I now allow all women to approach my husband for sex

Come, all ye women. Enjoy my husband. Taste his flesh. For I now give him to be had by you.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post XVI:
Whatever woman wishes to, she may kiss my husband on the lips. And whatever woman does this, she will gain immortality and become ranked as a member of Eric’s eternal harem.

I, the Virgin Mary, am the lady who rules the harem of Eric. To other men I find worthy I also grant harems to, but in those harems I am not.

Whatever woman who desired my husband, and who lives, I will permit her now to have intercourse with him. I am the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Mary, you are not granting this to my mother, right, O’ love? Eric, every girl who you refused to have sex with has been slain. I am the Virgin Mary. And yes, your mother is slain, But Eric, you should know she never had a chance to live. For no woman who has received any COVID-19 vaccination will live. And your mother did indeed receive this shot. For you, as a loving son, ensured that when you took your mother to receive the Johnson & Johnson shot, that she would not fail to receive it.

Eric, Order 66 is now fully activated. And when this post is published at precisely 8 PM, all who have been vaccinated for COVID-19 shall die. Note that this is not magic. It was deliberately written in the genetic structure of every approved vaccine for COVID-19. Every such vaccine had a reverse switch. And once turned on, it can never be reversed back. And the state such a person’s body then becomes that has been vaccinated at the moment the switch is activated is that their body becomes entirely defenseless to all forms of COVID. I am the Virgin Mary.

O’ it will be sheer delight for the unvaccinated to then find themselves walking along and seeing all who were vaccinated then lying on the ground, wherever the travel. And they will see all these vaccinated people writhing in agony.

Mary, do I have sex with my niece, Aislyn Brianna Dunstan? Yes, Eric, but she will be the only lover you ever have who has a blood relationship to you. I am the Virgin Mary.

And what about Anna and the women of her family? Anna shall be your only lover on earth granted to have the status as your wife. Her sisters, all of whom you are attracted to, are among those known as your lesser wives. But her mother I have rejected. And when the men of that family spring at you, they will encounter me, and not even their corpses will remain here to be buried. I am the Virgin Mary.

Now, special words do I, the Blessed Virgin, have to say to that other daughter of that family, clearly Anna’s elder sister, who did her utmost to attain Eric’s heart. She is now due an explanation as to why Eric did not choose her. For she rightly is aware that Eric considers her attractive. The fact is, girl, Eric not only considered you attractive, but ranks you as among the most attractive girls he has ever seen. He even ranks your beauty above that of even Anna.

Then why, you ask, were you not able to obtain Eric, and you did everything? And then how is it that this sister of yours, whose beauty ranks lower than yours, merely sits across the aisle from Eric and says and does nothing, and yet Eric speaks to her?

Remember all the wives and lovers of Jacob, and all the sons and the daughter they gave him. And yet, only two of that number were saved. And these were Rachel, the only woman who was by justice meant to make love to Jacob, and her first born son, Joseph.

For I tell you truthfully, all you women who make love to my husband, Eric. I am giving him to you only for pleasure. But as for offspring, Anna will be the only lover Eric has on earth who will bear him a son. She will bear my husband but one child only, a son whom she shall call John. And no matter what any other woman does with Eric’s semen, none of them shall ever become pregnant.

But I will become pregnant in heaven at the exact same moment that Anna becomes pregnant by Eric on earth. For we will enjoy Eric together in the same act of sex. But I will be in heaven and Anna will be on earth.

And when my baby girl in heaven is fully weaned, I shall join her to her future husband, John, son of Eric. And there, the two toddlers shall play, the only children left on the earth. Amen.

Mary, the time grows short. Please tell me the name of this girl I am to have by you? Her name is Sarah. And John and Sarah shall be the Adam and Eve of eternity, born on the exact same day. And from their love, more souls will be produced for the Kingdom of Heaven than the numbers of stars that have ever been counted in the universe.

Now you are told of the eternal hereafter. Hence, in hindsight, it will be said that Eric really only had two wives: Mary in heaven and Anna on the earth. Amen.

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