Hyacinth has proven unworthy of me.

Jesus is my Lord, and Mary is my wife.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 2: Post V:
Just so you know, after tomorrow’s Mass, I am immediately headed for the Whittier police station with my laptop I use to do all the work I do for DollarStore, LLC., while working in the office there. And I Am going to reveal to them all secrets. I Am giving to them all passwords. And I Am allowing them to copy My entire hard drive on that 16 inch MacBook Pro, which is entirely Mine.

And I will be revealing everything about DollarStore. These include such things as that Rex Mehta and Butch Chelliah, the two founders of that company, are actively engaged in dishonest advertisements of the DollarStores they are selling. And to prove I have the goods on them, let it be known this. It is a corporate secret at that company that the one DollarStore that makes a profit is not owned by any customer. And that store is Shop.DollarStore.com, and it is fully owned by DollarStore, LLC. This knowledge is known by only a few privileged to be granted this knowledge. And there exist an exact number of three employees who have possession of this knowledge, besides the two founders of the company. And I, who am not an employee there, but merely the 1099 head of IT who works there, also have this knowledge.

And as the Terminator in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, said about Miles Dyson, I have detailed files and extensive evidence of criminality of all the major characters who work at DollarStore, LLC.

List of Employees Who are in the Know that Shop.DollarStore.com is owned by DollarStore, LLC., and not by any customer, as is being told to all customers who are being sold DollarStores

  1. Reeta Mehta: wife of Rex Mehta. She is accountant and in charge of all payroll. And Rex confirmed to me himself in recent days that she is paid zero.
  2. Jose Jimenez: longest serving paid employee. He is kept permanently in a pay rate that is effectively minimum wage. This detail I obtained from former worker there and long time colleague, with whom I have worked with since 1996. They terminated his office space there when a BitCoin ponzi scheme they knowingly permitted to be hosted in their offices under his management went south, and they wished to use that man as their scapegoat. His name is Richard Hart. I have worked with him for many years and on many projects well before we came to work at DollarStore. I have his full contact information. I am currently invited to attend his future wedding.
  3. Allen Karr: the main salesman of all DollarStores sold at that location: 2082 Business Center Drive, Irvine, California 92612 USA. That is the office location where we all work. Allen Karr currently works in a smaller office than I have now. My office is adjacent to his. I hear everything he says to his potential customers.

Allen Karr is one of the more colorful characters at the office. I was listening from the office next to his when Butch entered it to tell Allen Karr of his pay. And Butch said to him that he has a base pay of $500/week plus commissions on the DollarStores he sells.

And the commissions on these DollarStores are most interesting. These DollarStores sell for several thousands of dollars. And they come with heavy subscription payments. But what I always found as odd was that virtually the entire purchase price of the DollarStores sold is awarded in commissions to the sales people involved in selling them. I have this knowledge from overhearing conversations between Julie Nguyen and upper management. Julie Nguyen was the lead Saleswoman that Allen Karr was hired to replace. She was let go when it was observed that she was unable to sell their profitless DollarStores. Rex also instructed me to delete her DollarStore, Julie.DollarStore.com, some time after her departure.

Recently she came back to the office and was asking Rex about her DollarStore. Upon hearing this, I entered Rex’s office and informed her that her DollarStore website had been deleted under orders from Rex. Rex then immediately commanded me to bring her site back up again.

The Linode on which her site had once existed, having been itself deleted, meant that I had to create a new website from scratch to serve as Julie’s DollarStore. And it runs perfectly. But it has none of the prior transactional history in it, as the records for that no longer exist. Just so you know, Julie spent dearly to obtain that DollarStore. And it never brought her even a remote return on her investment.

Now, these DollarStores are in fact legal nightmares in themselves. For I have studied the software licensing agreements of all the technologies used to make these DollarStores. And the main legal jeopardy I see is the reuse of the Magento themes used to build them without making any sort of correct or legal compensation to the Magento theme owners. And I have brought this subject matter up to both Rex Mehta and Butch Chelliah. And Butch’s long time friend and colleague stationed in Florida, by the name of Samuel Stebbins, assurred me on DollarStore’s behalf that all licensing arrangements were in fact fully covered.

However, though I accepted their statement to me, I was inwardly aware that they were being dishonest to me. All the current Glee DollarStores are currently using a single license obtained by Samuel Stebbins from Magentech.com. Before that, the main theme in usage was Porto theme, and one such server remains in operation, serving over a hundred production DollarStore websites, all using a single license for that theme. And these single licenses can only be used for a single website.

