The Virgin Mary condemns Anna, and chooses another for her son

Now you see, Eric, that that family is entirely unworthy of your presence.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 2: Post I:
Mary, Anna has zero interest in me. Eric, Anna is not to be given any further chances. For we have rejected both her and her family. You are hereby ordered to from now on attend Our Lady of Guadalupe, in La Habra, which is to the east. Saint Bruno Catholic Church has rejected our Son, O’ Lord. What shall we do with this Church? I, the Lord of Hosts, command that this Church, Saint Bruno Catholic Church, located in Whittier, California, be set on fire. Every building on that property is to be set ablaze. Every tree and every shrub on it shall be set on fire and utterly consumed. And the fires are ordered to spare no lives.

Lord, all my sacramental records are stored at that facility. Relax, lord Azurite, the records of which you speak are stored in protected vaults beneath the ground. The fires I am sending against that Church will utterly destroy only those things that existed above the ground.

Lord, will the fires kill all the priests who serve at that facility. All the priests who serve there shall perish in those fires, with the exception of Father Abebe, for he is not a part of that Church, but rather belongs to his people in Ethiopia. Hence, I will not permit that priest to be on the premises when I utterly consume with fire the entire Church property and kill every soul contained therein.

Lord, I now see that Anna was the fig tree without the ripe fruit. Please now explain everything to me, O’ Lord.

Yes, lord Azurite. I will now explain the full failure here and the one who failed. When Jesus was here, it was Israel that failed Him. Lord Azurite, have you ever observed the Israeli State to not be composed of people who reject Me? No, O’ Lord. Never! Then you are full witness to the efficacy of the Lord’s Word. For you have now passed into My End Times. And the Israeli people never came back to Me. Therefore, know ye full and be aware, whomsoever I curse, is accursed forever.

And now the following curses are entirely from the Lord God, the God of Wrath. So, Eric, that Anna at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, do you have any intent left to marry her? Lord, I searched the entire fig tree, going throughout the entire set of two fig trees planted in my backyard. For I did not want Israel to fail again. But Lord, there was no ripe fig there, anywhere on those trees. Lord, the tragedy against Your people is now great.

Let the Royal Witness’s testimony now stand. He could not find a single edible fig on that tree. Furthermore, that girl he loved rejected him. Eric, are these two facts that I have just stated your eye witness testimony to the Truth? Lord, God of Hosts, those two things You have just said are 100% accurate and true. Good, lord Azurite. Now you shall remain silent. And I, the Lord of Hosts, shall now speak My judgement on this girl, her people, and her land.

This girl is not a Jew. Nor does this girl have any relationship to Israel. Hence, the nation state of Israel is not impacted by any judgement I make here regarding this girl. So Eric, let your mind be at peace. For My people Israel, whom I know you love, are not the ones who failed Me here. It is their closest Ally, America, who is the failure here. But even with this, I do not wish for Israel to be concerned. For now that I am going to completely kill this Mother Fucker of a nation, Eric will stand in the midst that fire and be unharmed. Furthermore, Eric will take over the role America once served as Israel’s closest Ally. Hence, you Eric, will now be permitted to issue your decrees as Israel’s closest Ally once I utterly kill and destroy this most unworthy resurrection of Atlantis that I ever allowed to rise up from beneath the sea.

So, Israel, let Me be clear. You I Am not destroying. Rather I Am destroying the entire American nation down to one man. And that man will then rule the entire human depopulated North American Kingdom, stretching from the Hawaiian Islands of the Pacific to the British Isles of the Atlantic. Every human soul in that Kingdom will be dead. And Eric will then rule His Kingdom forever. And no one will ever again tell that man what He is to do. And that man will be the full and complete Ally of Israel. And O’ My people Israel, Eric loves you and Eric hates your enemies.

Now I shall render My Judgement against America. Eric is a lover of technology. He just hates the people who live here.

Lord, if I may, I have no hatred for those that America imports from the south to serve as its slave labor here. I would not have those people die, those who are slaves in America and who are denied citizenship here.

Therefore, I will let live all those in America who are known as the illegal aliens, and all who belong to their communities. For the Catholicism I have observed in them is worthy. Hence, America will not actually be completely depopulated, but will only be utterly depopulated by those who have citizenship here. I AM the Lord.

