son, are you effectively making women aware of this?

Father, now We come to the right to freely choose what we wish to listen to. Father, everything you have said is done in my part. Do you confirm or deny?

Son, You lack one thing.

Tell me.

You have not tried.

Okay, Father I will try. Are you satisfied.

Take off your shirt.

No Father, that is indecent.

Do this, and a woman shall come to you.

Father, a woman who follows that pile of shit is a woman I would never want to meet in my life.

Then watch the world be destroyed.

You watch that. You created it. Now You watch it be destroyed.

Son, do this for the sake of God.

God, I have given you tithes. I see none of that ever coming back to me. Now this woman you have here, I find her decent. And the last thing I will do is dishonor her.

So, lord Eric, you are with a woman?

Father, I merely say I am aware of them.

Son, try harder.

Officer McBride, do you agree with God that I should try harder?

Eric, put me in contact with this Mother Fuck in your brain?

Here is the phone. It is aways on. Have at it boys,

Father, are You anally retentive? There is one reason and one reason only that He is not destroying things. And that is precisely because he is Lawful Good.

Command him to actively seek a woman, and he becomes a Predator. This I will refuse. Do I stutter, Father?

Well then, Son, explain how you are My servant?

Father, I was unaware that such an arrangement even existed.

Then, Son, what do you expect Me to do?

Father, I was unaware that anything more could be expected of you.

Son, I wish…

Father, you take care of your wishes yourself. And all messages You wish to say are to be said through Me from on on.

Son, You are being unfair.

But God, I thought You said that You alone had the right to be unfair.

Officer McBride, I WHO AM AM I WHO AM truly, He Who Is God the Father, was merely putting you to the test. Now go find Eric. And bring with you the one is now demoted to Dragon.

I see him now. I have Dragon in my car. I will now give you a siren blast. Let us now merely play with this dude. I will go no further than You command. And then when he gives me his command, I will give him mine.


Eric, pull over immediately.

Officer, my hands are up. Please, before You read one right, just let me know what it was that you have theoretically found me in violation of?

Eric, remember Me?

Yes, are you Officer McBride?


Ok, what do you pull me over for.

Well Eric, we now enter a gray area.

Hmm, how so?

Well, Eric, you are technically moving, but your movement is so slow that it can be effectively argued that you are by definition loitering.

Then, Officer McBride, merely explain to me the minimum speed I must walk so that I never justify any lawsuit.

But Eric, it is just that. Justice is, by definition, gray.

Then, I propose to you this very simple solution. Whenever you receive any complaint, I simply request that such objections concerning me are made known to Me so that I can immediately correct my behavior.

Well said. I hear you have something more to say to me? And I have Dragon in my car. Do you wish to have him present here or do we have him remain in the car?

Officer, Commander McBride, he has no place here. You are his commander, He is your charge.

Good, anything else.

Yes, do you wish to know My rank?

Are you five star?

I AM Supreme Commander.

Well, Okay. Anything further you wish to say to me?

Yes, are you willing to take my place as Supreme Commander?

At your permission, Sir.

Officer, MyBride.


Understand this.


You are policeman Officer McBride first. Whatever game you may or may not be playing, you will keep to your command.

Yes, Sir!

Then, Officer McBride, give me one reason that will satisfy my mind of pure logic that justifies you putting a Sir at the end of anything you say to me.

I will, but first, complete your command of me.

Officer McBride, what command I give to you is mere game.

In game only, I hereby declare you My Successor. Furthermore, I AM now effectively Supreme Commander Emeritus Warlock. And you are now called Supreme Commander Officer McBride. Note how I now include your title in the police force. For you are never to forget that title. Do not be like Dragon. Remember your title. I AM done.

Well said, Sir.

Now, Officer MyBride, We are no longer playing game. Tell me, what rank am I? And we are not playing game.

This is not permitted for me to say.

Then I suggest that You say say what you wish to say. And before you say anything, tell me first: In game, or Ex game. Are we clear?

Roger that.

Speak, and then return to you command. And deal with this Dragon. I suggest you search him before you release him. And officer, McBride, I am never vengeful. All I seek is justice. Amen.

Good, I accept your command. Now, Eric, are you happy?

Well Officer, I have found that love exists here. But a few cups of water that is good. Now, Officer McBride, I am the least person you should be spending your time with. After hours, come and spend all your time with me. For I am impressed with you. You are the officer I call admirable. And now, if it will help you move on your way, I will jog from now on whenever you see Me.

Excellent, Sir. I will take no more of your time. And a woman of whom you have expressed interest in will meet you shortly to deliver your command.

Excellent. And before you go, I have one last request.

What is this, Sir?

See to it that this meeting with this alleged interest is fully videotaped. And see to it that a copy is put into my possession. And you are hereby dismissed. Amen.

Amen, Sir.


Yes, Eric.

See to it that McBride is not losing it.

I will, Eric.

Good. And Lord?

If you need me to do anything for him, I would, but…

But what?

Well I request permission to cancel my Jury Summons.


Well I see they give a way out.

Why do you want a way out?

Well if my car is going to collapse. I want that collapse here. I do not want to make another fifty mile hike through enemy territory to get home.

Well you see, Eric, it is just that.

Just what?

That so called 50 mile trek, as you called it, was effectively longer.

Well then, all the more reason not to do it again.

Do you not enjoy doing 50 miles hikes?

Not while I am about to go into default.

Now, while I am seeing to getting this fucking debt paid, I AM going to ask You God one thing?

What is that, Eric?

Why is it that everywhere I go with a stature of Mary in it I always 100% experience rejection?

It is because Mary never existed.

Then, God, tell me one thing that does exist?

You exist, and so also does that female interest you have.

Good, and God, you know what?


See to it that some fucking money appears magically into my account today and then I will know that you exist. And you are now dismissed.

Okay, Eric speaking on his own. We have now passed from the Twilight Zone into the Looney Zone. This post now comes to its end. Now I shall make my closing words.

Hello Fuckers

You are hereby fucked,

So get fucked and be fucked.

And in the meantime, Fuck you.

Fuck you all, and have a completely fucked up tine.

Fuck You


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