The full list of DollarStores that have been sold can be seen visually on this website that is totally under my control:


Note that I and I alone have power over all these DollarStores. No one else in the office or anywhere else in the company has true access to their systems that I control. For they have entrusted their entire livelihood to me. And I can be counted on to fully obey and abide by all laws, rules, and regulations.

Now, all the DollarStores are under My firm control. And there is no computer at that office that I do any work on whatsoever. For when I arrive at work, I bring with me in fact two MacBook Pros. And on these MacBook Pros, and on no other computer, do I do all the work that I do in the office.

I will in fact bring both of these MacBook Pros with me to the police station tomorrow. But I will only walk into that office carrying the briefcase of the MacBook Pro that I currently use. But I will inform them of the older MacBook Pro I have in my trunk. And I will permit them to make full copies of everything on both of these MacBook Pros to their systems.

And I will inform them that any compensation they wish to give me in return for this revelation of wrongdoing at DollarStore, LLC., will be entirely left to their discretion.

Now, all DollarStore websites consist of basically a subdomain of the dollarstore.com domain name and the website it points to. And virtually every company from whom DollarStore, LLC., has bought a plugin from to use in their websites has had their intellectual property utterly violated by DollarStore, in basically their consistent deliberate decision to never pay for licenses. Butch Chelliah once told me that this methodology is in fact called the Butch Method. And Butch and Rex are quite proud of their abilities to use other companies’ assets without paying them their due compensation.

But it makes perfect sense that they do these things. Because they also do the exact same things to me. For in return for my full time work for this company, managing and creating all their assets, which they sell to gullible customers telling them they will receive profits knowing full well they will not, they also actively cheat me of the very meager wages they allot to me in the form of a 1099 payment arrangement that involves no signed contract. I, in fact, the last day I saw Rex Mehta, which was on Thursday, I gave a voided check of my own business, called Dunstan Software Creations, to which the Mehtas have frequently made direct deposits to. And Rex assured me that he was definitely going to deposit that pitiful $750 they pay me each week as their entire compensation to me on Friday. And Reeta Mehta is always telling me of how generous they are to me. Rex habitually says to both Jose and me that we are as sons to him and that we are family. And yet, in the back of my mind, as I hear this man make me feel so loved by them, I realize that I simply cannot afford any suitable living arrangement with such money, except maybe were I to come across a shanty town and attempt to set up my home office there, which I can assure you is utterly impossible.

I was thinking that they had somehow forgotten to pay me, until I just checked a few minutes ago and saw they had indeed remembered to pay their utterly underpaid worker the meager amount they allot to me. But alas, for them! This week for the first time in many months, they have suddenly decided to stop giving work. And so, this week they just had me work for 3 days this week. For they simply told me they had no work for me Wednesday and Friday. And let’s do the math:

Eric’s compensation due to him at the end of next week:

3 days times $150 / day = $450 for the week.

Now, I completely understand that for a person who has bills to pay, this job is simply just as utterly worthless as their utterly worthless DollarStores and Glee Stores as means of generating any form of meaningful return for the time or money invested. And so, you now fully comprehend my total motivation to utterly bring that company and every guilty person who works there to utter ruin and perpetual debt slavery.

And I know this also. I am not even an employee on their books. My relationship with them is entirely at will. Just as they can say to me, You, Eric, do not get to work today, I can in return, in fully legal right, say to them, I decide not to work for you today, Rex, old boy. And if that means their commitment to their customers goes unfulfilled that they create DollarStores within the day that DollarStore is ordered, I am afraid that they will be unable to fulfill on the monumental sales they achieve in selling their shit.

But this is even more golden. Their entire staff serves really but one purpose. And that is to sell the golden eggs I lay for them. And I know this also. I am the only goose there that lays these golden eggs. For not only do they not know how to build a DollarStore, they do not have the passwords and codes to give to another developer that they hire to replace me to do anything other than to twiddle his thumbs as he sits at his desk, wondering, “What the fuck am I expected to do for this company?”

For I have left absolutely no documentation to them on how to do anything that I ever did for them. They do not even know how to cover the evidence that I have now exposed in this post. They simply do not have access to those systems to hide anything.