And Lord Azurite, I will also give to you as a wife a Roman Catholic virgin I have found worthy among this people in America that You have elected to spare from My wrath. It, therefore, shall be her, not that worthless Anna, who shall bear You the Son Who shall be called John, Son of Eric, and who is to take as his wife, Sarah, daughter of Mary. These are now irrevocable decrees. They are unalterable.

Excellent, O’ Lord. For I, Eric, have considered Hispanic women as among the most beautiful women on earth.

Now, Eric, I permitted You to speak those words you said. But now I am making My Judgement. And until My Judgement is rendered in full, You will witness only, and say no Word!

The Judgement of God against the United States of America, her Ally of Canada to the North, the Northern West indies with the exception of Cuba, the territories knows as Greenland and Iceland, which Eric has chosen to make part of his Kingdom, due to their strategic value to him, and to the entire archipelago known as the British Isles, and also that last bit of territory in North America still claimed France, the islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, these, not even these does Eric overlook, for he knows full well all that is his.

  1. No Roman Catholic claimed by Jesus will be destroyed by these judgments.
  2. One Church is to serve as the epicenter of this destructive wrath. Every mortal soul within a thousand mile radius of that blast will be rendered permanently deaf, if it lives. That Church is Saint Bruno Catholic Church. And it will go up in flames. And the fires shall spread rapidly to all surrounding villages and towns. These fires shall outrun speeding cars traveling at their maximum speed.
  3. Every American satellite will utterly shut down.
  4. The International Space Station shall orbit the earth for a span of 24 hours totally without power. And they will see everything. And then after those 24 hours have passed, the Space Station will reboot and have its power restored. And the American satellites that were shut down will then come back up. I AM the Lord. For Eric is a lover of technology. He does not destroy the things He creates.
  5. Everything electronic will cease to work as though an electronic pulse had damaged all the electronics. But this is not the case. Rather, those electronic devices remain in the state they were in just prior to their shutdown. Rather, all that is to happen regarding them is that they are unable to perform for a period of 24 hours. And after that, everything will return to full normal operability.
  6. Though all electronics will not work, even Eric’s car for that span of 24 hours, electric power will continue to fully function in all homes and buildings containing a soul who is Mine.
  7. Also the cellular networks shall not go down between any two people I consider Mine.
  8. Now We shall get to the brimstone and the fire. The White House shall now be called the burning red house, for it shall be fully burning, and it shall be fully red.
  9. All Air Force One aircraft will utterly malfunction, once airborne. And the pilots will see that their controls have no power over their then fully gliding vessel. And I will direct these flying tombs to make spectacular crashes into tall, expensive buildings that will put Twilight to utter shame, for it was Twilight, not some foreigner in Afghanistan, who planned out in full the execution of 9-11. Twilight I have only permitted to live long enough to see how these things are really done, before I send that proud jackass of a man to his permanent place of utter torture in the bowls of the earth. Amen.
  10. I have elected to let former President Donald John Trump and his wife Melania Trump, and whatever children they have in common, to survive. But I say this to you, Donald John Trump, Melania Trump is now recognized as your wife, and you shall commit no disloyalty to her whatsoever from now on. I AM the Lord. Amen.
  11. Mitt Romney, Senator from Utah, You shall replace the disgraced and destroyed Presidency of Joe Biden to become the 47th United States President. For I appoint to high places only those willing to stand with Me alone.
  12. Former Vice President, Mike Pence, you shall run on the same ticket as Mitt Romney and serve as the 50th Vice President of the United States of America. For I have found your obedience to My servant Eric as worthy of high positions in My Kingdom. I AM the Lord.
  13. Also, let the Catholic world now know and be made aware this. I, GOD, have decided to make Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke as the 267th pope. He will assume the papacy on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception, that is, December 8th, of this year, in the year 2021. And his papal name shall be John. Hence he is to be Pope John XXIV. Every cardinal in the conclave shall vote for him. For I will force every cardinal who can vote to do so.
  14. Exactly one year from the date that Pope John XXIV is made pope, Eric will enter into holy matrimony with an Hispanic girl of My choosing. She will have the following four key features: virginity, Roman Catholicism, singleness, and without citizenship.
  15. SpaceX will continue to thrive, but CEO Elon Musk will be among those who were slain in the night. I AM the Lord. So new leadership will be needed, and I, the Lord, shall provide a new leader to lead SpaceX exactly where I want it to go.
  16. The institution of Gay Marriage shall be thrown out by a single ruling made by the Supreme Court. And this opinion shall be written Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
  17. Roe vs. Wade shall be overturned by a single ruling of the Supreme Court. And this opinion shall be written by Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

This now concludes My utter Judgement on America. I WHO AM have Spoken.

