And My Patron if the Virgin Mary.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 2: Post VIII:
Eric: Let all the world know this. I Am in full obedience to Mary, the Supreme Commandress. Mary, dost thou wish to speak?

Mary: Eric, ask me now that question you wish to have answer to.

Eric: Mary, I have been told that everyone who has received the vaccination will die. Is this the case, O’ Virgin Holy Queen?

Mary: Rather, Eric, everyone who has received the vaccine will enter into a state of permanent sickness. I Am the Virgin Mary.

Eric: Mary, please tell me the fate of Governor Cuomo?

Mary: Governor Cuomo is going to jail. And there he will be touched and fondled by the many with him there, all of them male.

Eric: Mary, I keep on hearing these messages saying I am to have multiple wives. But what do you say on this matter, O’ Mary, Mother of God?

Mary: Eric, I am a very generous woman. And I wish to share my husband with all women who are mine in all ways that they wish to enjoy him.

Eric: But Mary, I assume your generosity does not pass that line that God defines to be adultery?

Mary: Yes, Eric. no women may approach you sexually unless she first departs from all other men.

Eric: Mary, tell me this. What is the exact number of females you have given to me in this harem?

Mary: One.

Eric: Okay, Mary, you have earned my respect. All I ask is that you do not let me reject this one when she comes.

Mary: Eric this is how you will know it is her. When this woman speaks to you, you will both hear it in your mind and with your ears.

Eric: Mary, while I sympathize with some of these extremist Republicans, I do not agree with their tactics to win elections. For it is contrary to My way to deny a Black person the ability to vote because someone fears he might vote for a Democrat. And I am beginning to think that the Firefly Player is just as damned a the Twilight Player that preceded her. But what is your judgement. But I would have you kick out of the Republican Party all Republicans who do not follow my code.

Mary: Eric, tell me this code in full. And then I will tell you the answer. And then you will walk to Saint Bruno Catholic Church. Amen.

Eric: Mary, this is the code I live by:

  1. I obey 100% all things coming from Jesus and Mary.
  2. I hit no one unless they hit me first.
  3. I keep to the full requirements of the Catholic Church and all that the state commands lawfully.
  4. I respect all women as I respect the Virgin Mary.

This is my code. Now, tell me your answer to me, O fair, Virgin Queen.

Mary: Eric, every man who fails to treat all women as they are required to treat me I shall now put to death. And that is why I must be so generous with you. Hence, yield sexually to any women who seeks you. I, the Virgin Mary, have spoken.

Eric: And Mary what if this woman is already married?

Mary: Eric, the moment any women kisses you, she enters eternal marriage to you.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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