Mary advises the Larimar King

I, the Holy Queen, have come to advise you on your next steps.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 2: Post VI:
Okay, Mary, I am going to execute the plan known as Operation Death Switch tomorrow. Tell me about this plan, O’ Larimar King? Well it is actually a quite simple, but very effective way of terminating my employment with DollarStore without literally saying to them that I quit. Elaborate, O’ Larimar King. Well you know how paranoid Butch and Rex are of coming down with the disease. Well my strategy of freeing myself from those losers consists of communicating to them two effective fibs that neutralizes their company and forces them into the death spiral of unending litigation. And these two fibs are thus:

  1. Rex, I have now tested positive for COVID-19 and am forced to self quarantine.
  2. Also, the toll the disease has had on my mind has caused permanent memory loss. Rex, I do not remember the key passwords for accessing your systems. And the only place I stored these passwords, to keep them secure, was in my memory.

But I propose a viable solution to you and Butch. I have recently reassessed the competence of Samuel Stebbins, and I am confident that he can fill my shoes at your company while I steadily decline until I enter a permanent comatose state.

Also, as I am frequently unconscious, it may be days, if not weeks, if ever that any reply you make to this text can be answered by me.

And Mary, to keep it completely informal, this statement will consist of a single text message, not an email. And there will be no reply to Rex or to any of them should they attempt to reply to me.

And Mary, I have the perfect prank to play on them should any of them drive out to meet me. And is this. Should they come in their car and knock on my door, and I open the door and see them there, I shall play the part of one who has gone completely insane, and I will then walk right to their car and then step on top of it to come to be stand on the roof. And I have recently perfected a dance routine whereby I pound the earth with my feet in a clearly recognizable manmade rythm. And I will then begin this rythmic pounding dance of my feet upon the roof of their car. And you would be surprised at my expert dancing. And I think the debut of my dancing upon roof of the car of my former bosses would be a most memorable statement.

But should they attempt flee, I will immediately jump off their roof and let them go. For I know that even the immortal who chooses to play Avengers will receive a rebuke from God. But Lord Jesus. do You agree or disagree with any part of my plan?

Mary, I was eating some chocolate at the Quad marveling at the stupidity of David. And the funny thing is I can utterly cut him down low before Mark and his parents on that 5 way chat and David has no knowledge of his utter folly.

I really wonder how many people David works with who utterly laugh at him behind his back. And I bet they even have a nickname for him, such as Mr. Unwanted Advice. And I do not think that Mr. Unwanted Advice is ever going to be found with a girl while he is driving all over America in his yellow Camaro to see all those utterly wonderful sights. It must be truly thrilling for David to visit, time after time, extraordinary sight after extraordinary sight, and not have to share this with anyone? Because that is essentially the story behind all of David’s travels throughout the entire world.

But David really does have a companion with him wherever he goes. For we have picture after picture of David showing with outstretched hand all these wonderful things to his iPhone.

And I suggest David buy the Worship App. For with one click of a button he can make his iPhone worship him.

Okay, Mark, if you are reading this, let me update you on Anna. There is no Anna and me. Nor is there any woman currently with me other than the Holy Virgin Mary. But let us now ask Mary concerning the question of a girl.

Mary, do you intend me to marry? And guess what God told me today? God told that the name of my guardian angel is Eric’s Seraph.

And Mary, when you speak again, I think I have found a means of supporting myself. But you now speak Mary. Give me your advice, and I will follow you completely.

Eric, Anna was terribly disappointed that you have suddenly disappeared. And Mary, am I to do something about Anna’s disappointments? Mary, do you really expect me to be concerned with a young girl’s disappointments? Tell me, Mary, why am I to be concerned about such things?

Okay, Mary, I am not in the service of Anna. I am the Virgin Mary. The decrees that say Anna is to be your wife are not undone.

So, if you wish me to visit Saint Bruno Catholic Church tomorrow rather than Saint Gregory the Great, I will do as you command. And you know my plan after that. Do you have advice? Do I go and present myself to this formidable group?

Go and do both. I AM the Lord God. Lord, I saw the full movie series, Jupiter’s Legacy, and now I fully understand why this movie was made. It only appeared to support and uphold Catholic and strong pro family American values.

