Welcome to the Final Mass

I am Mary. I am of eternal virgin union with Eric. Eric can marry no girl. I am the Virgin Mary.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post XV:
Welcome, my people, to the final Mass. I will now briefly update you on the latest events that have occurred in eternity. The most significant of these events is that all this courtship I have been doing to Eric has now finally paid off. I have now acquired Eric exactly as I wanted him. Eric has entered eternal virgin union with me, Mary the Virgin Immaculate Queen. Consider, therefore, all those silly and nonsensical posts that were indeed written by my hand here through Eric to have served their intended purpose. And that purpose was for Eric to enter this union with me.

So now, let me, the Virgin Mary, now tell the full and whole Truth. I have never lain with a man. Nor will I ever lay with one. Jesus Christ was my son. But Jesus Christ was not the son of Saint Joseph. Nor was Jesus Christ the son of any other man. So how dare anyone try to make me bound to a man, even one allegedly who served as my husband on earth. Even were we to grant that Joseph was my husband, which he clearly was not, for he had no knowledge of me ever, even if that marriage did actually have a reality to it, it would immediately cease to exist the moment he passed away. Joseph does not get to claim any part of me in the hereafter, for I never was his wife in any definition found in any canon law of Catholicism.

Also, it really is very silly of Pope Francis to declare a whole year to a man who never even once spoke a word that was recorded in the entire scriptures. At least I, a woman, and woman are always silent in the scriptures, at least I say some things there. And even I have written in the scriptures a command attributed to my mouth. For it is written in John 2:5, in the parable of the Wedding at Cana, where I say to the servers, regarding my Divine Son, “Do whatever he tells you.” And that is the one place in the holy scriptures where it is recorded that the virgin mother of God ever issued a single command.

Therefore, I think it is high time for a year to be declared devoted to me, the holy Virgin Mary. And to demonstrate that I am speaking through Eric, you will indeed observe the next pope to be elected by the next conclave to be gathered shall be the one cardinal who has stood alone for my name. And that cardinal is indeed Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke. Even he has beheld my spouse on earth, this Eric Robert Dunstan. It was no error and no accident that Eric was born on the Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist, for Eric was designated to play the very same role.

Anyways, people, all of Eric’s legal documents can be found in the archives of Saint Bruno Catholic Church. For it is in that Church that all the major sacraments Eric passed through to enter my Catholic Church were done and recorded. Thus, it can be reliably and firmly established that my chosen husband is in fact real and that he does in fact exist.

Furthermore, to all who enforce the law, Eric does also indeed have one item that exists permanently on his criminal record. It is a single arrest of Eric that took place on the Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist in the year 1995. And all who read that written testimony by the officer who made the arrest, he will read this officer did indeed say that this man who is my husband is God.

Now, let us be clear about this. Eric can indeed seem to simple minds to have a power that only God can possess. But just like me, Eric was created. Thus, just like me, Eric is not God. And also, just like me, no one is permitted to worship Eric. So the police man who wrote his report was writing in error. But I will now reveal his motivation in writing that error.

In the police station, where that officer had my husband there surrounded by fully armed policemen, the officer commanded my husband to kneel before him. And my husband said in a loud voice heard throughout that police station, these exact words: I bow to no man but God. And it was then that that policeman, the one who wrote in that one criminal record that exists where he says Eric is God, that policeman said to my husband these exact words: I am God. And to that, my husband simply said, No. And then the policemen tackled my husband to the ground and locked him up in a dark cell by himself his feet and hands shackled firmly to a chair in the middle of that dark room. They did this, my people, to my husband because he refused to kneel to a man. And there in that room, on that throne, my husband sat still. And finally, with the passage of the hours, until the stroke of midnight was reached, the policemen were forced by law to release my husband, who had not committed a single offense that could justify him being kept there. And my husband was then escorted out of the building, barely able to walk.

That, my friends is my husband. That is the man I have found worthy to be called mine. Do look up all these things. For all of these things are publicly known. None of this is myth.

Furthermore, if anyone wishes to see my husband at Church, let him go today to the morning Mass at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, located in Whittier of California. For I kid you not. That Mass to be held there is in fact the final full Mass to be held anywhere upon the earth. I, the Virgin Mary, have spoken.

Also, regarding the girl Anna, who may also indeed be there, I tell you this. She is not my husband’s lover. No woman is my husband’s lover. No woman do I even allow to make eye contact with my husband. For into my husband’s eyes I do not permit any woman from now on to gaze. For I am indeed a jealous wife of my husband. And if any person plots against that man, he will find me, the Holy Queen, defending him. And I am not like Pope Francis. I am a woman with the power to take life by decisions of justice that I, myself, make. And I do indeed enforce my own decrees. I do indeed slay and kill those who transgress against anyone that I love in this world.

And let anyone who dares to put my words to the test, and who moves against my husband, even if he marches against him with the finest and mightiest armed force on the planet earth, not one of them will reach his sight alive. He will not even be aware of your attempt to take him out. But all of them will behold me, the Holy Virgin wielding but single sword of fire, come out to meet them in battle. And they will find it impossible to defeat this one woman wielding but a single sword of fire. They will find themselves totally unable to pass her.

Even a ballistic missile launched against my husband will cease to exist. And gun aimed at my husband and fired at him, that bullet will fail to exist. But the one who fired that gun will not fail to behold me approach him. And if you ever watched those Terminator movies where there are female terminators, that is the scene that most closely resembles the situation any man finds himself in who attempts to do any harm to my husband. He will find himself in such a terminator movie where a female terminator is approaching him to kill him. He will realize that he is indeed targeted for termination. And he will realize that his female terminator will not stop until he is dead. And similar to the other terminators, no weapons will have any effect on me. You indeed can fire all your weaponry upon me, you who attempted to kill my husband. But you can do nothing to me. You cannot even buy time. And indeed, I will slay you. And I will indeed put you to death. And if that leaves your wife a widow and your children fatherless, then your wife will indeed become a widow, and your children will indeed be rendered fatherless. I am the Virgin Mary. And I never show mercy to any soul who does evil to My husband. Never!

And finally, I have one last Word to say through Eric before I send him to Saint Bruno Catholic Church to attend the last Mass of all history. And this Word I now direct to the father of the girl Anna. You do not realize the gravity that you have done to insult me, the Virgin Mother of God. Eric never sat with your worthless daughter by his own choosing. He sat next to her precisely because I commanded him to do this. For I intended at that time to know Eric through Anna. You have deprived me of this.

So, you, father of Anna, you can indeed sit in Church. You can indeed pray to God. And you can indeed partake in the Lord’s Supper. But you will never enter my Son’s Kingdom. For no one enters there except through me. And I do not permit entry to you. So realize that you are damned. I am the Virgin Mary. And I am a woman with blazing wrath. And I am here to kill all who ever did any evil thing to my husband, without exception.

I, the Virgin Mary, have now concluded my Word. I have triumphed. But my triumph was always assured for these two reasons. I had always expert knowledge of my husband’s heart. And I was always aware of the Father’s decrees of predestination regarding this one soul. For just as the Father indeed predestined me to accept the incarnation of God into my womb, the Father also indeed predestined the triumph of Eric. I am the Virgin Mary. This post is now concluded. Publish it, my son, my husband, and then proceed immediately out the door on foot to Church. Amen.

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