I now laugh

My enemies are utterly vanquished. And I now laugh at them burning in hell.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post XVIII:
I have accomplished my agenda. Mary, what happens next. I am writing as you have commanded me. I am now alone at home, but for no more than a few hours, until my parents have bought the washing machine they ultimately decide to get.

Now I did see that blonde girl today. But we had no real interaction. But you know Mary, I am not really interested in having a relationship with any girl except for Anna. And really Mary, having a stranger in my house could negatively effect the full enjoyment of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which I plan to watch soon after I publish this post.

Okay, I have rested. My parents are back. They purchased their new washing machine. It will be installed tomorrow. Mary, you told me I am no longer to give to Hyacinth. Is this still your order, Holy Queen? Here is my deal with you, Eric. You will send nothing to Sandra, unless you hear from her again on that American number. As you wish, Commandress. And I did not wish for you to be dating anyone at this time. That is why you shall watch your Ulimate Man movie by youself tonight. And I tell you this. That G.I. Joe: Retaliation is an even wickedly greater Man Movie than the one that preceded it.

Mary, every time I have seen the moon lately, it is just purely white. I have not seen in it the slightest tinge of red. That is because, lord Azurite, you are among the men My Son has not condemned. And is there a number of us? Yes, lord Azurite, your number is exactly 144,000. Your marital status is single. And your sexual status is virgin.

144,000 virgin males does sound somewhat large. But Mary, I assume this number is not just limited to this age. I assume it encompasses all the saints who have lived and died.

The 144,000 are not chosen from the dead, but only from those who live.

Yes, but the saints who have died still live.

The saints who died and live in heaven do not make up the 144,000, lord Azurite. I do not find any disembodied soul, no matter how holy, worthy of being counted among My 144,000.

Okay, Lord. Let’s cover the claims of Scriptures. Revelation divides these 144,000 into Twelve Tribes. If I am truly one of these 144,000, which Tribe am I assigned to. And I notice that list contains every Tribe but Dan. And I have no links to Judaism. And I know of no Jewish ancestor.

You, lord Azurite, belong to the Fourth Tribe, designated by the Emerald. (Revelation 21:19). That designates you a member of the Tribe of Asher. (Revelation 7:6).

So, O’ Lord, it has nothing to do with genetic descent as to which Tribe any of us 144,000 belong to? Correct, for among you 144,000 saints, not one of you is not a Roman Catholic.

Lord, it was never Catholic Dogma that the Roman Rite was the only Rite that saved. Nevertheless, lord Azurite, I only chose My 144,000 from the Roman Rite. I AM the Lord!

Lord, 144,000 virgin males does sound incredible. But when I consider myself, I do realize that this is indeed a possibility. For in a global population exceeding 7,881,000,000, I can imagine it to be quite easy to hide that 144,000 among them.

Tell Me, Lord, as a matter of curiosity, did the Virgin Mary save all these 144,000 in a similar manner in which she saved me?

Eric, I, the Virgin Mary, am no slut. That I chose you as my husband does not mean I did the same to any other male. It is well said of you, Emerald, that you are the Savior of the World who is totally unaware that you saved it.

Do you, Eric, have any idea as to the numbers of those who are viewing your posts? Actually I do. And the numbers are pathetic. A few have gained some insight in reading these words. But I tell you, O’ Mary, Mother of God, this burning lamp is still under its bushel basket.

Mary, I am at your command. I have interest in that Anna. And no longer do I resist the idea of approaching her, now that I know I am breaking no law in doing so. But I will do only as you command. But I am happy for Anna. For I know that by my talking to her yesterday, her salvation has been restored.

Eric, do you know that this Anna has no means of finding you? Actually, you are wrong. There are plenty of people who know me quite well at Church, some of whom even have my contact information. No. Mary, that family has isolated itself from you. I know Anna is saved. And I know every other member of that family damned.

And do you realize, O’ Virgin Mary, the Pastor of Saint Bruno Catholic Church has full knowledge of how to contact me, including my personal business email and my phone number. If any authority came to that Church looking for Me, they would not fail to acquire all they need to contact me with.

And I, Virgin Mary, am easy to find. I can find myself by merely googling my name. So do not say to me that someone exists who seeks me but cannot me. For if you say that, then I say that that one is barely making an effort.

Mary, I am interested in Anna, but not obsessed. For I know concerning Anna, even should we marry, that that marriage will come to an end. I am no fool. For whoever says any sacramental marriage of this world has any eternity is a fool.

But now that I think about it, the 144,000, do these have wives? Are harems given to them?

Yes, lord Azurite, all 144,000 virgin men are given virgin wives and harems filled with virgins.

And you know, Azurite, two such virgins who belong to your harem: Anna and Hyacinth. But the virgin who is your wife is Mary the Virgin Mother of God.

Okay, O’ Lord, I also know that I believe, am I correct, that the entire body of these virgin wives and harems filled with virgins has now been decided. And Lord, Mary told me that no virgin could enter my harem unless I knew her.

And do You say that membership in these harems also requires membership in the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church?

Yes, lord Azurite. Only Roman Catholic virgin women were eligible to enter any such harem. And unless they were truly known to the virgin male who owned that harem, they could not enter it.

Lord, that effectively rules out all the sisters of Anna. And also, so also is ruled out any possibility of any girl of Mark’s family entering Eric’s harem.

