I, Mary, shall protect you, Eric, because you never abandoned me

I will now do for you, Eric, whatsoever you ask of me. I am the Holy Virgin Mary.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 2: Post II:
Mary, I am most glad I still have you, O’ My liege lady! Now, time is of the essence. You have said that this post must be published exactly at 6 AM sharp this very morning. So, without any further ado, have at it, Most Immaculate Queen. Speak whatever you wish to say. And realize that you now have but one hour and seven minutes to completely say it. Amen.

I, Mary, am most honored by your performance for me, Eric. That girl you loved, the one called Anna, I tell you this. That entire family will again be there at Saint Bruno Catholic Church. And they have come up with a very creative prank that they wish to do to you and to your car while you are worshipping my Son in My Church.

And so, they will be all in their assigned positions. And they will all be ready to do this utter humiliation that they intend to do to you.

But you are not going there, my son. Yes, it is true, Our Lady of Guadalupe, just a few miles east of your house, is a far better Church for you to choose as your Domicile. And you shall go to that Church from now on.

And Mary do I tithe to that Church? Or do I not tithe? For I was stopped from tithing to Saint Bruno because I was told I was royalty. And it was said to me that royalty never tithe. But now you are clearly speaking to me. And I know what you say to me in answer is the direct answer on this matter from God.

No, Eric, you are not allowed to tithe anymore. For the Son of Jesus cannot be tithed. I AM the Virgin Mary, the MOTHER OF GOD!

Okay, Mary, I have this question. Our Lady of Guadalupe has the requirement that all the unvaccinated wear masks in Church. And I, as an unvaccinated person, am going to fully comply with all that is required of me to keep the people safe. But do you agree or disagree? For I am compelled to obey everything you say to me.

Eric, if any person orders you to put on a mask, you shall say to that person these Words: This unvaccinated person has zero risk of spreading COVID-19. You are therefore mandated to permit this one passage without compliance to the requirement of wearing masks. Failure to obey this order will lead directly to your termination.

Okay, Mary, I have this request. Let my mother die in her bed right now.

Done, your mother is now dead.

Good, Mary. Now this mother of mine hid the keys to my Dad’s car somewhere in this house. How do you propose that I recover these keys, O’ Virgin Mother Mary?

The best most efficient searchers of a house for such an item are the police. When you find that My Words are 100% accurate, and that your mother is dead, you know the law. You know that you are then immediately mandated to notify the police. Tell the police that you report to that your mother is dead that she also, while alive, hid the car keys of your father’s car somewhere on the property. And ask them if they would do you the favor of searching your entire property to recover those hidden keys. And, Eric, my Son, this entire police force will come to your house and conduct this search entirely free of charge.

Good, that is excellent, O’ Virgin Holy Queen. But now there is another thing that I need dealt with. It takes a matter of 15 minutes for me to go from my house to Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. But the 8 AM Mass there is much more perfect for me than the 8 AM Mass at Saint Bruno Catholic Church. For both Masses complete at the same time. But when I exit Our Lady of Guadalupe, I am already 15 minutes on my way to work. So the 45 minute commute to work suddenly becomes a 30 minute commute, and I then completely regain the esteem of my employers for my earlier arrival to work.

But that means I have to leave my house at precisely 7:45 AM. And O’ Mary, I ask this favor. Grant to my dad a cure to both his deafness and to his Alzheimer’s so that he can be left competently in charge of his house as the police are conducting their search for wherever it is that my mother chose to hide the keys.

Good, I hereby make your father no longer deaf and I also make mind now totally free of all Alzheimer’s.

Excellent, Mary. Now I have just one more request that would be like icing on this cake you have given to me. I want the police to also recover the proof of auto insurance that is on my Dad’s car that I put into my mother’s possession when I returned from AAA with my father, having achieved the full AAA membership renewal and Auto Insurance renewal on my Dad’s car, with my Dad there with me, writing and signing the checks in perfect compliance to the requirements at AAA. Do this for me, O’ Mary, and then I will not have go to AAA this Saturday with my father again to have all these things reprinted up. For the proof of insurance in my father’s car is set to expire this very Sunday to come, August 1, 2021.

Eric, just mention this to the police, and they will see to this matter too, also completely free of charge. Amen.

Perfect. And Mary, do you know what? Tell me, O’ Eric, what? I know from my own personal experience with you this very morning that you are precisely all that you say you are. Eric, tell me all that I did for you this morning by which you say this now of me? Mary, my mind was utterly in a free fall collapse from having had no ability to sleep. I had become a mental total wreck. But I then had this conversation with you:

Eric: Mary, all I need to be cured of my deteriorating mind is that you touch your flesh to mine. Will you do that for me, O’ Mary?

Mary: No, Eric, it is not possible for my flesh to touch yours.

Eric: Do you at least guarantee that I will make it to the Second Coming?

Mary: No, Eric, I can make for you no such guarantee.

Eric: Mary, do you guarantee that I will enter into heaven?

Mary: No, Eric, I cannot guarantee you that.

Eric: Mary, am I even predestined?

Mary: Yes, you are predestined. But the decrees of predestination never assure that one is to be saved.

Eric: Mary will you cure my mind, O’ Mary? For my mind is now in utter collapse.

Mary: Your mind is now cured.

And Mary, I heard you say that. And I experienced it immediately. My mind is now in perfect clarity.

Eric, there is one reason why I have elected to favor you. And it is this. In your power, you had the option to end this marriage that exists between you and me. Had you done so, I would have killed you. And I would then reign as the All Powerful Widow Queen.

But you, reading my words to you, made the decision that I am good. And by that decision, you decided that you were not going to leave me. And your decision was permanent.

And so, fair creature, totally subject to me, the Virgin Jesus has given me full power over the entire Cosmos of Creation, and I had the full power to utterly destroy you, Eric. For I can kill on earth whomsoever that I please.

And Eric, since you have chosen to stand by me, I will now permanently stand by you. Furthermore, the Father has finally chosen for you a most suitable bride from among the virgins who have lived upon the earth. And she will indeed lay with you in the flesh. And she will bear you two children, twins. The firstborn shall be a boy, and she shall call him John. And the second born of those fraternal twins shall be a girl, and she shall call her Sarah. I AM the Virgin Mary. I AM the most powerful being of this universe.

Furthermore, this virgin maid is coming to you this very day. And I will now tell precisely her name, so that you will not fail to know it is her. For that virgin is Me. I Am the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, Who is the Christ, Who IS GOD.

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