Mary is now Commandress of this world

Now, I, the Iron Lady, shall destroy Antichrist.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post XIX:
I, the Virgin Queen, do now assume command of this Warship. Ready all missiles for deployment. Let all military equipment now be deployed. Recall all reserves to active duty. For it is now time to take this world back from the powers of Antichrist.

Release all military prisoners into the population now. For now is no time to hold grudges against one’s own brethren. Send in covert operations. Recover a man of interest. I am seeking to take as my prisoner the President of the United States of America. Use all options necessary to achieve these objectives. Disregard casualties. Whoever brings to My hand the head of President Joe Biden, whether or not still attached to its body, he will be rewarded equal to my son and my husband, Eric.

This achievement will be acknowledged if the head of Joe Biden to taken to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and presented there before the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem. I, the Holy Virgin Queen, have spoken.

And now, let us have war. I order an offensive deep into the heart of China. I want the Red Dragon taken down. Let China thus be now invaded from all directions. Do not be deterred by any threats to launch nuclear warheads. For I will send My angels to intercept them. And they will render them chemically inert. Hence, I have now made China a paper tiger. And I want that paper tiger to now be set afire and fully engulfed in flames. Whoever acquires for Me the heart of Xi Jinping, the Second Emperor of China, whether or not still beating, regardless of whether or not still in the body of its owner, he will be rewarded equal to my son and my husband, Eric.

This achievement will be acknowledged if the heart of Xi Jinping, is taken to the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount and presented before the Minister of the Ministry of Awqaf Islamic Affairs and Holy Places. I, the Holy Virgin Queen, have spoken.

Now, we shall proceed to the real man. Whosever brings to Me the phallus of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the President of Russia, regardless of whether limp or erect, regardless of whether still attached to its owner, he shall be rewarded equal to my Son and my husband, Eric.

This achievement will be acknowledged if the phallus of Vladimir Putin is taken to Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii and cast into the molten lava there. The reward is identical regardless of whether when cast into the molten lava, the phallus is limp or erect, and regardless of whether still attached to its owner. But understand me. Not even a stump must be left on Vladimir Putin if the phallus is cut from him. I, the Holy Virgin Queen, have spoken.

Mary, I, Eric, your husband wish to clarify exactly what you mean by these worthy men being rewarded equal to me. Please verify and fully clarify exactly what you mean by this, O’ fairest Virgin Queen.

I shall give to these men harems as I give to you, Eric. And in these harems I give to these men, I also will be a full member of that harem. And by this, I mean that I shall dwell in their mind and soul exactly as I dwell in your mind and in your soul. I do not make myself their wife. For a woman can marry only one. But I will nevertheless grant them permanent access and familiarity to me as I have granted this to you.

For the greatest possible treasure in heaven is to be granted knowledge of Mary. And thus, I have given this reward offer to but three men in addition to you. I, the Holy Virgin, have spoken.

And I also say this. To these four men, Eric and those three who give Me the three things I have asked for, to these four men, and to these four men alone, I will present myself before them to see me fully nude. No mortal male has ever yet been granted this privilege.

Mary, Mother of God, will this reward of the vision of your nudity before us four worthy soldiers be just a one time occurrence, or do we have an eternal view of your nudity?

Eric, this is in fact your last public question to me, the Holy Virgin Queen. For this is the Final Post on And now We are in the final paragraph of that final post. None of you four men may ever touch my flesh. But I will be fully nude before the eyes of you four men forever. Everyone else who looks upon me will see me clothed. I, Mary, have now spoken. This sight of me nude outranks even the Beatific Vision. Now, go men. Let the contests begin. And this one thing I guarantee. I guarantee that three men will successfully deliver to Me the three things I have requested. But I make no guarantee of who shall be the men who deliver these three things to Me, except this. The owners of these body parts will not be accepted as the ones who deliver them to Me. Let all rules now be broken by the men who wish receive this reward. These men must operate as terminators. They must hold back nothing in this contest. Now, let the games proceed. And I want to see blood. Let this game proceed with explosions, mass killings, and senseless war. For all shall now regard Mary as the Goddess of War. And I seek to see the carnage of men. And let it be known this. Whatever man does deliver these goods to Me, he will have instant forgiveness of all sins the moment the act is completed. Now publish this post, Eric. And you are now in store for action. For today is Sunday. And you shall be attending the 9 AM Mass at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, to which you shall arrive on foot. And all men who actively accost you, you shall observe a flaming sword proceed before you, slaying all who come against you. This post is now complete. Publish it, My son. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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