Eric, I, the Virgin Mary, have decided to kill that man’s invalid marriage. He will find Marlene, his false wife, with whom he has been in an adulterous relationship from the time Scott Gelb’s children were but little girls, leave him. And with these little girls who belonged to Scott Gelb, now under Mark’s authority, Mark wasted no time in seeing to their utter corruption. Every last one of these daughters of Marlene, both the two of Scott Gelb and the two Mark fathered with Scott Gelb’s wife, he taught them to expose the midriff, even when they had not yet reached the age in which a girl may know love.

For Mark truly loved his daughters. He loved them in every way possible that is found in such literature as Playboy Magazine. And he was truly lover to them.

And to give his daughters the joy of going camping, he frequently took them to Colorado where he was actively engaged in seeking for Fenn’s Treasure. And he was bringing them with him all over Colorado, everywhere that he suspected to find Fenn’s Treasure. And so, these girls were given the joy of camping and experiencing the outdoors with the man called their father, as he dragged them around the country with him looking for Fenn’s Treasure. Eric, you once thought you figured out Fenn’s riddle and you told Mark exactly where to find Fenn’s Treasure. Please do now elaborate on this advice you gave to Mark.

Well, I was taking a leak as I was thinking of the poem, and it suddenly came to me. The clause where it said, Where warm waters stop, can only refer to some man or beast taking a leak somewhere in the forest. So I suggested to Mark that he search through the sewer systems, the pit toilets, and everywhere else he may notice human or animal waste on the ground, for you never know that the Treasure may have indeed been hidden there.

Lord, I did a calculation. And I found that the estimated worth of Fenn’s Treasure, which was eventually found, but not be Mark, would not have been sufficient to cover the expenses Mark incurred in his quest to find it. I even once asked Mark how does all this treasure seeking benefit his career? And Mark answered without the slightest hesitation, that this was in fact a business for him. And he was using it as a means of deducting his expenses. Furthermore, Mark considered his Treasure Seeking pastime an excellent thing to discuss with potential employers.

And even now, Mark is satisfied with his career path. For he says his food delivery profession is now yielding him a steady $30/hour. I did not bother to ask Mark what was the actual income was once he factored out such things as his vehicle costs, maintenance, and fuel expenses. And one thing I have been noticing of late is that fuel indeed seems to be rising in cost. And every rise in such costs does directly impact those independent contractors who must provide their own transportation to deliver goods in such grocery delivering jobs that Mark now specializes in.

Furthermore, I warned Mark, his current niche is indeed short lived. For driverless vehicle technology is now rapidly reaching the point of viability. And once that point of viability is reached, the demand for human drivers in many sectors, including Mark’s of delivering food, will collapse. For robot drivers are vastly superior to human drivers. And whatever such food delivery business does not immediately switch to using such robots, these will be outcompeted and driven into bankruptcy by those that do.

Yes, Eric, you have been brother to Mark. But I now sever this Judas friendship. Not only will Mark’s wife leave him, for Marlene, not Mark, is now the true breadwinner of that family, but in a fit of rage against Mark trespassing on her properties, she will execute her legal right that Mark make child support payments for their two children. And she knows well the consequences of this act. She is aware that Mark has untreated mental illness. And she is aware that it is for this reason why Mark now continuously fails job interviews. But she also knows that it is the only way she can protect her children. And so, as expected, Mark will fail to pay his child support. And, as Mark always does when in need of cash, he will turn to family and friends to borrow money from. But these friends have all been burned by Mark. For Mark borrows, but never pays back.

And, after severe delinquency in his child support payments, Marlene will observe Mark go, as expected, into custody and eventually receive a felony. And after that, Marlene will be able to rest, assured that Mark will be from that point onwards a recurring resident of the prison systems. And whenever he is outside of prison, Marlene will ensure Mark is properly constrained from legally ever approaching her or her daughters. I am the Holy Virgin Mary.

So, tell me frankly, O’ Lord. I do believe that in fact, only Anna and Hyacinth are the only members the harem of Eric, with of course Mary, the Holy Queen, as its head. For the requirements that they be virgin, Roman Catholic, and truly known by me, seem to be satisfied by only two.

Silly then, O’ Lord, and of utter nonsense were the decrees of Mary that all women may now come forward to know her husband. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord and O’ Mary? And O’ Mary, I, Eric, do hereby reject marriage, love, romance, or petting with any reprobated girl. I, Eric, have spoken.

Yes, lord Azurite. And I tell you Truthfully, your harem of three virgins, Mary, Anna, and Hyacinth is roughly average in comparison to the other harems of the 144,000. For the 144,000 were indeed limited to just 144,000 virgin men, and to no more than two to three times that number in virgin women who entered into their harems, that is, each of these virgin women into just one of the harems of these 144,000. And all 144,000 were indeed given at least one virgin bride.

Okay, Lord, that defines the 144,000. Now tell me about the Great Multitude.

Lord Azurite, true eternal life is found only among the 144,000 and their harems. The so called Great Multitude, do not know life, but endless peace. That is why aiming to just make it into heaven was the path of the utter fool.

Now, go your way, Eric. Publish this post. You will indeed watch G.I. Joe: Retaliation tonight. And Eric, you do not return to your normal way of life tomorrow. Instead I will seat you and Mary on either side of Me, with you to My right and Mary to My left, as I then proceed to judge the twelve tribes of Israel. Eric, after your ultimate Man movie is over, go outside and gaze at the moon. And you will finally observe that it has become blood red. This post has now ended. One post remains to come. And then the Prophethood of Eric will be complete. Amen. Now publish this, My son, for it is complete. Amen.

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