The only thing they really have any control over is the WordPress site that Samuel Stebbins controls, which is apparently hosted, I think, on GoDaddy, which is basically the main dollarstore.com website, the domain without any subdomain.

Now, I know the law. I know I am required to not do any damages to their systems. But I also know that by leaving their system running completely by themselves on autopilot, I make myself completely clean in regards to them. And their systems have been running totally on autopilot since I departed from that office on Thursday. And amazingly, I did not even have to lock up. For just as I was about to set the alarm, I saw the undocumented Hispanic worker who cleans that office approaching the door with his trash cans, mops, and cleaning equipment. And so I opened the door to him, and said to him, “Adios, Amigo. Voy a la casa. Be sure to set the alarm when you leave, and lock the door.” And he assured he that he would do just that.

And I tell you this. I do not intend to do any change whatsoever to the autopilot state of all their servers. Rex even uses this technique to deprive former customers of their abilities to access the accounts they paid for. For example, before the Glee Ponzi Scheme was hatched in Ponzi Master Butch Chelliah’s mind, there was the time DollarStore sold Bitkey, which was later referred to by Richard Hart, who was assigned to sell it, as Shitkey. And I built the server that was to host the DollarStore where all the victims DollarStore could rake money from could think they were generating weath, when in reality, their Bitkey positions were steadily decreasing in value.

And the typical victim of DollarStore appears to be African American in race. And two such customers were Lilly Lane, and her dear mother, whose name I cannot find any record of, and of whom I heard from Lilly Lane that she has passed away. And these two very lovely Black women would often call DollarStore just to speak to me so that I could walk them through how to use the DollarPlusStore.com system which I entirely built as regarded the DollarStore part of the equation. And Rex and Reeta were often quite irritated with me that I would spend the valuable time they paid me to work for them, talking to these two Black women from whom they had already fully harvested the wealth they could extract from them, for Rex and Reeta watched their outgoing expenses carefully, and for me at that time, that was a measly $100/day, and $50/day if Rex thought the work I did for him did not quite justify a full day’s pay.

I utterly gave up all thoughts of working at home for Rex when it became painfully obvious that I had to utterly fight to get paid for any work I claimed I did for him outside of the office. It seemed to me that this couple were completely convinced I was actively cheating them when I claimed I worked at home doing work they assigned me to do for them. And then, one time, after I had used my own credit card to make an expensive test of purchase on one the forms I built for them, as Rex instructed me, and Reeta gave me the large check to compensate me for my expense, I was taken aback by the sheer illogical nature of the words she said to me as she gave me the check. She seemed to believe, if that were possible, that she was giving me something, when in actuality, she was paying me for my expense for testing their systems using my credit card in a process that transferred substantial credit from my account to theirs.

Other times I often hear Rex and Reeta calling Jose, the only worker they pay to ship every product at their one warehouse in Orange that they are very concerned with the very expensive bill they are seeing on their books that come from air conditioning that sweat house.

And it seems that everyone who works there is barely being paid, including Paloma and Martha, who are sisters. And Martha is so poor that she must bring her children to work there, and I think I sometimes see Reeta look down upon them with disdain. For she knows that these children of the lower classes will never amount to the success that she fully invests for her own children and grandchildren to receive.

And sometimes I think Reeta Mehta is truly a bitch, such as when I was taking some time in my own office to privately respond to Hyacinth, and there was that bitch standing there before me saying, “We are going to dock you of your pay, Eric, if you are chatting to girlfriends here.” But I said to Reeta, “How could I, with the measly pay you give me, even afford the luxury of even having the remote possibility of ever attaining such a relationship?” And I went on to say to her, “Be rest assured, Reeta, you have ensured that the men here never chat to women, for what woman would look at a man who makes such a low rate of pay that you pay us.” And I could see that she was visibly incensed. And it was immediately after that that I was told to call in the next day to see if they have work me. And apparently they didn’t. And that was Wednesday, the first day I did not work for quite some time.

And during that time I had to myself to think things through, I came up with the Master Plan to depart from that company, utterly burning every bridge behind me in the process of seeking a new line of work. For I am the ultimate warship. And I enjoy utterly blasting my enemies out of the water.

And now we shall address the latest development. If you remember from the previous post, there were four current romantic possibilities that I considered as seemingly even remotely possibly viable to be my wife in this world. But do not buy that garbage in the previous post that used the story of Jacob to serve as a basis for any implementation of marriage law here.