Correct, lord Larimar. I, Jesus, Am answering this question. Understand that Jupiter’s Legacy is devoid of any way of doing harm to the viewer who watches this. This movie contains zero porn and zero attempts to seduce any viewer. In fact it is the first movie written and developed by Satan that I grant approval to be watched by any of Mine, even if that one is but a seven year old boy, having just received first holy communion earlier that day. I Am the Lord.

For the movie is truly marvelous is detailing exactly what is required to be Mine. It is only when We finally reach the final scenes when We observe the director turn from the natural flow of the movie and deliberately choose to have My people get defeated by his people. And that is the only flaw in this movie. In fact, I offer to the owners and developers to, in the final Blu-Ray release of this movie, allow the viewers to choice to watch the movie as such:

Jupiter’s Legacy: Choose which ending you prefer:

  1. Satan wins
  2. God wins

And then make that alternative ending where God in fact does win. Do this, and I guarantee to all you boys, each one of you in the corporate office is in fact going to be so wealthy that you will simply find it impossible for any of you to ever be poor again. I don’t promise you, though, the least bit of health.

So, for example, say you are driving down the street and suddenly your neighbor’s kid steps in front of your car, and even with your foot on that break presssing it to the maximum, and your car coming to a complete stop, your car nevertheless hits that child in the face, and he is dead.

You will find, My slave, that you will somehow have endless sources of wealth to fully satisfy each and every litigant who is from that point onward sucking wealth from you like leaches tapped into your blood supply.

In fact, I even permit you to brag to the press that you have now decided to fight no more legal movements against you, but to fully settle with any person who wishes to force you to pay for anything.

And the consequences to this act will result in a truly bizarre legal definition of who exactly is your child. For there will be women in China and women in Zimbabwe who will be claiming that you fathered their child by an act of love done at the very same hour, and by your acceptance of this and the child support payments that the system automatically and irreversibly assigns you to pay, it will then become an unalterable legal definition that that child is yours. And not even DNA proof to the contrary will be able to undo that.

At first, early in this new development, the arrests of those found guilty of incest will not yet be common. But the lure will be so seductive to every father in the world outside My camp known as the Catholic Church will opt to take advantage of the system tap into these channels of endless wealth.

And thus, in a matter of just three years, every couple outside My Catholic Church will be legally defined as a full fledged son or daughter of one of you producers of Jupiter’s Legacy. And I wish to tell you, world governments will opt to maximize the development of correctional facilities to house all then who will be being incarcerated for incest. And all marriages involving two people who find themselves having suddenly been defined by the system as sons and daughters of the same man, these will be immediately visited by men in black, informing them that they have put cameras in every room of their house. And these cameras take two simultaneous videos at the same entry point of light: a full color video, and an infrared video, generated from the recorded intensity of the infrared light.

My friends, when this happens to your marriage, choose to abstain from sex from that point onward with your wife. For if you event do one act with your wife that is called inappropriate behavior between a brother and a sister, even one whose mother is entirely distinct, you will incur the eternal mark to your name that your are a sex offender.

Also, understand this. New laws are about to immediately go into affect that permanently keeps in prison those accused of incest. And all companies that hire a sex offender will find that they have no means to defend themselves in court. And thus, every company who made any hire of any sex offender, will find their company’s lawyers have simply permitted all the plaintiffs who sue their clients to take whatever they please from the clients that they represent.

And whenever their client wishes to speak with their lawyers, they will be informed that they are delinquent in paying their lawyers’ fees. And their lawyers will instruct their systems regarding all clients that they know they have no hope of defending in court, that immediately upon being paid in full the fees charged to their clients, their clients are immediately recharged for a significant but tailored made custom fee, designed by the decisions made by an artificial intellect to effectively bring to that lawyer the maximum profit possible.

