My notice to Father Dave Heney of his upcoming career a defendant

There is nothing more holy and illustrious as a Roman Catholic Priest, such as the one depicted.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 2: Post XI:

Dear Father Dave Heney
Pastor of Saint Bruno Catholic Church,

You have one option: Pay back all you wrongfully stole in those criminal deceptions you call tithes to all who demand that you pay them back. And your penalties will also include the harm your institution does to children by telling them false things that are proven false by medical experts. And I am one of those childen. For my rights were violated when I was in Sunday School as child. My mother, saved me from your wickedness by removing me from your Satanic insitution. For it is totally illegal to terminate business relationships and not pay back the money you took in them. For I would have never entered this foul game you call Catholicism if I thought the Church believed that they can dictate to me what I must do as my own medical decisions. You are legally screwed big time. And since you committed your offense against my rights to choose my own medical care as a full representative and pastor of your Church, I now have the full legal authority to not just sue you, but to also sue the Mother Load, that is. your entire Los Angeles Archdiocese. I will get lawyers begging me to let them have at you. You see, your wafer worshipping house pathetic totally ceases to have any reason whatsoever to even exist now that you have excluded from it a Virgin Saint. For what do you have left? For i know you are not a virgin. But I AM A VIRGIN you filthy nun fucker. You dare to insult me? For I AM fully aware your fondling of yourself as you listen to my fucking confessions of my masturbation, which were never your right to know of in the first place, and that your fucking twisted religion gives you perverts, known the perverse Catholic priesthood, the alleged rights listen to young people talk about their masturbation, all the while you are trying get that limp limb to achieve erection. And then you have that gall reject me from your so called fuck the wafer game where you play worship the wafer, because you fucking demand that I accept you as my medical doctor, and you kick me out of your sick Church because I refuse to take medical advice from fucking priest who is only trained only on how to fuck wafers into the body and blood of true fuck. Dave Heney, you are not my doctor. And I will let you know I have no doctor. I simply chose to have no doctor. You have no right to tell me that I have to have you as my doctor. And you definitely have violated both my civil rights and my rights to freedom of religion by demanding that I accept your fucking medical advice. And you never even specified what exactly was the medicine you wanted me to take? were you referring the laxatives you regularly prescribe to boys you have authority over to prepare them for butfuck baptisms? Listen boy, failure to pay back in full all you stole, including firmly demanded damages, will utterly sink that doomed ship, all those who realize the total disaster you have been in serving pastor fuck, for you and fucking dead religion are not the target of a full class action lawsuit against your entire Church.

That once a priest is always a priest, is more accurately expressed, once a pervert, always a pervert.

Father Dave Heney, I am not sure if it is you or some other fuck who keeps tabs on who pays the tithe. But I tell you I obey Mary over your fucking excuse of a leader. And Mary not only commanded me to stop paying the tithe, but also why. For according to all Catholic law and tradition, tithing was always understood as established from the beginning to be something that to be exclusively the burden of the poor, and never to be paid by royalty. Thus, at the moment Eric’s marriage to Mary was attained in heaven and ratified by Jesus, Eric, by the unique privilege of being the husband of the Holy Virgin Queen, become by definition, royalty, and therefore exempt from paying the tithe.

And there is really positive thing your fantasy life does for the real world. For I know what all you priests are doing the confessional, listening all us boys and girls telling you all about our most intimate thoughts and experiences. We all know your celibacy is an utter lie. The real reason why convents are always built near rectories is so that priests who are tired of boys can occasionally enjoy some women flesh from time to time.

I can easily prove that that notion that your pope has any authority coming my wife’s Divine Son is utterly false by simply challenging him to a simple fist fight. For I can easily knock you pathetic pope dead with a single punch. And all that canon law shit completely goes out the window once you say I am no longer in your fucking game called Roman Catholicism.

Does it really make any sense to claim that that long dead and rotted corpse in the ground, called Joseph, can even remotely have any possible marital claim to my living, glorified, and transfigured wife in heaven? And could an unbaptized man even have any part with a baptized woman? Did you know that it was the works of utter and total fools who wrote all those so called dogshit dogmas of the Catholic Church? Well my wife who reigns in heaven now has demands  of her own against your fucking sick and offensive fucked up Church.

