Now all who are female and mine may come lay with my husband, Eric

Let all my females come forth. All of these I now permit to love and know my husband in the flesh. Amen.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post XIII:
Behold, I AM the Lord WHO AM WHO AM now speaking. Everyone who has received the COVID-19 vaccine shall now die. I WHO AM have spoken. Eric, what is on your mind?

Lord, I was just wondering this. Is Anna going to accept me? Or is she going to reject me? I want this decided, regardless of who is damned in the process. And if Anna rejects me, I will turn my back on that family. And then the decision will be for the Blessed Virgin Mary to decide. I see three options: (1) I live as a celibate man. (2) Mary finds someone else to be my wife. Or (3) Mary serves that role herself, by some power the Father may elect to give her. So, O’ Lord, that is on my mind. And It should be decided by now. So I wish to hear the ruling You made on it, O’ Lord. What exactly was the immortal decision of the Lord. And note that I am in complete compliance to it. Amen.

Anna and all the females of her family have chosen to be your wives.

I think, O’ Lord, that the mother would find that somehow difficult, as her husband still lives.

Lord Eric, do you know how many of the twelve sons that Jacob had were among those I decide to save? Lord, I believe that the Virgin Mary said they simply were not saved, for the people had no means to obtain salvation before Your Divine Son Jesus died on the cross. And His death did not save all. Rather, His death alone saved none. It was up to each person who came to hear about that death on the cross to do what You expected of him, or else he would have no life in the hereafter.

What you say of the Church age is true. But you are wrong to say I did not save anyone who died on earth before My Son died and established My Church.

For I AM JUDGE and RULER. I AM not bound by laws and rules. Eric, nothing stopped me from saving those who died prior to Catholicism. Would it be just, Eric, for Me to send John the Baptist to preach in My name, and he receive no reward?

I then suppose that in the time in which there was no law, You still saved, but not according to any law.

Excellent. Your mind is quick to learn. So tell Me, Eric, which of the Twelve Sons of Jacob did I save?

I know that at the final end, only two tribes remained with You, and thus only two sons of Jacob were saved: Judah and Benjamin.

Eric, you are right in number only.

Quick was Judah in deciding to put his daughter-in-law Tamar to death when he found that she was playing the harlot, but of his own transgressions he did not repent. So he was never saved.

And Benjamin never did anything noteworthy for Me to save. For had he done so, it would have been recorded.

Actually, only one son of Jacob did I find worthy of entering My Kingdom of Heaven. And that one son was Joseph, the son of Jacob by Rachel. And only one of Jacob’s four lovers did I elect to save. And that was Rachel, the one who by justice should have been Jacob’s only wife. I AM the Lord. Amen.

But Lord, the tribe of Joseph vanished. It was lost. And Eric, were the tribes that did not vanish, that were not lost saved? Even now, that remnant called the Jewish race is still concerned about land. What good is land if you are not alive to live on it?

Eric, why do the Jews insist on speaking that variant of Hebrew that they speak?

Lord, they believe God used it to speak to them.

Then why did it not exist when Moses was called to speak?

In reality, Lord Azurite, the Jews speak babble. And they worship Me in vain. But, nevertheless, the girl I have chosen to give you is fluent in Hebrew. And she will make that Hebrew version of this Website that I command her to. For she is the chosen Twelfth Player. She is the Rose of Sharon. In the remaining moments before she enters the conjugal act with you, Eric, she is called Mary. But after she has lain with you and become yours she will thenceforth forever be called Hyacinth.

So then, O’ Lord, I am to have two wives on earth called Hyacinth?

No, Eric. Two women cannot both be married to you in the same world. But these two women, nevertheless never cease to be your wives.

Eric, what I AM about to describe is a process only possible where all three in the love triangle exist in a perfect state of virginity. The Virgin Mary is coming from heaven to earth to be your true wife in this world. The moment Mary appears here, the one called either your daughter or your second wife, the one first called Hyacinth, that one vanishes wherever she is and finds herself in heaven.

Hence, I will effectively switch the two Hyacinths. But let no one try this at home. For it can only be achieved in a love triangle where the male and the two females exist in a perfect state of virginity. I AM WHO AM.

Eric, when Hyacinth, the one who bore Jesus and whose name was once Mary, appears to you, note that she will have sex with you that very night. She does not wait for formal marriage to take place. For doing so would be only a formality. Nor does she obtain permission to do so from any man. For she is already Ruler over every man, including you.