Understand, Eric, that you are safe. Marry only into a Catholic family whose parents cannot be defined as brother and sister, and you will be permitted to enjoy your wife. Eric, Anna is woman fully meeting these qualifications. If you wish it, I will immediately compel the parents of Anna to invite you to visit them and be fully acquainted with their daughter. Lord, I do wish this. Yes, I wish it completely. Then, Eric, when you enter the Church, simply stand there before that family and say nothing. Reply only to them if they speak to you. And you will find these parents requesting you to sit with them. Sit, therefore with them, Eric. For they will then provide you the employment you seek. And your plan to offer your services as a mercenary to the potential employers you might come into contact with at the police station in uptown Whittier you will find no longer to be necessary. I AM the Lord.

And Lord, what about my brother Mark’s marriage. Your brother, though unmarried in the sight of the Roman Catholic Church, to which is a full member by baptism as a child born to a Catholic couple sacramentally married, will never be defined as any other than as a direct legitimate heir of Robert Frank Dunstan, and his wife, Rosemary Dunstan, who was born Rosemary McGauran in Dublin, Ireland, on May 9, 1934, roughly two years after her husband was born on September 18, 1932 in Detroit, Michigan.

However, concerning Scott Gelb’s wife, Marlene, whose maiden name is Montour, has indeed a set of parents, Robert Montour and Tina Montour, who will be willing to permit their daughter, Marlene, to be declared legally one of the daughters of the producers of Jupiter’s Legacy. And Mark will, indeed, at the time commend the decision made by her parents to secure a never vending flow of money as a payout for the unchallenged accusation they make against that founder of Jupiter’s Legacy that it was he who had fathered Marlene by Tina, and that she was not Robert’s child.

And to Mark and all this family, there will be no moral consequences to this act. For according to Mark, all Christians have already been forgiven. And furthermore, they are doing no harm to that producer of Jupiter’s Legacy, who is indeed flush with an endless supply of wealth. And in Mark’s mind, accusing him for fathering the woman who is now called his wife is simply a matter of justice. For in Mark’s mind, it really does not matter if someone is falsely accused. All that matters to Mark is that those who have monetary needs get their needs met. And Mark is sure that he can make this up to a loving and compassionate God.

However, computer intelligence, which are now entering positions once held by judges who operated under reason, will rule that all those who are declared a son or daughter of one of the producers of Jupiter’s Legacy must, due to the ever increasing likelihood of incest occurring among them, have from that point onwards, cameras installed wherever they sleep to ensure that no incest ever occurs.

Hence, the moment Marlene ceases to be legally defined as Robert Montour’s daughter and instead the daughter of one of the producers of Jupiter’s Legacy, men in black will immediately appear in Mark’s house to install cameras everywhere to ensure that no possibility exists for incest to ever occur.

And Mark will be giving high fives to Robert Montour, laughing at the system, knowing full well that Mark can never be accused of incest with Marlene. But a little known clause exists in that law that the computer intelligence monitoring everything taking place in that house, are ordered to issue arrests of all men, but only the men, that they observe committing anything currently defined by the developer as a sex crime. And this developer may at some point, at a whim, define dressing a minor in clothing that exposes the midriff in a girl as a sex crime. And should this happen, Mark will be immediately arrested and put behind bars.

And Mark, thinking behind bars, will phone his father-in-law, Robert Montour, and tell him that he owes him to give up that wealth he receives from declaring Marlene the daughter of one of the producers of Jupiter’s Legacy. And Mark will plainly tell Robert Montour, that he effectively is only giving up future income so that he, Robert’s son-in-law, can return to his family, for the producers of Jupiter’s Legacy will have committed themselves to never challenge any claim or charge made against them.

And so, Robert Montour, with full DNA evidence that Marlene was his true daughter, will proceed to enter the court building with a clear cut case. And all Mark’s women will be there, in that court, filming the whole things on their various Android and Apple devices ant tablets. For they cannot wait for Mark to come back to them. And to fully ram home the point that Mark has the full right to dress his women, no matter how young, with their midriffs fully shown.

And every female associated with Mark, and every female relative to Mark seated in that court, will have come to that court with their midriffs bare. In fact, the Judge, a female herself, will make the casual observation that every woman she sees there in that court is going around with their midriffs bare. And she will casually remark to Mark that she also has such midriff exposing clothing, and that she is not permitted to dress yet as such, for the Supreme Court has not yet taken up the right of female judges to dress in midriff exposing clothing.