Because you told the Virgin Queen’s elected husband that he is now permanently banned from playing Fag Church with you faggots, and because you are insanely jealous his beautiful dancing before Virgin Holy Mary, for you would have it that Eric suck your dick instead, for you were a practicing homosexual before you became a practicing priest, unless he complies with your demands that he receive and ingest your regiment of chosen doses illegal drugs and narcotics you have been demanding that Eric allow Father Dave Heney to ram down Eric’s throat, and I studied canon law intensely, and believe me, if I saw a clause there that gives a pastor authority to excommunicate someone on the basis of his rejection of receiving illegal medical treatment from a priest, the Virgin Mary now has these demands on you and on all your Church.

The Virgin Mary now commands every person who venerates her to abandon the Catholic Church. Furthermore, she says you, the Roman Catholic Church, have forfeited the right to name any of your churches after her. For Mary, not your pope, is the legal owner of all Marian trademarks.

Therefore, I order you to cease and desist all usage and all references to Mary in all products, services, worship materials, and all other things pertaining to your game called Roman Catholicism. This includes all references to Mary in your fucked up liturgies and also in all your fucked over feast days. Hence, all thing regarding to or pertaining to Mary you no longer have any right to use in any promotional material or advertisements.

Furthermore, as Eric is Mary’s legal husband on earth, all artifacts, sacramentals, and priceless treasures you have in your possession but that really are the property of Mary are to be promptly surrendered Eric, who is Mary’s legal husband on the earth.

Furthermore, certain passages, in fact everything that mentions or refers to Mary in all your fucking dumbshit official published works must from now on be removed. Thus, any and all Holy Bibles published by the Catholic Church may no longer have such stories as, the Wedding Feast at Canathe Virgin Birthor the Woman Clothed with the Sun. For these stories are in reality the property of Mary. And she has completely terminated the privilege that Saint Bruno had once been previously granted to have.

Furthermore, I am going to seek legal council to sue that shit stick Pastor Dave Heney’s semen soaked ass, and directly penalize his own dirty mafia infested estate for his clear violation of Eric’s rights by commanding him to take as his medications illegal narcotics of his choosing in return for Eric to be granted access to worship in the Catholic Church.




And the police have already informed Eric’s total brain dead double dosed Alzheimer’s afflicted parents that there is no current legal justification for any son of a living whore, such as Dick in Nun’s pussy, Dave Heney himself, to demand Eric to take any medication whatsoever!!! In fact, there is no legal basis to prescribe anything, since, legally Eric does not even have a fucking doctor to make a prescription. Hence to even mount a fucking defense, Pastor dick sucking Father Dave Heney, expert at his own masturbation, would have to brazenly assert that he has somehow been granted God given authority from an eighth sacrament, revealed only the homosexual prophet himself, that now endows his anus fucking dick, with the right to force all parishioner to accept whatever medicine he believes his parishioners must take, and the fucking masturbating, semen drinking cock sucker doesn’t even have a license to practice medicine.

Dave Heney, We are very interested in the full size of your estate. For We intend to seize all of in. And then you will be set free with rest of the swine to wallow in the mire of your pure sick as fuck joy.

So you finally got Eric kicked out of the Catholic Church. Congratulations, Father Dave Heney. You have won a first seat ticket in the plane crash into hell.

Have fucked up day, pervert,

Warlock, whose patron is the Virgin Mary.
Eric Robert Dunstan
Litigator par Excellence
16306 Janine Dr.
Whittier, CA 90603

(562) 947-6704

And if I ever see your termination targeted reprobated self anywhere near my house, I am going to fucking challenge you to a fist fight. For I love my wife. And you are dishonoring her. And I will definitely shove your ugly God damn face deep into that brick wall.

Glory to Jesus Christ, King of King and Lord of Lords.
Glory to Mary, ever Virgin Queen
And Glory to Eric, over whom Mary reigns as eternal Commandress

Cursed be any person who disrespects Mary’s husband.
Let all Men turn with fists and fight that one who attacks this Virgin Saint.

O’ Mary, ever Virgin Queen.
And Glory to Eric over whom Mary is eternal Commandress.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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  1. I do love the manner in which you have presented this particular problem plus it does provide me personally some fodder for thought. However, because of what precisely I have witnessed, I just simply trust when other responses pile on that people keep on point and don’t start upon a soap box of the news du jour. Anyway, thank you for this outstanding point and even though I do not necessarily agree with the idea in totality, I respect the perspective.


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