But understand that Mary is not raping Eric. For understand the true power every woman has over every man. If a woman wished it, she could have sex with any man she so chose, providing she obtained a right to touch him.

For any woman who has the power to touch any particular man, all she has to do to get him to lay with her is to simply approach him and touch him. It does not matter what relationship exists between them. For all women possess this power over all men.

Hence, Mary will simply accompany Eric. And when they reach a suitable place to have love, Mary will simply approach Eric and touch him to cause him to make love to her.

Women, do you doubt you have this power over all men? Then I permit you this one day for you to all put this power to the test. Go, therefore, and touch any man you desire to have relations with. And you can keep your name completely innocent. You can say that the man raped you against your will, and you will be believed.

For remember what rape is. Rape is what consensual sex becomes when the woman simply says no, but the man has now passed his point of no return. And by this means I now permit you to destroy all men you so desire to destroy.

I know that in colleges, couples who wish to engage in sex must sign an agreement stating that they have mutually agreed to have that act of sex. So college aged women, or even female college professors, is there any male on campus, whether a student, a janitor, a faculty worker, or an administrator that you truly want to fuck and also destroy? This is how you shall do it. Listen to Me, for I AM your Maker. Go to that man and simply accompany him. And when you find yourself in a suitable place to make love, simply begin touching him. And there you will see his penis begin to bulge within his pants. Understand that no man exists who has defenses, no matter how disciplined, that can withstand a woman’s direct touch. And you will find that you have complete power over him. And you will find that you can both undress him fully, as well as fully disrobe yourself before him. And you can get him to enter you in any way you choose to have it.

And remember women, this man you have sex with, you will be utterly ruining whatever marriage he currently exists in.

Understand also this, Eric has a Seraph. And Eric has, since writing his twelve decrees, which can be found on this site by simply seeking the post entitled: The Dogma of Marriage, has given his Seraph but two clear and irrevocable orders. And these are listed below:

The Two Orders Eric has given to His Seraph

  1. You are to execute the Twelve Decrees perfectly and without exception.
  2. You are to make no delay from the confirmation of death of your currently slain victim to the act of slaughter of your next victim.

And now I will let it be heard the reply said by the Seraph back to Eric, the one he was eternally assigned to serve by Jesus, Who controls the entire Seraphim legions:

Your wish I will carry out in completion, Master.

And understand the third decree in Eric’s list of the Twelve Decrees, and clearly understand legality of its writing, for all Seraphs of God follow orders perfectly in accordance to the written command.

3. Whatever man takes to himself a woman to know her in the flesh without first entering the proper and established law by which marriage is regulated, that man shall now immediately be put to death. I, Eric, have spoken!

Clearly this decree is fully in accordance to God’s law. But nowhere does Eric instruct for the woman involved to be slain. And because Eric has made no such instructions against the women, the women who do this will not die. But the men they do it to shall be slain.

Nor do the women who do this even need to confess these acts to a priest. For the act does not put them into mortal sin. For once they make their male victim into a state of being beyond the point of return, they simply need to say no to him and yield to him, and all he does from that point onward is classified under all laws of Mankind as rape. I AM the Lord. And rape victims never confess their act of sex. Were they to even do so, they would find the priest flat out say to them that they were clearly raped and hence, they committed no transgression in this brutal rape that occurred between this woman and that man.

Now women, this is the day I hereby authorize you all to put these Words of Mine to the test. And do not think of yourselves as having murdered someone. Rather, think of that man who got killed as someone who was unworthy of Me. For the man who enters a woman outside of marriage, I find that man unworthy of life. And I will not buy his claim that the sex was consensual if at any point in that act, the woman said no, but the man did not stop.

And let no man say unto Me that he was put under a temptation impossible to resist. For if any do so, I will show him My son Eric. I will show to him how handsome and attractive he is. I will tell him his age. And I will tell that man that this man, Eric, has had no sex whatsoever in his entire 51 years of living, other than by masturbating himself, which he no longer does, unless Mary commands him to. And I will even tell him how long it takes for Eric to come. Eric has the power to come within seconds.

This post has now come to its abrupt end. For at exactly 6 AM Eric must publish this post. He must then eat and get dressed for work. He must then leave his house at exactly 7:45 AM to arrive at Saint Bruno Catholic Church by car at precisely 8 AM. And after the 8 AM mass concludes, Eric will proceed to work. I Who AM have spoken. This post now comes to its end. You are ordered to publish it, My Son. For it is complete. Amen.

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