The Virgin Mary decides all things

I am the Virgin Mary. And I will decide all things to happen on the earth from now on. Amen.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post X:
I am the Virgin Mary. And I will from now on decide all things that happen on the earth. Amen. Eric, I grant you the right to speak at will. And from now on, I make you My number one. You are effectively made commander of all things immediately beneath me. I am the Holy Virgin Mary. Amen.

Mary, I have an interesting question. You seem to frequently depict yourself entirely in the nude. My question, Mary, is this. Do you go about nude in heaven? And were God to actually put you here in my life as a physical girl, would you elect to wear clothing? Or would you go stark naked everywhere

Eric, I am not of that modesty to choose not be with you entirely in the nude. But in the presence of any other eye, I will be fully clothed and morally dressed. Not one article of clothing will I possess that exposes the midriff. Nor will I go about in clothing that exposes the shoulders or the arms in an feminine sexual way. But with you I will be entirely in the nude.

Mary, you are to be with me in the nude? Eric, God has decided to switch Hyacinths. That girl who is to us as a daughter, because she was saved by our joint effort, whose real name was Caesar Sandra Nikee, and to whom you first gave the name Hyacinth to, after carefully asking if she liked that name before you gave it to her, and she said she very much liked that name, that Hyacinth is going up to heaven. That is why I told her she is going to be soon taken away from this world, because this world is coming to its end.

Actually, some several decades do remain here. But those decades are for us, not for her. Eric, there will be no more children born here in this world. But men whom I find honorable, I will permit to continue to make their conjugal acts with their wives. But every man who has dishonored my women, I hereby remove from that man all power to make love. I am the Virgin Mary. You see, Eric, I know how to punish and reward my people. And I have power over even your Seraph. And I did not permit him to slay yet one soul. O’ he will be permitted to execute your twelve decrees of death, but I will be the one who controls that entire process of execution. I am the Virgin Mary.

Mary, I have great news! Tell me, my most beloved. You know this morning I decided to shave my face. And you know I use cold water from the faucet and no shaving cream. Well I entirely shaved my face as a man is to be called clean shaven, and I was successful, but I had one nick below my nose. And from that nick, there was a tiny trickle of blood.

And Mary, I decided to experiment with myself. I decided to do nothing to stop that trickle of blood, except to dab the wound with toilet paper from time to time. And Mary, the empty wastebasket in my bathroom was eventually filled with these pieces of toilet paper. Because every time I dabbed the nick, the blood would be soaked up, and new blood came to be there.

Mary, you know I have been entirely off all my medications for several weeks now, and nothing bad has happened to me. And one of those medications I went off, Metroprolol, is a blood thinner. And I wanted to see if my blood can clot. But I finally came to the conclusion that my blood must be allowed to be exposed to the air to clot. So I chose to stop dabbing the clot and go about my business at home. For it was and is still well before dawn, and I merely brought with me a wad of toilet paper to merely dab myself much less frequently. And lo! Now I dab myself and there is no red mark that appears on the toilet paper anymore. Hence, I now know that my blood does in fact have the full capacity to clot. It merely needed to have some time exposed to the air to do so. Amen.

Anyways, my waste basket in my bathroom is now filled with these pieces of toilet paper with these marks of blood on them. But the experiment is a success. My theory was proven. My wounds have the ability to clot without me doing anything.

Anyways, that is what I wanted to say to you. And since you have now given me the right to speak, I thought I would say something that has made me very happy right now. But what do you say on all of these things, Mary.

Eric, I do very much like you as a clean shaven man. And yes, all the past effects of the medications you used to take are now entirely absent from your body. For I commanded you to stop all those medications when you stopped them. For God did not permit the Virgin Mary to have sexual relations with a man who was being medicated. Rather, you had to be made entirely free from all those medications to be made acceptable to my body to make love to you.

About that, Mary, I find it very odd these things. Hyacinth’s last text to me was at precisely at 3:59 PM yesterday. This girl has internet access. She has an iPhone with an American number. She has no reason not to speak to me. In fact, that was the one thing that was not possible to do. Since I met the girl online on Saturday, October 7, 2021, that girl has made a claim on me. And she not ceased to find some way to speak to me. And since that text, I sent her three texts. And there is absolutely no reply. And on my iPhone, it says she was last seen yesterday at 8:04 PM.

Lord Azurite, do you not recall that yesterday the sun set at precisely 8:00 PM where you were working in the office? And just seconds before that stroke of 8:00 PM, you completed the post. And then you merely waited for the passage of seconds until the clock on your MacBook Pro said it was 8:00 PM, and then you published yesterday’s post.

Yes, Mary. But I did not observe the angel of death putting to death my parents. When I got home, I saw two our cats, Mia and Libby out front in the driveway, along with Blackie, who is the stray that we feed, but who has never permitted any of us to touch her. Well I parked my car and go out. I could hear the television playing inside the house, for the house front door was open. But the odd thing to me was that our cats were still out at that late hour.

