Commander Eric, offers Trump a military pact with great power if he defeats all enemies of Eric’s Army, known as the Unvaccinated Militia

Mary makes offer of shared marriage with Eric to Firefly if she uses her resources to enable Eric to win,

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 2: Post XIII:
To Donald John Trump, We now offer thee this Pact. I give thee this Word. If Eric and Firefly destroy Saint Bruno Catholic Church and put to death all prisoners who are hated by Eric by merely having sex together in a manner where the destruction and deaths, which they jointly cause, cannot legally be traced to either, then I, the Lord of Hosts, shall declare Firefly the Second Wife of Eric, second after Mary.

For God’s Law on Monogamy requires only one man be married to one woman. Eric is not some special case that he is granted more on earth than another. Rather, Eric’s other wife is still separated from him in heaven.

Eric was ordered to assemble Army to take down North America. However, where are these males? At midnight, tonight in California, if the males called to serve fail Eric, Eric then turns to females.

If by midnight, exactly one week later, the females fail also, the barrier between heaven and earth rupture. Behold the consequence of this rupture. Every mortal soul on earth perishes first. And then every disembodies soul in the afterlife unbodied dies.

At that point, Eric on earth and Mary in heaven obtain total, true, physical union, And by this act, every being in Creation is rendered non existent with the exception of Eric and Mary.

However, that is only but a week away. And there is no requirement that the females have to fail.

Now I do have the option of publishing it before midnight. That would give men one last chance to perform. But since Eric is now made an Angel of Death, he has full rights, and has chosen to execute those rights by delaying the publishing of post to the point where it is impossible for any man not yet in heaven to enter there.

For once midnight is attained tonight, every mortal male will die. Now. new development has taken place. We now permit Firefly, the girl We offer Eric to from the Trump camp, the right to speak here. After she is finished, We shall explain what an Angel of Death is. Speak Firefly. You have one week.

No God, you tell me what is Angel of Death now.

Firefly, you asked for it. An Angel of Death is a mortal death star. It can only occur in a sinless soul, who fully and perfectly practices Catholicism, and who is, nevertheless, completely rejected from God’s camp.

And now we shall speak of the ultimate mortal death star. If the one who is Angel of Death, has these three qualities: (1) Perfect virginity, and (2) A total and complete failure to be truly loved by any soul, and (3) This Angel of Death returns to Church to offer his compliance acceptable by God to reenter God’s camp, and the Angel of Death is attacked and chased from Church. He is advised to find a Church where he is safe.

Now We shall speak of consequence that happens when when failure is complete to answer Eric’s call to Arms to those few males Eric found and made his unvaccinated militia.

At midnight, which is 3 minutes away, if none of the males Eric called to serve his militia come to his aide, Irreversible Death Sequence begins,

Irreversible Death Sequence can only occur in case that Angel of Death is ultimate mortal death star.

Last Word: Eric is ultimate Angel of Death. Death Sequence Activated.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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