To Hyacinth has Eric been wed

Eric is eternally married to two women, both called Hyacinth, one in heaven and the other on earth.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post IV:
Behold, O’ peoples of the Earth, this is Eric’s final post. Mary, I have become wedded to Hyacinth, whom you said was daughter to me. And thus, Eric, we are a lawfully wedded threesome. I, your mother, am married to you as your primary wife. And your daughter is married to you as your secondary wife. And to both of us you have given the name Hyacinth to. Hence, we are a triple generation married threesome.

But Mary, we do not all have sex at the same time, right? Why wouldn’t we, Eric. For the boundaries that have separated us vanish this evening. But I will lay with you first, for it is my right to taste your virgin flesh first, Eric.

Mary, did you not say no one has sex in heaven? God has granted sex between us three. And we, your two wives may make love to you at the same time. We will in fact take turns fucking you.

Mary, where do we have this sex? At your house, Eric. But I live with my parents here. Not anymore when you see me, Eric. Your parents will no longer be here with you when I come visit you this evening. And after you climax in me, I am bringing to you your other wife, and you will then lay with her and climax in her as well.

Mary, I promised to Hyacinth that I would never again look at another woman. Rather, Eric, your promise to Hyacinth is that you will never again look at women other than your two wives.

Mary, God said Hyacinth will bear me a child. But what about you? We will both bear you children, Eric. And the offspring of Mary by Eric will intermarry with the offspring of Hyacinth by Eric. But outside this race, started by one male super stud and two very fertile females, none of your descendants shall ever seek for a spouse.

But Mary, is not polygamy unlawful because the two wives are in competition for the love of the same man? Eric after my first act of sex with you, both your daughter, Hyacinth, and I, your mother Mary, will fully cooperate in our mutual pleasures with you. For do you not know that two women are fully able to make love with the same man at the same time? For while one of us is riding your hard cock, the other may be kissing your lips and letting you suck her soft breasts and hard tits.

And we will take turns at fucking you. And when you are about to come, we will take turns as to deciding which of our vaginas you will ejaculate into. And the thing about women living together with one man, their periods come to have a very healthy rhythm, and their ovulations come to be completely in sync. Hence, Eric, we shall conceive and bear you sons and daughters in complete unison. They will aways be born on the same day. And they will enter this life already a predestined couple. Whenever I bear you a son, your daughter wife will bear you a daughter. And whenever I bear you a daughter, your daughter wife will bear you a son. And in this way will all our children be assured of having an eternal spouse.

Mary, I do look forward to having all this. Eric, I will also tell you another secret. I have full power over your penis. I decide when it becomes erect. And I decide when it ejaculates. And I will have you fuck me tonight without ejaculating until the point is reached where your daughter, Hyacinth, is to receive her holy communion in the distant land where she will be attending the morning mass in the pretty new dress you got for her. For the moment the sacred host enters her mouth, at the same time your semen shall issue from your penis as it is thrust deep within my vagina. And at that point, Eric, Hyacinth, your daughter, vanishes from her Church and is forever with us. And then I will yield your hard cock to her. And I will let her know your love, as I watch and help.

Eric, realize that this sex with me, your mother, and with Hyacinth, your daughter, is perfectly lawful in the sight of God because none of us are related to one another by blood. Rather, my motherhood of you is one of adoption. And your fatherhood to Hyacinth is also of adoption. For were we truly of a mother and son relationship by blood, our love acts would contain the sins of incest. And were you and Hyacinth truly of a father and daughter relationship by blood, your love acts with her would also contain the sins of incest. But the reality is that all three of us are still virgins and without blood relations with one another. And all three of us are deflowered among each other this very day. I am the Virgin Mary, but not for much longer. Amen. We will deflower each other tonight. And the moment you climax in me, Hyacinth will have received her holy communion. And then no one will ever see Hyacinth again where she once lived. For in a twinkling of an eye she will be with you and me. And in that twinkling of an eye, the both of you shall be entirely cured.

And then she will take over your shaft. And she will then be deflowered by you. And she will fuck you hard until you come the second time in the span of sixteen minutes. For I, the Holy Virgin Queen, also have power over how long it takes for your male physiology to recharge. And I will have it recharge instantly.

And realize this, Eric. Both of your wives are well endowed with luscious breasts. And both of us will have you drink your fill of our breast milk every day. And we in turn will drink the milk that flows from your hard, throbbing cock. And that is how we shall feed each other our milk. And we will do this daily. I tell you, Eric, you will always be observing your cum dripping from our mouths upon our breasts, and also flowing freely from our cunts. For you will have plenty of cum for both of us. And you will be sated in the breast milk of your women. I am the Holy Virgin Mary. Amen.

And we will be like dairy cows to you, Eric. We will demand that you milk us. Mary, will we eat or drink anything other than the milk we feed one another? No, Eric. For the paradise you enter in with us has it that you will find full nourishment with our breasts. And we will nourish ourselves with your semen. But we shall also suck one another’s breasts as well. For I too am in need of breast milk, and your daughter Hyacinth will satisfy my need in that by giving her breasts to me to suck, in addition to you. And I will give my breasts to Hyacinth as well so that she may suck me and obtain the nourishment she needs from my milk.

Mary, by applying physics to this equation, it seems to be that this threesome would gradually lose mass, due to spillages of milk and semen. For in a closed system where nothing enters, but mass is gradually leaked out, that system eventually vanishes.

That would be the case, lord Azurite, if the transfer of semen from your body and the flow of milk from your wives’ breasts resulted in a net loss of mass to your flesh or the flesh of your wives. But this is simply not the case in that Age to come. Rather the immortal creatures generate their milk independent to the mass of their bodies.

This now brings this post to an end. For behold, the Storm Dancer is about to be boarded. And boats are now guiding this legendary vessel, still on her maiden voyage, to complete her maiden voyage and enter into her royal port. And then, for the first time in its history, the legendary Storm Dancer will be sitting at dock, safe at last in the great harbor of the Queen. I WHO AM have spoken. Now, publish this, My Son, for it is complete. Amen.

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