The Virgin Mary contracts eternal virgin union with the Azurite King

With Eric, I the Holy Virgin, have entered an eternal virgin union with a man.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post XIV:
I, the Lord of Hosts, order the Seraph of Eric to begin his slaughter at once. Seraph of Eric, you are ordered to kill precisely and completely in accordance to all twelve decrees. Your killing must be sequential, complete, swift, and must not come to an end until the number of those decreed to die have been entirely exhausted. Earth after this exercise must be reduced to be a tenth of the former population that once peopled the earth. I AM the Lord.

Furthermore, I activate Order 66, which is a secret mechanism contained in the encoding of every COVID-19 vaccine that has been approved. And what this order does is completely reverse the protections that all such vaccines once offered. Under Order 66, all vaccinated people, all who were vaccinated against COVID-19, will become immediately vulnerable to all strains of COVID-19, as though they had absolutely no defenses against the disease whatsoever.

Lord, is every last relative I have now to be put to the sword? All but one, Lord Azurite. And she is a girl in the midst of her puberty, not yet eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine that all her sisters and family have now received. The youngest daughter of Mark, an illegitimate child, born to a couple whose marriage was adulterous, and therefore, invalid, the younger of your two nieces, shall be the only blood relative of yours that shall live. I Am the Lord. Everyone else among your entire family and extended family shall die.

This young child is called Aislyn Brianna Dunstan. She will be coming to live with you, her uncle. And you shall teach her Catholicism. But understand Me well, Lord Eric. I AM not sending you a beggar to live with you. No, by no means is this the case. Aislyn Brianna is a girl of considerable wealth to her name. And you, Eric, being a completely just man, shall never take any of her wealth away from her. I Who AM have spoken.

Lord, tell me the means by which this girl acquires so much wealth to her name? Well, Lord Eric, there are two primary sources by which she amasses so large an inheritance. The lesser of these two vast sources is the very sizable life insurance policy that your brother Mark has maintained and sacrificed so much to keep valid so that in the event that he should die, his wife and children would have a comfortable amount of money to keep themselves afloat. And I tell you Truthfully, no currently existing life insurance policy has a clause to invalidate the payout in the event that the cause of death is by the act of an angelic being. Hence, Aislyn will be definitely getting her settlement. And you, Eric, her uncle, will see to it that she receives the full amount, though you will in no way touch any part of the money that belongs to her. I AM the Lord. Amen.

The other source, and this source is in fact vastly larger, shall be the money she receives from Scott Gelb’s estate. For she is an heiress, by virtue of direct blood relationship to his daughters, who are her half sisters. Hence, this girl in her puberty shall be coming to live with you with a vast amount of wealth to her name. Now, which room in your house, the House of Dunstan, to which she also is an heiress to, by virtue of her own father, Mark Dunstan, having been one of the three sons of Dunstan, do you give to this girl as her right to possess? And realize, Lord Eric, this girl is no tenant. For she is an equal heir to you of this estate to which she is to come to live with you in.

Lord, I absolutely detest the thought of ever entering the room of my mother. And my mother has always slept in the master bedroom. But she kicked my Dad out of it when I was still a child. I only ever observed one time a kiss between my parents. And that was when my Dad kissed my Mom on one of our camping trips, which we frequently did when I was a child during the many times my Dad got laid off of work.

So, Eric, you propose to give this young girl in her puberty the master bedroom? Yes Lord. I certainly have no intention of leaving my room where I have all my books. For the Spirit of my room is holy.

Good, We will arrange it so that this girl in her puberty not only takes over the master bedroom, but that she becomes the new woman of the house. I AM the Lord.

Lord, I have something to say regarding the fable in the previous post that said I would have sex with the Virgin Mary. Speak, lord Azurite, for I AM most curious of what you have to say.

While it may be the case for many men, it is not true of all men that a woman has the power to cause him to lay with her by simply touching him. Case in point, I value my virginity with the Virgin Mary. It is something I have eternally resolved never to lose. And no power, not even were the Virgin Mary to press her naked flesh against mine, can make me give up the virginity I have with the Virgin Mary, even to know her virgin flesh. This is something I will never give up, O’ Lord. And if the Virgin Mary is now utterly powerless to take that away from me, so much less does any girl of this world have such power.

Hence, it is false that all men are utterly powerless to resist the touch of a woman. For if any of these men possess and are aware of a greater good that they have that they will choose not to lose in exchange for the fleeting pleasures of sex, such men also will resist all such attempts made by any woman to take them.

For the goods of marriage are greater than sex. Therefore, the man who is sacramentally married and who knows the value of his marriage, he will not give that up to lay with a woman who is not his wife, no matter how another woman seeks to touch him.

Furthermore, I declare this, O’ Mighty and Awesome God, I will not obey Mary or any power on earth or in heaven that commands me to depart from the permanent state of continence that I now elect to enter into. Now, O’ Lord, do I confess to a priest the acts I did at Mary’s command?

No, Eric. For just as Mary is sinless, so also is all obedience to Mary also sinless. But Mary has now heard your entire testimony. And Mary is ready to speak to thee. Listen to her and answer to her all that she asks thee.

Speak, O’ Mary, for I owe thee my sworn allegiance, And to you I shall obey in all things except to depart from the eternal state of virginity I now elect to remain with you in for eternity unto eternity. Amen.

Eric, I have asked my Father regarding your testimony, and He has granted unto us that the marriage between us now be elevated to the highest form of marriage possible between a created male and a created female. And that is the marriage of eternal virgin union, which can exist between only one man and one woman. I now come to you, Eric, to offer myself to enter this union with thee. Should you say yes to me, then this post must be immediately published, and the girl Hyacinth, whom you help, shall never again be seen as anything more to thee other than as a daughter.

O’ sweet Virgin Mary, I give you my full yes from my entire virgin being.

Behold, a change has now occurred in the universe. The greatest possible marital union that can exist between two created beings of opposite sex in any universe is now achieved. This post must now be immediately published. Eric’s Seraph is now commanded to immediately begin his slaughter of all violators of the Twelve Decrees. And Order 66 is now activated in every person who has received a vaccine for COVID-19, and every last one of them shall die. Eric, you are now commanded to publish this post. Amen.

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