The Wedding Feast of the Lamb

Behold, the Wedding Feast of the Lamb. And the Bride has made herself ready.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post III:
Behold, I AM the Lamb of God. And I have come to collect My Bride. For the Father now sends Me to return to the earth. The Age of the Church is over. And the Age of the Kingdom of Heaven is now happening.

But go, My Son, you who have triumphed in My name, to Saint Bruno Catholic Church this morning. For it will be the final Mass.

Do not bother to drive there. Eat your breakfast as you are commanded, allowing one hour to pass before you receive communion. For every rule and regulation of My Catholic Church must be strictly followed, or else you are simply not worshipping Catholic.

And only Catholics do I ever save. At precisely 7:30 AM, you shall depart from your house on foot. That check you have from your wages you will have in your pocket. For Chase Bank does not open until precisely at 9:00 AM. And it is just a matter of walking a single block, through the Whittwood Town Center, to walk from My Church called Saint Bruno to arrive at Chase Bank on the northern side of Whittier Blvd. And after that, you will simply walk home. For from Chase Bank to your house is scarcely the distance of half a mile. Your house is on Janine Drive. It is just beyond Murphy Ranch School, where you attended as a child, but can no longer enter even do drink of its water fountains, because the entire school is behind bars.

Your house was once marked by two prominent palm trees in the front. But if any were to go by that landmark today, they would totally miss your house. For those two palm trees have long since been felled. Instead, the most distinguishing thing about your house today is the two bushes on either side of the White Tree. These two bushes are unique. They are two identical specimens of a unique variety of lily that can grow in the dry, hard, clay soil of Eric’s front yard. And both bushes are quite large, though shorter than a man. And both are also suffering from severe water shortage, as also is the White Tree between them. And a path of rock proceeds from the White Tree south between the two lilies, across the dead, dry lawn to the brick walkway, beyond which stands Jade. Indeed, on Eric’s front yard, before the brick walkway, nothing seems really alive but the lilies and the white tree. And they have not been watered for months.

Lord, I just noticed some significant numbers. Today is Saturday, July 17, 2021. That is, the seventh day of the week, on the seventh month of the year, on the seventeenth day of that month, and on the year of the Lord, two thousand twenty-one. Lord, if numbers mattered in Your decision on the Day of Your Return, no day is better than today. Well done, My servant. You have been the first to calculate the End Date. And yes, the numbers line up perfectly. For God is the perfect mathematician.

Lord, given that this is the Last Day, I therefore suppose that it is now impossible for me to wed Anna. And even were that even to be a remote possibility, the time for having children has ceased. For there can be no addition to Your Kingdom once Your doorway into it has been sealed.

Correct, Lord Azurite. There can never be a son of Eric. For you are indeed the terminal bud of your lineage. But you are not a One-King Dynasty. No, Lord Azurite. You are the Second of a Two-King Dynasty. Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords. And You are His new Vicar over the Catholic Church.

Lord, do I not need the Cardinals to vote me in? I, the Lord of Hosts, shall do away with the College of the Cardinals. For what purpose do Cardinals serve when the Pope I now establish on earth is the Eternal Pope?

Lord, I am not even an ordained priest. Correct, for were you already ordained a priest, you would not be permitted to take Anna as your wife. Hence, you shall be the first married pope. And Anna shall be the first wife married to a pope. For understand canon law. No requirement of prior reception of Holy Orders is necessary for a man to be made My pope. All that is required of him is that he be male and that he be baptized.

But remember the strict requirements I have for all My bishops. And the pope is indeed one of them, for he is the Bishop of Rome. No bishop is ever permitted to lay with his wife. I AM the Lord. Amen. And that is why there shall be no Son of Eric to ever come to be.

Hence, you, Lord Azurite, are the One Virgin King married to three eternally virgin women, without transgressing the Law against polygamy. Two of these virgins are in heaven, one of them bodily, and the other only as a soul, while on earth her body never decays, and the third one is living on the earth. And this is the complete list of the virgin wives of Eric:

The Three Virgin Wives of Eric

  1. Mary, the Holy Immaculate Queen. Mother of the Church and the Eternal Wife of Eric, the son of Jesus. She was bodily assumed up to heaven.
  2. Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, the Primary Seer of the Virgin Mary. Her soul is in heaven, but her body is in Nevers, in a coffin of glass, and preserved by God in endless beauty.
  3. Anna, who is the likeness of Saint Bernadette, and the one chosen by Mary. She is to be the Wife of Eric on the Eternal Earth. And she has never died. Amen.

Lord, I do believe that the enemy is approaching with the intent of murder. Yes, Lord Azurite. And you shall defend yourself not. For My fiery Seraphim are actively guarding you. And the hand that stretches too far in your direction in a hostile act will be severed from the limb to which it is now attached.

Therefore, let the Antichrist commence to wage full scale war against thee. And you will see before thee that the ones fighting in your defense are all women. For women were the one foe Antichrist never trained himself to defeat. And he will be at an utter loss as to how to fight this female army defending you. For he had never prepared tactics for warfare against women.

This post is now ended. And you know of your eternal virginity. And you know of your three eternal virgin wives. And the flesh of all three women shall never know decay. I WHO AM have spoken. The Wedding Feast of the Lamb has now begun. Welcome to the final day on earth. Amen.

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