The Virgin Mary’s love is for the Azurite King

I hereby give my essence, my soul, to Eric, the Azurite King.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post XI:
A decision has been made by God. It has been realized that Eric’s heart is with the Holy Virgin and with no other. The heart that healed the wounded heart of God has now captured the Virgin heart of the Holy Queen of Heaven.

O’ Mary, I have lost interest in all women save you. I know your love, Eric, for I know your heart. It has now been decided that a marriage shall take place at Saint Bruno Catholic Church after all. And it will be a marriage like no other. I am the Virgin Mary.

Eric, where is your Seraph? Why has he not slain anyone? Lord, you are the One who knows. It is because I will that all Mankind bear witness to the marriage I have ordained between Eric and Mary for all eternity.

Eric, so rapturous is this wedding in the sight of God, that HE has also married to Eric seven thousand virgin maids of the earth, all of whom chose Eric as their husband by the closing of the day. I AM the Lord.

So, O’ Lord, instead of receiving 30,000 brides chosen by Mary as her elect, I am to receive 7000 virgin brides, all of whom chose me before the day was closed? That is correct, lord Azurite. For every man was to find a bride. And every woman was to choose a husband.

But what about consecrated men and women? For I believe you have called them to a higher calling. Neither the consecrated man nor the consecrated woman may contract marriage. For they are called to a higher calling. And whoever touches a consecrated person for sex shall die.

Lord, I am concerned about Anna. I do not wish her to go forth rejected. Tomorrow you shall meet Anna. And with her you shall reconcile.

But Lord, though I will good for Anna, she cannot be mine. For my heart belongs to the Virgin Mary. Lord, I shall accept whatever form of marriage that you decree to exist between us, between me and the Virgin Mary.

This is My decree. I AM the Lord of Hosts. I AM making Mary of the same flesh that composes Eric, so that this couple may be truly united in the conjugal act. And that will be the last act before the End of the World. Amen.

But Lord, You said in a previous post that Cardinal Burke becomes pope and many years is he to reign, and this is to be followed yet by another pope, and only during that pope’s papacy does the Lord return.

Lord Azurite, the End of the World that occurs with your conjugal act with Mary is the end of the world of Pope Francis. And this ending of this world leads to heaven on earth. For it is only by the union of heaven with earth that the Lord of this Earth may enter the marriage bed of the Queen of Heaven, and she conceive and bear him a son.

Lord, I have been prohibited from paying tithes. Say who prohibited this of you. Both Jesus and Mary have commanded that I am no longer to put a tithe into the collection basket. And now with Hyacinth taken up to heaven, I am without a means of giving up my wealth for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Mary is the one you will now be giving your all to, Lord Azurite. And you are to know her fully in the flesh. Whoever entered My religion and remained or returned to her I have saved. But whoever did not enter it, he can have no part in the hereafter, where I shall lay with My wives in the field.

Lord, who are these wives that You shall lay with in the field. With whomever has loved Me, with him and with her shall I lay. And whomsoever I do not lay with shall die. This post is now concluded. Go home, Eric. Your parents are converted to Me. And with your brother David you have reconciled. But as for Mark, the transgressor who remains in his transgressions, it is to such as these that the Seraph shall be sent to slay.

For Eric, it was always established that one route led into heaven. And that route is the route of pure love. Therefore, he who could not love, neither could he ever enter here. Anna I hereby reestablish into your friendship. This is by decree of the Lord.

Now, go, My servant. Return to your house. For I have now decided to act. And by the time you reach home, those who have reconciled with Me shall be alive. And those who have not shall be dead. This post now comes to its conclusion. You are ordered to publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

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