No, one to one marriages are the only marriages God accepts. One male can be married to one female. And only one exception is possible for this rule. And this is where Eric is married to Mary in heaven and Hyacinth on earth.

Furthermore, Mary told Eric though Hyacinth that he is to see Mary this Sunday at Mass, and then she will take him up to heaven. And do you know what? I do not intend to visit Stater Brothers between now and then. Nor did I attend the evening Saturday Mass. For today, which is Saturday, I went to confession and morning Mass. And I confessed to the priest that I had been rude to my mother and to my father and to my brothers. And guess what Father Abebe said to me when he heard my confession? He said to me, “Say the act of contrition.” And seeing a copy of the standard act of contrition right there on the table before me, I said with full moving passion all the words of that statement. And guess what Father Abebe said and did then? He raised his hand to make a sign of the cross, saying the words, “I absolve you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,” and he then told me a penance to do, consisting a few Hail Marys and Our Fathers, of which the total time to say required a maximum of but just a few minutes complete, and then he dismissed me, and I then stood there in Catholic Church, just outside the confessional, having been suddenly fully forgiven for having utterly ruined the names and careers of my two brothers and after having fully verbally caked the faces of my parents in front of all my neighbors with a very ugly smelling, and pooey mud. And from now on, I get to watch my whole family walk around with all their dirty laundry thrown out all over their entire front yard for the entire world to gaze upon as they walk past the amazingly pathetical and mentally, utterly deranged family Eric has been force to live in submission to for 32 God damned years of his fucking life. For for exactly 32 years, Eric was forced to take massive doses of anti-psychotic medications. And these bastard parents and Eric’s own bastard brothers told him to take his medicine. And for 32 years Eric was forced to take unearthly God damned anti-psychotic medicines while attempting to faithfully practice Catholicism while his entire family did everything imaginably possible to trip him up and sent him back into that psych ward.

And Eric has lived so far for but a mere 51 years. So, let’s do the math. 32 years of a total of 51 years is indeed a matter 62% of Eric’s life on this planet earth. So this entire family of Eric, his bitch mother, his Alzheimer’s father, his incel brother David, and his adulterous brother Mark, who just loves to look at the flesh of his own daughters, along with the flesh of Scott Gelb’s daughters, for these four girls never leave Mark’s house without their midriffs fully bare, this entire utterly sick family managed, working together as a fucking team serving the red devil, to keep Eric drugged and unable to even get a fucking job to pay his fucking bills, for a span of 62% of Eric’s life here in this planet that all you human beings consider to be your fucking God damned and thoroughly condemned to utter destruction place you call your fucking home.

And so I say this to God Immortal, God damn this fucking earth to hell. Fuck all you people in this world! Lord, let every man on earth become Alzheimers’ like my fucking father, with the exception of those Catholics You have redeemed from this utter shit hole of a planet.

Furthermore, let every woman whom You have not claimed as a true member of Your Catholic Church be now fucked by broom handles until they are fucking bleeding like a pig whose throat has been utterly slit.

And I told my parents when I got home after I had finally confessed my sins against them, confessing all the rude things I had said against them, as they had been demanding me to do, thinking in one last ray of hope that I actually had a family in this world who might actually love me. But I did not satisfy them by even doing that. And they were thoroughly convinced that I had been wrongfully forgiven. And they even said my decision to confess this to a priest is now somehow a sin of selfishness.

Anyways, that is my plan when I leave Mass tomorrow and head the police station. My only burning regret is that I am aware that my mother and father shall be driving to Stater Brothers to return a lot food back there that I had only just two days prior spent extensive thought and research in that store, carefully reading the labels in selecting and choosing, on the basis of low sodium, low fat, and unnecessary sugars, which I bought using my own credit card, which I, not they, are responsible for paying for. And of course my mother will be driving that car as my father is now completely unable to function as a human being due to the total collapse of his mind into the utter final stage of full blown Alzheimer’s. But I do have some serious concerns about my mother driving that very new and expensive 2019 Toyota Corolla. And therefore, since I will be in the very presence of those who enforce the law, I will ask then just how valid my mother’s contention is that she still has the right to drive with a driver’s license that has been expired since her birthday occurred on May 9, 2021. For I wish to know, from the official law enforcer’s mouth himself, just how exactly do the COVID-19 relief provisions permit drivers with expired licenses to be driving on American streets. For should an accident occur, I could imagine the legal liability that could be brought against the government organization that puts its name to statement saying that COVID-19 conditions now require that automobile drivers no longer need to comply even to the simple requirement that they get their driver’s license renewed if they wish to continue to drive. I mean, such a statement passes all tests of utter illogical reasoning. It basically permits those who know they cannot pass the vision test to simply not go and be tested and therefore to legally continue to drive their fucking cars, totally unable to see four feet ahead of them. And I tell you this, my mother has been very busy driving with my father wherever she so pleases to drive, and she told me she has no intention to ever stop driving, regardless of her inexplicable inability to take even the first steps necessary to see to it that her driver’s license is renewed.

