Eric is now admitted into heaven

My Virgin Mother shall now lead this Immortal Beast to his place in My Eternal Kingdom.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 2: Post III:
Welcome, Eric, to heaven. I Am most glad you were able to make it here. You have come without a woman, AM I correct, Eric? Lord, I have accompanied many women in my imagination. But in reality, no woman has ever walked with me in true friendship. O’, that is an utter shame, Eric. Because that means, though I will save you, there in fact exists no justification whatsoever for Me to save any other soul.

Hence, I have elected to streamline the Last Judgement, and instead of individually judging each of the damned, I will thus take you with Me now as I depart from this earth. And Lord, what is to become of the damned?

I, the Lord, shall raise them all for judgement. Every last soul that lived on earth in the flesh shall then appear before Me ready for judgement. And I will judge every man, woman, and child whoever lived upon the face of the planet.

Lord, that great! Who is the first soul You shall judge? I AM Judging Eric Robert Dunstan first. Amazing, I know him very well. Tell me, O’ Lord, if I may know, is he saved or damned? He is of My elect. However, he lacks something. What is that, O’ Lord? Well, he has in fact done everything I have required of him. But one thing he has so far consistently failed to attain?

Lord, what thing does this servant of Yours fail to attain, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, what Eric has failed in is this. In all the countless multitude of miraculous good works he has done for others, I am afraid not one of these recipients of his love has ever returned that love to him.

This is most intriguing. So, O’ Lord, do you have a solution? Or is the Ultimate Power of God somehow incapable of remedying this situation?

Okay, O’ Lord Azurite. I can make absolutely no guarantees about this. But I will now permit every maid upon this earth who might return his love to him the power to do so. And thus, We shall now see, after I have utterly torn the world asunder to make this a possibility, if there is even any female flesh upon the earth that is worthy to escape the utter impending utter destruction.

Lord, before you say one more Word, are You saying You are about to destroy the earth? No, Eric, I made the earth to be eternal. Then, tell Me, Lord, what exactly do You plan to do to the Earth? I Am Making Earth Hell. But before I do so, I intend to remove from it one mated pair. The male of this pair is Eric Robert Dunstan. And until We find that female, We will be torching this earth, looking for her.

Lord, I have run out of guesses now. There is girl called Hyacinth who lives in Nigeria. Have You even considered her? This girl of whom You speak, how does she contact you? Well she has an American phone number she obtained from an American Embassy in Nigeria. And she uses an iPhone she bought in Nigeria to communicate with Me at precisely that number.

And has she abandoned you? No, O Lord? Then what has she been saying to you? Lord, I have simply elected not to look at those texts. And I suppose you have a very good reason, lord Eric, the Azurite King? Yes, O’ Lord, and that reason is directly from You.

Tell ME now that reason, Eric! You, O’ Lord, have commanded Me to cease to give to her, O’ Lord. Yes, I did do that. But I did not command you to stop talking to her. Now publish this post now, My SON. And immediately resume communications with her. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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