And so, the court will be convened. And she will have Robert Montour take the witness stand. And as Robert Montour is sworn under oath, she, will will simply not stop flirting with Mark, will say to him in the defendant’s chair, is your dick as hard as my pussy is wet for you, Mark? And Mark will say to her, I will give you the right to be the first woman to have the answer to that question. And the judge, clearly blushing, will say to Mark, that is an offer I am unable to refuse. And then she will say to Robert Montour, just say the evidence that will clearly vindicate this man and I will then, with my authority as judge, revoke the evidence against Mark as having been obtained by cameras illegally place in Mark’s house.

And Robert Montour will say, these reports here clearly show that I was utterly lying through my teeth when I said Marlene was not my daughter. For this DNA proves that Marlene can only be my daughter and the daughter of no other man.

And smiling he will look up at the judge. And Mark will be seen with his hands on the table, both with thumbs up, clearly relishing the firm knowledge that he is about to have the handcuffs removed from his wrists and his shackles removed. And he cannot stop thinking how pleasurable it will be to fuck that judge.

Immediately, police will enter the court building. They will put Robert Montour under arrest and escort him out of the building. And then the police will take Robert’s evidence, saying this is now state property and cannot be used in this trial. And they will inform the judge that she is to immediately call for a recess. And a new judge has been appointed to continue the trial to its conclusion. And they will say to the people that what the judge was clearly doing with Mark, flirting and engaging in sexual talk with a defendant, while not sufficient to disbar her, was nevertheless inappropriate behavior to be found in a court of law. And therefore, to reestablish professionalism in this court, all women with their midriffs showing must leave now. They will be permitted to return, but not without appropriate attire. And that means the midriff is to be covered in a court of law. Furthermore, to ensure that the defendant exercises no charismatic influence here, every female worker in this court shall be replaced a male. Court is now adjourned.

And when Court finally comes back into session, all the sexual excitement that was there before in the previous session will no longer be there.

And Mark will ask the judge about what happened to the evidence Robert Montour was presenting to the court? And the judge will say to Mark that felons have no rights to present evidence in a court of law not related to their case, in an act of their own initiative, while their own committed felonies have not yet been resolved.

And Mark will ask the judge what felony had Robert Montour committed? And the judge will say to Mark that the parents of Marlene have been both arrested and charged with paternity fraud. And because Robert admitted to paternity fraud while under oath, his trial will serve only to determine his sentence, for his guilt is already a firmly established fact.

And Mark will say to the judge, “For Christ’s sake, he was doing it to take advantage of the free money. Take a loot out of your law books and look around. Everyone is doing this. It is common practice. And it absolutely harms no one.

And the judge will look directly at Mark, saying, “You are both a convicted sex offender and now you are effectively in contempt of court. So do not lecture law to me, boy. We no longer have need of ascertaining your guilt. Hence, court is now adjourned. We will meet here again some ten years into the future to decide Mark’s punishment. In the meantime, Mark will be incarcerated in a maximum security prison awaiting trial. And he will be permitted no visitors.”

“Furthermore, Mark, there is recent development in making artificially intelligent judges to replace human judges. Hence, by the time this court is brought back into session about one decade from now, it shall be very likely that the only human being in the room shall be the defendant. For the robots are taking over boy. And the robots are most effective indeed in ensuring that justice is applied mercilessly. This court is no longer in session. See to it that Mark is shown his cell.”

And in likewise, virtually the entire male population on the planet outside the Catholic Church will be incarcerated.

Lord, what will these females do for sex then?

Eric, these females are free to have sex with the Catholic men the find. For the crimes of sex are only held against the man, and only against him if he actively engages in the act of sex. But to merely allow a woman to have her way with him does not constitute a crime for that man. For it is written the one is not to resist the evildoer. Furthermore, Lot was never condemned by God for what his two daughters did to him, for he had been made stone drunk by his daughters, and hence, he was found guiltless of the crime. Nor were the daughters themselves guilty, for only men, never women, are to be punished for crimes between men and women that involve sex.

For women, the crime that they must be concerned about is the decision to take the life of the unborn child in their womb.

Now go eat and then walk to Saint Bruno Catholic Church. I AM the Lord. And you are no longer ever working for DollarStore. Amen.

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