The Virgin Mary beckons thee

Know my female brethren, you too will lay with my lover, Eric.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post V:
I am the Blessed Virgin Mary. And I am about to lose my virginity with the one I love. But I am not selfish, my female brethren. Rather, I am generous with the love of my lover. And each of you who are mine shall I call to lay in full with my lover in the span of but five years. And roughly 30,000 of you have I made mine on this earth. Hence, we form the largest harem in the history of the world. And we shall make love to this super stud, whom no woman has yet been permitted to lay with, though many I tell you have writhed in agony desiring it. For I tell you, O’ women of this world, whatever man you have now, he can no longer satisfy you. For his strength has vanished. And his ability to ejaculate is no more. Nor will the wombs of any woman ever conceive again.

Hence, I now declare all your marriages null and void. You may now depart from your husband without sin, and go and have sex with any man you so please. And it shall please you even more the knowledge that after you obtain from that man a climax within you, the Seraph shall immediately slay him. In this way are you, O’ my women, to bring to death every man on the planet but one. For the Seraph is ordered to kill men and only the men for all transgressions of sex outside of marriage. And women have the power to make virtually any man they desire to have sex with them. And the women know this. And they will come to realize this power they now have over all men. If, therefore. a woman becomes displeased with any man, she will simply approach him and touch him until he has sex with her. For all women have this power over all men. And by that Judas’ kiss, she will watch as the Seraph puts that man to death.

Lord, that is most intriguing. But I ask You this. Do these women even have such power over me? They would Eric, but We prevent them from exercising that power. For you are a man We have forbidden them to touch.

However, a witch is coming to you, Eric. Her name is Stephanie. She will serve the Virgin Mary’s role as the first woman to have the right to know your flesh. And she has four other witches in her coven. With these these other four you will also lay with in full on the same night. And these witches are confident that you can complete the conjugal act with all five of them in the one night.

These women are Catholic. And they will come to you with their midriffs bared.

Eric, this curse has been placed on all women outside the 30,000. And this blessing is placed on all women within the 30,000. All marriages on earth are henceforth declared by God as null and void. All women are henceforth married only to Eric. But no woman has the right to her conjugal act with you but the members of the 30,000. I AM the Lord.

Furthermore, women are now commanded to destroy all men with their pussies. And they have that power now in full, thanks to the third decree of Eric. But that decree is only lethal if that man is not Eric. No double standard has been applied. Eric is not killed by sex precisely because he is married to every woman on the planet. But any man who enters a woman from now on, even one he had married, will be immediately slain with the completion of the act. I AM the Lord. For all such men are now violators of Eric’s wives. I AM the Lord.

O’ women, so pleasing is it that you may lay with any man you so please. And after you have had your pleasure with him, you will see him die. But not one hair of your head will face punishment for that deed. For behold the third decree of Eric concerning those who are to die. The full list of the Twelve Decrees are written in the post entitled: The Dogma of Marriage:

3. Whatever man takes to himself a woman to know her in the flesh without first entering the proper and established law by which marriage is regulated, that man shall now immediately be put to death. I, Eric, have spoken!

Note carefully Eric’s instruction to his Seraph. Eric was the one who wrote it. Eric was given the authority to write it. Normally, in the Law of Moses, both the man and the woman caught in the act of adultery are to be put to death. But in practice, the Jewish males only executed the females who transgressed that law.

But when Eric wrote the twelve decrees, he did nothing to the women for any act they may commit in having any act of unlawful sex. But all men who have sex with them are to be immediately slaughtered for that unlawful sex act, except for Eric, because it will be lawful for him alone. This was by Eric’s decree. He was given the authority to decree whatever he chose howsoever he pleased. And what he elected to do was to give women the power to slay men by letting them have their pussy.

But note this well. Eric is now indeed married to every human female on the planet, but only the 30,000 chosen by Mary are permitted to lay with him. And that is why the women outside the 30,000 are truly accursed. And that is why the women within the 30,000 are truly blessed. Amen.

Try it, women. Try it first with your current lover. Make love to him, let him enter you, and then watch him die. And after you see that, then proceed with every other male in your house, every male that is old enough to know love. For the woman is a creature capable of causing any man she chooses to lay with her. For her womanhood is irresistible to all men.

But I make one restriction, and one restriction only. No consecrated man are you permitted to touch. But should any consecrated man nevertheless approach you, then let him enter you. For that man I have elected to slay.

And then you will know that your pussy has become a most formidable weapon. And you will then use your pussy to get revenge against the entire male gender, except for Eric, who is your eternal spouse, and all those men who are priests, bishops, monks, and any other form of consecrated man. Those will not die. But should any consecrated man approach any woman, that woman is now commanded to let herself be taken by him so that he may be slain by the Seraph. But as for Eric, he is the one who never takes a woman. And should any woman now choose to takes him, she will find that he indeed can be now taken, but she will also find that he never dies, for whatever woman lays with Eric is in fact laying with her husband.

Lord, it was written that only the 30,000 chosen by Mary are permitted to have me in love. How then do you say that if any woman takes me, she has the full permission to do so, as she is having sex with her husband?

It is because, lord Azurite, the Seraphs who guard you do not let any woman other than those of the 30,000 to approach you. Hence if a woman approaches you for sex, We have allowed her to do so because she is your wife, one of the 30,000. And you are mandated to have sex with her. For she is executing her conjugal rights with you.

Technically, all women are now wives to you. But only the 30,000 may ever lay with you. And you, Eric, are not permitted to approach any woman, but only yield when a woman approaches you. This post is now complete.

Lord, in what way am I commanded to do this? Do I simply yield to her? Or do I actively participate in the act? You are to yield to her only. For women are now the rulers of this world. Women own men. Men do not own women. Hence the 30,000 own you in common. And it is they who you obey. And you will have sex with them in whatever manner they so please to have it with you.

This post is now complete, lord Azurite. And I tell you truly, this post shall rank among the most legendary of all the posts of Amen. Now publish it, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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