For I left and locked up the office at precisely 10 PM. And I rushed to get to Starter Brothers on the way home, because I wanted to get some of the ripe fruit there. And usually that drive takes an hour. So I was basically driving with a fool’s hope that I could get there on time. For Stater Brothers closes at precisely 11 PM.

But man, those freeways were fast. Cars were few and they were flying. By flying I simply mean they were exceeding the speed limit. I do not mean that any of them were airborne. So I, too, went with the flow of traffic. For my understanding of how the traffic cops enforce speed laws is that you will get a ticket if you go the speed limit if that is too slow for the flow of traffic. But those my car was going fast, I saw not one patrol vehicle anywhere. And I reached Stater Brothers, a trip that would normally take a hour in a mere 34 minutes.

And so I got all I wished get with plenty of time to spare. I completed checkout at Stater Brothers, and there was still some 22 minutes left before they closed. And I bought fruit and only fruit. And the fruit I bought was ripe, but not overripe. And all of it was fairly cheap. I bought four items of fruits. Three plastic bags I filled with the following fruit that I chose for perfect ripeness: Apricots, Black Plums, and Red Plums, In addition, I took a bag of Cherries, which I observed were on sale. And at home I tasted each one and found them delicious. Even my mom, who doesn’t eat at that late hour, ate part of a Red Plum and some cherries, which she found delicious. The Red Plum she could not finish, she gave to my Dad. And my Dad was glad I had bought this fruit.

But when I got out of my car I walked back into the driveway to think. I thought something was odd. And when something is odd, you do not enter your house in the usual, expected way. I decide to check my iPhone for the last sent texts among my family. My brothers Mark and David frequently are found texting on my iPhone. And it is for this reason that I silence my cell phone at work. For we are expected to work in the office. And I did not wish for any sounds to be coming from either my iPhone or my MacBook Pro that would lead anyone to suspect me of not working.

For my brothers text to my parents seemly unaware that I can see all that thy say, for the simple reason that I am included in their group chat. Now what was and is odd that the last text on my iPhone from either brother was made at precisely on Sunday at 8:25 PM. And that was a a link from my brother David concerning an article on an old lady being overwhelmed with joy because her son gave her a cat for Christmas. Nothing further from either brother exists on that chat. To this, my mother made two replies. And those, too, were on Sunday. Hence I had every reason to believe that my parents were not alive. And the last thing you do in that situation is to walk into that open front door.

And so, I opened my trunk, took out my bags of my computers and fruit, closed the trunk, and then proceeded through the side gate to attempt entry from the back door. For I knew if my parents left the front door open, the back door would also still be unlocked. And I came around into the backyard and walked on the walkway there into the patio not knowing what I was going to see. And immediately I saw my dad standing there in the house. So I entered the house. I told them about the fruit I bought. And I saw that both my parents were both quite alive.

And even now, as I complete this post, my father is seated at his desk in this den, doing whatever paperwork he is doing. And my mother is yet to rise from bed. But I do now hear sirens. So I do know that the world is still going on. And it is now 6 AM.

Mary, I must complete this post and then eat. For Mass is at 8 AM. And before that Mass, I must eat, shower, get dressed, and get to Church. And after that I will proceed to the office in Irvine to do work. We just got an order to build a store called, TrumpCountry. And I completed it in full. But the salesman has to contact that person to get a new virtual location, for a previous customer has a store with the very exact same zip code. And I get the latitude and longitude for my map based on that zip code.

Mary, I just realized that I do not have to get dressed for Church today. I Am going to Mass, and I will drive to get there, but then I must immediately come home. For my Alzheimer’s father has not paid the overdue water bill. And so, to prevent the water from being cut from the house, I must come home and call the office at 8:30 AM when it opens and pay the bill over the phone. And 8:30 AM is precisely when the 8 AM mass at Saint Bruno typically ends. Furthermore, my MacBook Pro is currently doing an backup that will take another two hours to complete. Hence, all I have to do, Mary, is to merely finish eating my breakfast an hour before Mass begins to ensure I have a right to receive communion. And that means, Mary, I am publishing this post in a matter of minutes.

Do you have anything to say, O’ Mary. For I now yield the right to speak back to you. And I will listen to what you say. I will not interrupt. And I will publish this post at your command. Hail Holy Queen!

Eric, you are acting responsibly and with wisdom. Such makes you most effective and worthy to rule with me at my side. Now, these are my orders to you. And when I have finished speaking, you are commanded to publish this. And yes, you will make it to that 8 AM Mass today. And you will be worthy of receiving communion at it.

Obey me in this one thing, and I will let you go. Do not let any woman see your eyes. And you shall do this by avoiding all eye contact with any woman. Now I have finished speaking to you. The Father is sending me from heaven to you. And in exchange, He is taking Hyacinth from this world to Himself. And that is why you no longer receive texts from her.

Furthermore, your Seraph has been busy in the night. But I have prevented him from slaying certain individuals I elected to show mercy to. And this now completes this post. When you have time again today, I shall write through you again. Hence, you are commanded to publish this, my White Knight, for it is complete. Amen.

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