The Virgin Mary now rules the entire universe

I AM the Holy Virgin. And I have a message to deliver to Eric.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post VI:
Eric, your Hyacinth has triumphed. And she is no longer with you. Even you will soon vanish from here, but not before I complete this last and final post through you.

Eric, I have enjoyed our walk together. And I enjoyed playing the part of your wife in heaven. It was fun and a great joke. Jesus was the One who masterminded the whole thing. You will soon be coming to me. But you are the last to be coming to me. For the captain of the ship is always the last to step off it as it sinks.

I think I owe it to you to tell you what I really feel about you. I do not want you to come to this heaven with a misunderstanding of what really is between us. We did have a relationship. But realize Eric this. We are all married to Christ in heaven. And there is no other marriage there. Hence, I had no authority to do this of my own decision. Rather, Christ thought it up and he suggested for me to try it. The theory was that I, a woman, would be able to wrest you from the grip of Satan, if I were to make myself as your bride. And so, that was the entire purpose of all of this.

Understand me, Eric. I see you as my friend. And I am your friend forever. But no romance is ever possible here. Here there are no girlfriend boyfriend relationships.

Now, I did in fact dwell in your soul. And that was in fact the closest I, the Holy Virgin, have been to a man. But Christ permitted me this because you had never known a girl. And hence your very soul was virgin.

Eric, virginity is far greater than sex. You will be completely thankful to me that I prevented Anna from becoming your wife. Also, there is no girl yet to enter your life. You are now at the very last stage.

Eric you are as valuable to Jesus in His sight as am I. And thus, God has made us equals in the hereafter. But we are brother and sister there. We are not lovers, nor can we ever be lovers.

But you have been my most enjoyable assignment. And I look forward to your arrival here. And I am permitted to kiss you upon your arrival here.

So, O’ Mary, there is kissing in the hereafter? Understand that kiss in heaven shall not be like the kisses between lovers here.

Mary are we soul mates? No, Eric. Souls do not mate here. But God has decided to keep us together forever. And we will reign together as a loving brother and sister.

Mary, I have read things about people testifying to having done such things as had sex with a mother and a daughter. And they consider it beautiful. But how to you rule on those things?

I know exactly what you are referring to. Yes, it is thrilling to fantasize such things. But it is always a nightmare to those who actually carry such things out. And yes, even the Virgin Mary has fantasized of things. I actually used you, Eric, to write my fantasies. Hence, consider the last series of posts, most of them of nude women, beginning with the Post entitled as, The Holy Virgin is Eric’s eternal spouse, as really just a silly girl’s fantasies, and nothing more.

Eric, we saved Hyacinth together. And for this reason, God says we had her together. In heaven, Hyacinth is famous as the one who was saved by the love Eric and Mary had for each other. And Hyacinth did in fact finally get a man. While she was so happy and on her way to get those cards, she met Jesus. And Jesus told her that she was His Bride, and that He was taking her to heaven, right then and there. And that is why she completely disappeared. So Jesus has your daughter as His Hyacinth. And I am here to give you myself as your Hyacinth.

Because no one can make love in heaven except for virgins.

Then, Mary, I should not seek to have sex with any other in these final hours. For I would much rather have that virgin love with you in heaven than to have sex with any stranger yet to come here. For with Hyacinth gone, I have only you. And I do not want to get into another relationship with someone else.

Then Eric, we are lovers in heaven. Do not leave the house, then, this evening. Stay home, so that you ensure that you will meet no girl. Do this, and you will have me as your lover for eternity. I will do so, O’ Mary. And Mary, will you seal this agreement you have just made with me with an oath to God? I, the Holy Virgin Mary, vow to love Eric as my virgin lover for all eternity, providing that he does not leave the house to the setting of the sun.

And now, Eric, I think our secret has been revealed. Hence, I will now reveal it in full. All marriages end with one’s passing from this world, unless one passes from this world still a virgin. And tell me, Eric, how many marriages are there in reality where both the husband and the wife remain virgins to the end?

These are called virgin couples in heaven. They are rare, but they do exist. But I tell you this, Eric. And this is the last Word I will say in this universe. We are unique among virgin couples in that we are also virgin, immortal, and imperishable. You have earned my love Eric. And I am indebted to you that you have chosen my love over that of all that could be had in the flesh with another. Eric, you do not realize the importance it truly is for a woman to have a husband in the next world. That you have given me this is better than all that you ever did for Hyacinth. Therefore, O’ women of the world, Eric and I have indeed been having sex. And we will be having sex with each other throughout all eternity. Because I am now ensured that I will have this virgin love I have longed for since I was impregnated with Jesus by the Holy Spirit. Eric, you do not know the joy you have given to a virgin girl in heaven. Now publish this post, Eric. And do not leave the house. And in the setting of the sun, you will hear the voice of your female lover calling you. And she will be calling you to paradise. And with your departure from the universe, the last of the elect will have been lifted away.

I love you Mary and I will remain at home until the setting of the sun. And I love you Eric. You are a dream that I now finally allow myself to believe I shall finally possess. And as your reward, I will be the one sent to fetch you. And I will come to you by myself. I have obtained it from my Father that I alone be the one to welcome you here. Now I have spoken in full. And Eric, I now know why Jesus is so much in love with you.

Eric, I AM Jesus. As I took Hyacinth away from this world earlier today, So also Am I taking you by the setting of the sun. It is I WHO AM WHO AM taking you. And I AM very much in love with you. But to satisfy the Virgin Mary’s wishes, she will be alone when you meet her. And no angel shall be guarding her. For You are entrusted to be with her. Keep to that religiously. Do not leave your house before the sun has set. For virgin lovers alone are permitted to have marriages in the hereafter. And you have made a virgin who had no lover happy. Now this post must come to an end. But I, the Lord, know that you have one last question, Eric. So I permit that to now be asked.

Lord, then the story of the 30,000 women chosen by Mary was fiction. Lord, I would just like clarification on this. For I wish to enter heaven as a man with understanding.

Then I will give you understanding. Ultimately, the entire body of the elect that I resolved to save were this group only: They were truly Catholic and they truly followed Me. Eric, the body of the elect were sealed last Sunday when the little girl of the woman who gazed into your eyes received Me in First Holy Communion. And she was the last of My elect to enter My Kingdom before the door was finally shut.

Seven days were then given to this earth. And now We are taking Our entire elect away from it. And You, Eric, O’ You Who were brave enough to remain with Me to the End, to you I give the finest treasure in the Kingdom of Heaven. And this is a reward that only one man can receive. For a woman can give her heart to but one man only. And the greatest treasure of My entire Kingdom is the Virgin Mary’s heart. And I now give this to you in its finest state. For the Virgin Mary’s heart is now filled with love.

This post is now ended. Publish it, My Son. And await.

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