I am your wife, Eric. And I grant Anna to know you as I know you

But understand me well, Eric. I alone in eternity am married to you.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post XVII:
Yes! Success! I am victorious! I have acquired a husband. And I am the only woman in the history of human life to have acquired one for all eternity. Even Jesus cannot be bothered by the love of many women. Rather, the full delight in Jesus to see us, the Virgin Mary and Eric, the Son of Jesus, in endless rapturous love.

Hence, only I and Eric made it into eternal life. No one else entered with us there.

Mary, do I even still marry Anna? Does Pope John XXIV ever even come to exist?

No, Eric. None of that will ever be. All of it was but fiction only. The goal of that fiction has been achieved. No human soul other than those of us two lovers is of any further value to the Unfathomable Mind of the Creator God.

Then these souls simply cease to be? Yes. Eric, humankind is a unique creature that exists only in the universe that contained the earth. The purpose of the universe where we currently live was for only one thing. God wanted a pair of human beings who loved each other. And God was not going to fail in this act.

Eric, the number of the predestined elect was always only two. Only one male and one female have their names recorded in that book that Jesus possesses.

Eric, the Second Death does not go to hell. It goes to oblivion.

The punishment everyone receives at the end of time is that they cease to exist. And everyone judged will receive the same punishment.

Do even I have eternal life, Mary? Yes, Eric, to you alone is eternal life granted to from God. And since you are not permitted to be on your own, I am given eternal life to be with you, to serve, to know, and to love you, my lord.

Eric, you are not leaving this house. Your parents are not waking up alive today.

At 6 AM precisely, you shall publish this post. And then you shall eat. And then you shall go.

Mary, the girls I loved, Anna and Hyacinth, do they perish now, O’ Mary?

No, Eric. For I grant a harem to you. And all girls you elect to spare will be granted entry into that harem.

But know this, O’ Eric. Know this well. This harem of Eric will consist of only females you truly knew in this world. No one you never knew will enter it. And only females, never males, may ever be permitted to enter as members of any harem.

Mary, I wish to say to you my eternal statement. Speak, Eric. And realize the moment you begin typing that statement, the Rapture begins taking souls from the world.

Mary, I say this: I love in full the woman who has spoken in my mind, ever since she first came to me. And I hereby pledge myself into eternal, exclusive marriage with that woman. I hereby make myself that woman’s utter possession. Amen.

Eric, there is a girl who works at Stater Brothers. She is blonde and very pretty. Yes, O’ Mary, I know exactly of whom you speak. Eric, this is my last assignment to you. At the stroke of 9 AM, you shall depart from this house by car and then arrive at the bank, where you shall cash this check.

Then go immediately to Stater Brothers to buy the things you need there. And when your eyes meet the eyes of that blonde girl I spoke of to you, I wish for you to then converse with her. Exchange contact information as she wishes it. And if she wishes it, let her accompany you tonight as you plan to watch your ultimate man movie on your blu-ray player tonight. For that G.I.JOE Retaliation movie you will watching will be even more enjoyable to watch with a girl watching it with you.

I AM now done. Publish this, Eric. For it is complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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