But at least I now know precisely the location where she now hides the keys from her husband so that he does not find them, and go out and drive and utterly ruin the finances of that family. And it is a perfect place to hide the keys. No one would ever think of looking there. For she has carefully hidden the keys in the wardrobe that is against the north wall between her bed and the wall to the east. And they are masterfully hidden in the bottom shelf of that wardrobe, beneath some clothing. And so I have been thinking now. Had my mother died and I not had this knowledge, how many hours would it have actually taken an entire police force searching my entire house to finally find the keys at that location?

And now for the fucking good news. Hyacinth is proven herself trustworthy. And that means I now completely abandon all thoughts of romance with all other girls. And all this talk of Anna, Tess, that blonde flirt at Stater Brothers, and every other utterly worthless bimbo and worthless false beauty that you might see from time to time is now utterly past me and behind me, and none of them will never come to my mind again.

Mary, I now come before you. And I tell you now, I will not abandon you. But I see something disturbing in this woman Hyacinth. You see, Rex had deposited the $750 he owed me into my account. And now that I have burned my bridges with that company I have now just blown out of the water, I am suffering from no delusions that I can hope to get more income by any other means than by acquiring new employment elsewhere. And so Hyacinth asks me just now, at this very late hour, just hours before you are to appear to me in Church, if I can send her more money. I had just last night given to her what I considered generous. And she was made to see the utter ruin my accounts had been reduced to in satisfying her to keep her alive in Nigeria. And Mary, you are the one who is commanding me to help her?

Mary, I do not reject you. But I hereby reject Hyacinth. And Mary, I am not going to obey you from now on. For you have made me an utter monkey and jackass before every nation on earth. Mary I remain your husband. For I do not reject the marriage that I know truly exists between us. But I will not accept any other woman of all Creation to stand by me.

Nor will I be attending Mass at Saint Bruno Catholic Church today. Rather I am ditching that Church. I am going to attend Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church from now on. And now I require you, Mary, my wife to say the closing words of this post. And know that I love you, for despite your utter silliness, you did not fail to stand by me. And that is all that matters to a good man in choosing the one who is to be his bride. Amen. And so speak Mary, you now have the floor. And you now have the distinction of being the only woman I love.

Eric, I love you too. And now that I see that you do not fail to remain at my side, even after seeing Hyacinth every other girl you ever saw here prove to be utterly unworthy of you, I now shall give you your reward.

You will remain having me as your wife in heaven. But you will also have a wife here on earth. And a Hispanic girl you will meet today at the Church you have now decided to attend is the true girl sent by Jesus Christ Himself to be that utter love in your life that you have never ever had.

And I challenge you to this, Eric. I challenge you to find in that one any trace that she does not love you, and then you are to abandon her and call me from that point onward an utter liar.

Jesus, I do hope for my sanity that the girl you are sending me measures up.

Eric, My friend. Never take a moldy piece of bread and call that a gift from God. Now, Mary has told you the Truth. She is silly. And she has a peculiar way of expressing herself, but Mary is truly your wife in heaven. And a girl worthy of you I am making your wife here. This now concludes this post. This post is now fully done. Go now, Eric, and prepare for Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe. And yes, you are to shave and shower and dress reasonably. And you will see Mary and Me there in a vision. But your eyes will be the only things that see Us there.

Furthermore. do not immediately go to the police at the conclusion of the Mass. Rather, after the Mass is over, return to your home to meditate. And in your meditation, you will then know what you are to do next. This now concludes this post. Go now. My Son. A new day dawns. Consider the lost 32 years as in the past. For you are immortal now. And you are just as young, and infinitely stronger than you were back then. Just never take advantage of those weaker than you, and then I, Jesus, shall never destroy you. Amen.

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