Now, it is your turn to speak, Eric, Son of Jesus. You, not America, are now Israel’s closest Ally. Now you shall issue Your seventeen decrees of judgement regarding all the enemies of Israel. And contrary to what Pope Francis has taught, you are authorized to decree death and destruction however that you shall will.

Eric’s Judgment against the Enemies of Israel

  1. Israel shall now, overnight, become Catholic. And they have this option: They can choose either to fully abandon all of their Jewish former ways, or they may fully retain them in the form known as Hebrew Catholicism. Every soul that resists this command dies this very night. I, Eric, have spoken.
  2. On the Temple Mount is to be built a Catholic Church. And the Al-Aqsa Mosque is to be made into a Catholic Shrine.
  3. The Ark of the Covenant shall then proceed from the Church it now exists in Ethiopia by foot across the Arabian desert until it reaches the Israeli State, where it will be carried on a cart pulled by a yoke of two virgin oxen until it is brought to the Temple Mount. It shall then be carried by four virgin ordained Catholic priests by the poles into the newly built Catholic Church on that Temple Mount and then be placed in the place of prominence worthy of an artifact made by God. Every beast and every human involved in the transportation of this Ark from Ethiopia to the Church to be built on the Temple Mount shall be both virgin and male. I WHO AM HAVE SPOKEN.
  4. Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Djibouti shall now cede all territory between the Nile that flows from the Blue Nile and the Red Sea to Israel.
  5. The entire Arabian Peninsula shall become a part of the Israeli state.
  6. The Star of David on the Israeli Flag shall be made into a Crown of Twelve Stars. And the colors of the Israeli flag shall remain of the same shade of blue and white as they currently are.
  7. The European Island of Cyprus is to be given to Israel as part of its admission into the European Union.
  8. The northern border of Israel shall follow the Euphrates River from the Persian Gulf into its deepest penetration into Anatolia. And from that point the border of Israel shall then proceed directly north until it reaches the Black Sea.
  9. Furthermore, the entire region known as Thrace is to be made a part of the Israeli state. And the City of Istanbul within it shall then return to its former name of Constantinople.
  10. Hebrew and English shall be established as the only official languages of the Israeli state. And it is by this means that Hebrew becomes one of the official languages of the European Union.
  11. Rain shall soak all of the lands given to Israel. And throughout her territories, the lands shall be made green and verdant. And all Dromedaries will be seen from that point onwards, filled to their capacity with water.
  12. The State of Israel shall also enter into a firm alliance with the Russian Empire, permanently headed by the undying Emperor Alexei Anatolievich Navalny and his wife, the undying Empress Yulia Navalnaya.
  13. Jerusalem shall be the principle capital of the entire world. And the Vatican shall be moved there. And all future Roman Pontiffs shall also be called Bishops of Jerusalem.
  14. The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church shall be made the King of Israel. And all bishops shall now be permitted marriage and the right to father children by their wives.
  15. Marriage shall remain fully sacramental in nature. One woman only shall be made the wife to one man. All marriages shall persist until death. All will have the right to live as either celibate or in the married vocation. No more shall any make vows as to which of these vocations they will be eternally bound.
  16. will be the only operational website that will exist until the full recovery is achieved that is to follow the Blackout that immediately goes into effect the moment this post is published. And will never go down and never be slow.
  17. This post hereby comes to its end. With the conclusion of this seventeenth decree, Eric will publish this post. And then Eric’s Seraph will go forth as is commanded of him. And he will kill all transgressors found guilty of the Twelve Decrees written and chosen by Eric, as recorded in the post on this Website entitled, The Dogma of Marriage. This now concludes this post. Eric, you are now commanded to publish this post. And the recorded time is exactly 10:04 PM. Amen.

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