Mary, you are being sent back to the earth. You can no longer be here in heaven.

Mary, I Am sending you back to the earth, exactly as you were at the moment of your Assumption.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post VIII:
Mary, Eric has refused to leave you. Eric has refused to lay with a girl in this world, even if such is necessary to save his soul.

Lord, then what is the solution left to us?

The solution, Mary, is that you are to be taken back from your place in the Kingdom of Heaven and restored to your earthly state that you once had at the moment of your Assumption.

Lord, I thought that such a thing is simply not possible, even for You.

Nothing is impossible for Me, Holy Queen, as long as there is love to justify Me doing it. Eric is destined to have a human lover on the earth. But the only way his heart will accept that is if We take you back from the heavens and restore you back into the earthly flesh you once had. And then, in that flesh, which you were in at the moment of your Assumption, in that flesh you will go and find Eric and marry him. I WHO AM have spoken.

Lord, I am too old. My body is aged at 45. I cannot bear any further children.

Mary, did you think I would have your womb bear something else after it has borne Me? You are not being sent to Eric to bear him any children. You are being sent to Eric to love him and to marry him.

And Eric will be attracted to one who is like me? Jesus, men do not marry women once they lose the ability to have offspring. For such women have lost a key component of their womanhood. They come to their husbands and can give them nothing but pleasure. For no matter how many times their husband lays with such women, they can give them no offspring.

Mary, even with that part of your womanhood now completely lost from you, you are still attractive among men.

Jesus, I know I am called the most beautiful woman of all Creation, but that is simply because someone told them that I am so.

Mary, there are two kinds of feminine beauty. One kind sexual. It exists for only a short time. And quickly it vanishes. But the other kind of feminine beauty is that of maternal love. And that beauty never fades with age. It is by your maternal love, not by anything about you that is sexual, that all Mankind will regard you as the most beautiful woman they have ever beheld.

Okay, Jesus, what spoken languages do you let me bring with myself when you put me back into the world? Mary, you cannot bring the skills you acquired here with you when you are place back upon the earth.

You are placing me in the modern world and I will know no language spoken by it? Mary, whatever knowledge and understanding you had at the moment you were assumed up to heaven, that is all you will have then, when you find yourself back upon the earth.

Jesus, you now give me an impossible task. How do I even speak to Eric?

Well, then you must somehow learn English.

And who is going to teach me this?

There exist people on earth who know the native language that you speak. Once that language barrier has been broken, then these people who know your language will ask and find out who you are. And they will then give you all necessary instructions on learning the modern language spoken where you are discovered.

And where will they discover me, O’ Husband?

In the heart of Saint Bruno Catholic Church. That is where they will find you. And it will be a quite a puzzle to them. For they will unlock the Church doors at dawn. And a woman dressed in ancient Israeli attire is the last thing that they would expect to see there.

Police will be called, but they will not lay a hand on you. And it will be immediately clear to them that you speak a foreign tongue of which they have no familiarity to.

But do not be distressed. America is filled with people who know every language that has been managed to be preserved. And you will find to your amazement that they will have acquired someone who is able to speak your tongue with sufficient fluency to communicate with perfect ease with you.

You are to answer all that they ask you. You are to hide nothing from them. And when they ask you why you are here, you will say you were sent to marry the holy one who goes to that Church. Amen. And they will immediately know you speak of Eric. Amen.

But understand this, Mary. The deeper they interrogate you, the more mysterious you will become to them. I WHO AM have spoken.

Now I will now dismiss Eric from this conversation. He will be assigned now to post what has now been written.

And Eric, I WHO AM shall now directly speak to you. The Virgin Mary is being bodily removed from heaven and restored to her exact physical state she once had at the moment of her Assumption. While all the world is in complete puzzlement of her, you will know exactly who she is on sight. But reveal to no one what you know.

Also, understand this. Mary remains permanently in your mind. But she will have lost all ability to communicate with you. Because the mastery of English and all other languages she acquired in heaven, she cannot bring with her when she returns to the earth. Hence you will continue to know her love in your mind. But you and her will suddenly find yourselves at a loss of being unable to understand the other, with the exception of emotion.

Upon learning of this homeless girl found in the heart of the Catholic Church, and no one has any idea as to what to do with her, you will approach Father David Heney, the pastor of that Church who is very familiar with you. And you will say to him that all your family has died. And therefore, the large empty house you now are in full possession of, can be a suitable place to put the girl as a dwelling place near the Church, while she is being studied. And he will immediately agree.

Furthermore, the girl will be put to have the master bedroom as her room. And she will sleep on the bed where your mother once slept. And daily people who know her language shall come to your house to dialog with her. And priests and nuns will become frequent visitors of your house.

Furthermore, Scott Gelb will inform you that he would prefer it if you were to take custody of Marlene’s daughters by Mark. For Scott Gelb will say that he only wants his own issue to live with him. And you being the uncle of the girls will make you the ideal second choice to place in custody over these two orphans.

In order to accommodate these two nieces of yours into your house, it will then be decided that they are to take the master bedroom and share that queen sized bed between them. And the homeless girl who speaks an obscure ancient Israeli dialect, will then be transferred to the smaller room where David once slept.

And your house will never be empty of priests and nuns, who will be constantly visiting it. This post now comes to its conclusion.

Let it also be known this. At the moment this post is published, Eric’s Seraph will be then sent forth to execute the twelve decrees of Eric. These twelve decrees are written in a previous, but recent post, entitled, The Dogma of Marriage. Amen.

This post is now complete. Eric, publish it now. And then see to the installation of your new printer. For you have purchased the Epson EcoTank ET 4760 and you also have all the ink, which is Epson 502. And you shall find this printer vastly superior to the monochrome laser printer you now have that you have decided to replace due to its lack of WiFi connectivity. For the network at your house shall now be WiFi only. And you are Master at IT, both where you work in Irvine and where you have full control over all computing systems at your home. Amen.

Eric, with this girl set to live with you, you will find her in your room reading the various ancient translations of scriptures you have there. And to your amazement, it will appear that the girl is able to read these things. Let her be when you see her doing so. Do not disturb her. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, Eric, for it is complete. And you are to go to the 6:30 AM Mass today at Saint Bruno Catholic Church. I WHO AM have spoken. Amen.

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