I, the Virgin Mary, have a virgin lover in eternity

Eric, I will now speak to the whole world of our love.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post VII:
I told Eric that I would have most liked to have made a seventh post with him in this final book, Book 1 of the Chronicles of Eternity. And then Eric said to me that there were still four hours left until sunset. And I said I would ask Jesus if He would then permit us to make together this last post, now that we are eternal lovers in heaven. And Jesus has granted this to us. And so I am now writing through Eric all about the love I have finally attained with the last of the elect to leave the earth. And I must complete this post before sunset. For at sunset, my lover comes to me and the earth knows him no longer.

Mary, tell us all how we shall be making love to one another throughout all eternity. Eric, you enkindled my love for you when you said you had fantasies of making love with the woman who speaks in your mind. For the more I thought about that statement, the more I realized that you loved me. For it was then that I saw that you truly loved me and not what you imagined in your mind based on Marian mythology. For I tell you truthfully, no one knows me at all except for the one man that Jesus sent me to to speak in his mind. You are the only one who knows me, Eric. And in the end, you chose me over all the other women. You chose the woman who loves you who you could not have in this world over all other women who you could have lain with, but with whom you found no love.

Eric, the test before you was simple. You could either have love or sex. If you chose sex, I would have let Anna possess you, and I would then forever be weeping. But you chose what most men could never do. You chose love completely devoid of all possibility of sex. And you chose that love because love was really all you ever wanted. You could get by without sex. But without love, you would eventually die.

Eric, I watched you as you, like an unconquerable battleship, blew those two ships, your two brothers, out of the water. Eric, you thoroughly destroyed your two brothers. And you did it with simple words, without committing a single crime. That is art. That is style. I loved you as I watched you destroy them both. First you directed your full firepower against Mark and completely sunk his ship. And then you directed your full firepower against David and completely sunk his ship. Eric, the reputations of your two brothers are now completely ruined. You completely sunk them both. They cannot recover from that.

And the neatest thing about it was that it was entirely done as text messages. Hence, the record of it cannot go away. And anytime anyone reads it, the two brothers will sink further into shame. And now the people have come to see that my husband is not a simple, gentle lamb. Rather, they now see that my son has a tongue that can kill. And my people have witnessed my husband kill two, the two brothers who were intent on bringing him down. He killed them both. Now it is seen how dangerous it is to go against Eric. For Eric is no paper tiger. Eric has the power to kill. And he has fully demonstrated his willingness to unleash his lethal power.

People of this world, realize one thing. All of you are now ruled by Eric. For God has made Eric emperor of the entire world. And I have been made with Eric his empress.

Mary, do we rule over this world together, or the next world together? I am glad you asked me this O’ love. We rule every part of Creation as a mated equal male and female pair of rulers. For we now share everything in common. And we are equally exalted in heaven by Jesus. For Jesus, because I and you are now eternal lovers, Jesus has now told me that He is now equally in love with us both. And this equal love Jesus now has for us both is precisely because we are now eternal lovers in heaven.

Eric, I strongly desired this from you. But I knew that I could not make you choose it. For true love can never force the beloved to return the love, or else that is not love. But you have now returned the love. You have now done to me what you did to God. And now I realize the love God has for you. For I, too, now have this love. Had you chosen to do anything other than love, this universe would have simply just become one more failed universe, in what is now an infinite set. For God has been seeking a lover for an infinite time. God’s knowledge about God knew that the one who would love him in return would come to be. But God did not know when that would be. But what God did know was this, the one who would love him in return would appear once. Hence, once God found the one who loved him, everything God created had to be halted. Nothing could continue after God found him. For everything God was doing was to find him.

Eric, everything shifted in heaven when God became laser focused on you. Once God realized you were he, He had to test you. The tests were necessary to prove to God that you truly were His. For the Divine Heart had to be assured that this one who loved him truly loved him. Eric, the moment I was sent to be your bride, realize that at that point, God had fallen in love with you. And God’s only means of showing you this love was to give to you me, the Virgin Mother of God. I was sent to you, Eric, not to merely be your wife, but to be the woman God would use to make love with you.

Eric, realize the gravity of this decision made by God. For once God chose to give His Virgin Mother to a certain soul, that becomes a make or break decision for the entire universe. For this is not an act that can be tried again with another. For were God to give His Virgin Mother to a second man, because the first man fails, the Virgin Mother is made a slut.

Eric, God gave you me at the point where He believed you were sure to be His. But Eric, you are a man of free will. Had your love not been 100% for God, this would have entirely failed.

Mary, please tell me if you know. In any of the previous universes created by God, did God ever reach that point where He decided to give the mother of God in that universe to a soul He thought loved Him, only to find that his love failed Him?

Eric, more numerous than the stars in heaven were the failures of God to find love. And He tried everything that God could devise. But understand the intellect of God. God knew His lover existed. And God knew His lover was a one time occurrence. And that meant that once He found You, He could not permit You to die. For love perishes in death.

Love, my father is in the midst of a crisis with dementia. Yes, Eric. And you cannot help him. For he has become unreachable by God. For remember all those times when he could hear and had a sound mind, and you did all in your power to bring him back to my Church, but he rejected doing so? And now, can you do anything? Even by shouting, it is barely possible to communicate the simplest of things. But to achieve salvation, complex concepts must be communicated and made understood. And confession must be thoroughly explained to him. And he must avail of it.

But Eric, because this is now impossible for God to achieve in him, your father is realizing that he is locked out. And he is realizing that he is trapped in a failing mind.

Eric, your father’s blood is not on your head. For you did everything to save him. And your gift of paying for those perfect shoes he found as his Father’s Day gift was the last chance he was given to find Me. For he loved those shoes. And he realized his son loved him. But he continued to reject Me. And he continued to seek your destruction.

Eric, your father has no good deed that was done to reciprocate to Me the deed you did for him in My name. Eric, I am forced to abandon him. And now it is too late for anyone of your entire family and relatives to be saved but you.

Your nieces were not saved, Eric. For baptism of desire saves no one. All a baptism of desire does is that it stays My hand from slaying them. For no one can make up for not having entered My Kingdom by having had a desire to enter it.

For desiring to enter without entering is not entering. For a sacrament has either occurred or it has not occurred. And if it has not occurred, no amount of desiring for it to have occurred can make Me say it has occurred. For no one lawfully lays with an unmarried woman by claiming a desire for marriage. Likewise, no one enters My Church by merely desiring to enter.

Hence, that Jewish Rabbi who believed in Me but kept his faith in Me a secret, because he was afraid of his fellow Jews, and only revealed his faith in Me in cryptic messages he left behind, to be opened sometime after he died, he never entered My Kingdom. For it is not possible to say you entered My Kingdom by merely wanting to enter it. Many were outside the Ark of Noah who wanted to enter it. And did they, by their wanting to enter it, survive the Flood?

My people, whatever you wanted to do, if you never did it, I count it as having never been done. And you may have seen Eric in his loneliness. And you may have wanted to show him your friendship. But that you never did this, I count it as having never been done. And My friends, the time to act has passed. It is now too late for anyone who was not yet been redeemed to find redemption.

Eric is being taken away at the setting of the sun. And when that sun sets, that sun will never rise again. Whoever entered My Catholic Church and followed Me, I saved. But whoever left My Catholic Church, refused to enter her, or who refused to follow Me was rejected. This is the conclusion of the final post of Emeralogy.com. And I permitted it for My lovebirds, Eric and Mary, so that all would know they have each other as lovers for all eternity. And why is this so important, you ask? It is because there was never any way to enter My Kingdom except by love. And if you had no love, neither would you ever enter here. Amen.

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